Baby Doll Dress

One of the more unfortunate aspects of living in Hello Kitty Hell is that there is no end to the number and variety of Hello Kitty clothes that are out there. The result of this when the Hello Kitty fanatic shops is not pretty — both in style and to the pocket book. Take, for example, the “Baby the Stars Shine Bright Ribbon Ribbon Hello Kitty dress” (yes, that’s really its name):

Hello Kitty Baby Doll Dress

Hello Kitty Baby Doll Dress stitch

Hello Kitty Baby Doll Dress Front

Hello Kitty Baby Doll Dress Back

At a mere $300, the dress is as costly as it is horrendous (you must be paying for the extra long name). Of course, my wife has a completely different view. She thinks it’s not only wonderful, but — for some unfathomable reason that only Hello Kitty fanatics seem able to perceive — a bargain. Just one more thing my wife will add to her collection to increase my Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by Azusa and Lillian who both should have to wear this monstrosity every day for the rest of the year for ever giving my wife the idea of getting this…

45 thoughts on “Baby Doll Dress

  1. I actually find it cute. But I’m a not-quite-closeted Baby, The Stars Shine Bright fan & like Lolita style.

    …I will never pay 300 bucks for it. Not even w/ Hello Kitty on it. Ah, well. Off to earn more money for the HK netbook I didn’t know existed until you showed me. Thanks!

  2. Hi!
    Haha clearly you live in the wrong place. You should live over here instead. Here’s slightly to none Kitty Things at all! Hang in there. That kitten will disappear eventually, so don’t go crazy just yet;)


  3. That is simply adorable. ^_^ Baby, the stars shine bright is a rather expensive loli brand in the first place. Add a character that people obsess about and caching, you hit the cash box. Thats a pretty pricey dress, not sure it is worth it or not. However it is cute. Tell you wife that as cute as hello kitty is, she is not worth going bankrupt over! :]

  4. i think the dress would be adorable if it was a vintage-y teal, didnt have the horrendous bright red polka dot lace hello kitty bows or the similarly themed embroidery…..but i love the dress style……

  5. The price is normal for the Baby the Stars Shine Bright brand. The partnership between the clothing brand and Hello Kitty seems natural to me since they are both focused on cutess 🙂
    There are also BtSSB/Charmmy Kitty/Nana Kitade items.

  6. Oh dear God.
    A bargain? I’ve seen cheaper Gothic Lolita dresses. I’ve seen cheaper flower girl dresses.
    Hell, even if it were free, would you seriously ever have a logical situation for wearing that? Wait, I just credited HK fans with having logic. So sorry.
    This dress made me nauseous. Pass the Pepto, please.

  7. Jesus Wept.

    $300? Er why? I’ve seen much better Lolita/Goth gear for a damn site less and with style, which this thing clearly does not have.

    Just bad. Only girls of age 7 or less should like this, but then we are talking a Japanese company aren’t we?

  8. Hey, its out of stock within min… guess u will not see ur wife in it… if she did manage to find it… i am willing to pay $600 for it… mail to me please.

  9. Actually, your wife is kinda right on this one. Any limited edition dress you can get from Baby the Stars Shine Bright for under $400 is a bargain.

    This one, however, is rather hideous.

  10. This dress would be adorable on, say, a child of up to five years of age. But unless you are one of those fetish prostitutes who cater to the unfortunate “Adult Baby” sect, any adult woman wearing this dress surely must have severe mental problems.

    • I wear these clothes and I’m 23, and don’t have any mental problems thank you very much. It’s awful that you assume just because a person dresses differently to the norm that they have something wrong with them.

  11. Oh hey! Sorry to post twice, but I just thought what if they’re going for the lolita consumers? It looks sweet lolita-ish

  12. You don’t understand Hello Kitty at all. Is there a price on love? Is there a price on happiness? Since this is what Hello Kitty brings to everyone, there is no price on her as well and she is even better because she brings the love and happiness to everyone around as well. That is a bargain at any price!!

    Maybe if you were a good husband, you would see that your wife likes this and buy it for her because it would make her happy instead of ranting stupid things you don’t understand. You are the only man that wouldn’t want to see his wife in this and this shows how pathetic your tastes are. Don’t you think it’s time you stop talking about things you know absolutely nothing about?

