Hello Kitty Moe

Once again proving that there is absolutely no place that Hello Kitty won’t go to make a buck, the evil feline now wants to be a part of the world of moe fans with the official Sanrio approved creation of bishoujo (beautiful young girl) anime:

Hello Kitty bishoujo anime

Hello Kitty Moe

Hello Kitty has hooked up with popular manga illustrators Okama (Getsumen To Heiki Mina), Pop (Moetan) and Kuroboshi Kouhaku (Kino no Tabi) to create a series of illustrations that will be sold by Sanrio on a variety of goods. In other words, Hello Kitty thinks it’s a good idea to make anime young girls appear even younger with Hello Kitty accessories for adult consumption just to make a buck — one more confirmation that there is no stopping the depths that Hello Kitty Hell can go…

Sent in by Jijin who should have to see nothing but Hello Kitty 24/7 for the rest of the year for thinking even for a moment that I would ever want to know about something like this…

Update: Jijin decided that I needed to see more to my horrifying regret

Hello Kitty akiba style

Update: Never one to waste an opportunity to make money, Sanrio is now making these in figurines:

Hello Kitty moe figurine

Sent in by dillan

32 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Moe

  1. I’m sorry, but the costume makes no sense. Why would she have a hello kitty belt attached to stockings over shorts (I hope they are shorts) and a tank top under a dress? I know it’s anime, and that anime costumes are notoriously impossible and odd, but this one takes the cake.

  2. Every time you write something, you make it clear you have no idea what you are talking about when it comes to Hello Kitty. Anime characters want to make their readers feel good and by adopting Hello Kitty into their outfits it helps them to share love and happiness just like Hello Kitty does the same when people wear her.

    This is a totally cute drawing and shows how fun and loving Hello Kitty can be when worn. Everyone would want to look this cute when they go out and that is why so many people buy Hello Kitty because it helps them do this.

    You’re delusional if you think Hello Kitty is about the money. You have it all backward. The reason that she makes money is because everyone loves her so much. So stop being jealous that you aren’t as popular and will never make as much as she does. It’s because you are so negative and she is so positive. Maybe you should learn to stop complaining about everything Hello Kitty and learn something from her!!!

  3. Oh, sure, darlene, because nothing says “fun and loving” like a little girl who can’t wear a real dress… another HK thing that is totally tacky.

  4. Why is a child wearing stockings? I know anime can be a bit far out, but eh? Think we can get Studio Ghibli to nuke them?

  5. Kind of cute but like Jay said a bit awkward same reason I not into Lucky Star, I do not need a visit by the FBI. That the Anime / Manga culture for ya.

    Still MR. HKH I watch a fan sub bootlege of this in your drection……. OK just only one episode.

  6. I’m with Jay. Just looking at this makes me feel filthy. That whole outfit just screams pedophilia, and Hello Kitty’s location doesn’t help at all, even if you assume she’s a sweet and innocent thing instead of a dirty money-loving monster.

  7. Aghhh!! Damn Kitty! -actually, damn Sanrio.- getting Kitty into anime!? Jeez, that’s the worst! As if one has not enough with its extreme fans -once is to like it, other is to LUV IT ‘COZ IT’S THE CUTEST’ .__. jesus!

    .___. and pink…! i am gonna puke ._.

  8. And D that ends in E is delusional if she really believes Sanrio is not in it for pure profit…after all, they are in business to make billions and they have no matter how depraved or disgusting the product is !!!

  9. @Darlene: Hello kitty is a cartoon chracter, she cant make money, or teach people, as she does not exist as anything but a drawing.

  10. Ye gods, as if the original post wasn’t enough… The update picture screams of child abuses… YOU DON’T PUT KITTY’S FACE ON THAT PART OF THE SWIMSUIT, ye dolts! *cannot look any longer and walks away*

  11. is that a 12 year old wearing a GARTER?! WTH?!

    and realistically speaking, the idea of a grown man ever wanting to be as popular as an animated cat with no mouth who captures the hearts of little girls (and apparently the big girls who can’t grow up) by putting its face on anything and everything at a ridiculous price so they beg and beg and BEG their parents to spend it on crap they don’t need and conveniently make Sanrio billions is, quite frankly, utterly ridiculous. and would be slightly creepy.

  12. It would seem that Hello Kitty is gunning to become the official mascot of the Lolita Complex. However, does the sweaty old pervert demographic really stand to bring in that much more money for the franchise? If so, it seems like mass-producing huge winking Hello Kitty Decals complete with the words “FREE CANDY” in giant letters for use on the side of vans would be a more logical way to kick off the new sex-offender product line.

  13. I think the darlene chick that comments on everything, bitching about how you have no idea what you are talking about should shut her yap and stop being a waffle about it. This site is for people who can laugh about Hello Kitty being a nightmare. And Hello Kitty by NO means makes me feel good or happy. It makes me feel homicidal and gives me the urge to buy and BURN all Hello Kitty merchandise. I like this site, because I hate Hello Kitty. Seriously, Darlene, go buy a Hello Kitty brand sense of humor.

  14. i dont hate nor obessively love hello kitty i think she is super cute but sometimes even this cute cat is creepy darlene get over your self and get a use you head

  15. this is odd..
    the first pic is adorable, and the second pic has a cute dress, but it’s way too short to be on such a little girl. I’m a 14 year old girl, and I feel wierd seeing this. Idk, Hello Kitty is still sorta innocent, but it’s going downhill, I think. In a few more years things will be a lot worse.

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