  13. ahaha~ I’d make some alterations, but I’d love to spend the year in sweet lolita~!

    For people saying the price is really high, you obviously don’t know that Baby the Stars Shine Bright is a designer lolita shop. high price for designer, high price for quality material, and high price for collaboration. =3 Of course this is actually a rather fair price. I would have spent close to $2,000 on clothes from them if everything wasn’t sold out by the time I had gotten the money ;A;

  14. With this post I have a sneaking suspicion about “starts with a D, ends with an E” and the lengths Sanrio will go to make a few bucks… GAG.. but I’m not saying another word about it !

  15. What? That’s actually people clothes? That looks like a cheesy dolly dress… that’s the most hideous thing I’ve ever seen, and I could not imagine a self-respecting woman wearing this monstrosity. I mean, it might be cute for a 3 year old or the doll she plays with… but for an adult, it’s kinda pathetic to be dressing like this… like wearing giant frilly scrunchies in pigtails… I mean really, I’m all for cute things, but this is just disgusting.

  16. AHA HA HA! Watch out if she starts obsessing over lolita clothing now. You’ll be living in a lot of frills and lace.

  17. Darlene, do you really have no life? Look i like Hello Kitty alot to, but give the guy a break. Doesnt he have the right to say whatever he wants about her just like you do? That is all he is doing.

    I dont think Hello Kitty would approve of your behavior. She is all for accepting others, not calling them stupid or mean.

    Grow up and choke on your words. :]

    P.S-I still think this dress is cute. haha.

  18. You’d have to understand the Lolita culture to understand this dress, and really. For what it is, it’s not that expensive compared to some other ugly dresses you see actresses wear on the red carpet. But yes, $300 is more then I personally have to piss away on a piece of clothing that is actually just the outer garmet of a whole outfit…
    Yes, it gets lacy-er and frilly-er.

  19. I love lolita-style clothing, and Baby, The Stars Shine Bright is a brand-name. Lolita’s expensive anyway, and brand-name included means the $300 is not a bad price at all. Assuming I had the money to spare, and assuming the Hello Kitty design on the side wasn’t there (I don’t like that kitten so much, either) then I’d totally buy that dress and consider it a decent deal (read: not a bargain, just decent).

    And to the people who couldn’t imagine any self-respecting adult wearing lolita, you just have to see it. Particularly with young adults, there are several people who can and do pull off the look very nicely. Like all looks, it’s not for everyone. That doesn’t mean it’s bad.

  20. As people have said, yeah, there are cheaper lolita dresses, but for a brand name like Baby the Stars Shine Bright- AND for a collaboration with Hello Kitty- $300 really is a bargain. Lolita is an expensive fashion as it is, and when you throw in name brands and limited edition collaboration dresses like this, Id expect it to be at LEAST $300, if not more. As for the comment from Gail “But unless you are one of those fetish prostitutes who cater to the unfortunate ?Adult Baby? sect, any adult woman wearing this dress surely must have severe mental problems.” thats actually the OPPOSITE of what lolita fashion is about. Where as Adult Baby fetishists get some sort of sexual thrill out of dressing in frilly clothing, Lolitas try to stay far, FAR away from that kinda gross fetishy stuff. Lolita is an alternative fashion, just like goth, punk, emo or whatever. Its just not as common and therefore misunderstood by the general public (although, alternative subcultures are pretty misunderstood in general). As for whether or not Id wear the dress, probally not, but Im more of a gothic lolita than a sweet lolita. Not that I wouldnt wear a hello kitty dress at all, though, but Id probally get one that looks quite a bit diffrent than this one.

  21. I love Baby, the stars shine bright!
    And hello kitty ^^
    But this is not my style to wear for myself, even though I find it really cute 🙂

  22. HA! A Baby the Stars Shine Bright dress is the top brand in Japan. I met a high school girl from SF on a class trip at my Tokyo hotel last summer, and saw her on again by chance on Takeshita Dori Harajuku showing me her new $500. GL dress that she just bought!!
    In Japan, all the cosplay and Loli/Goth kids spend THOUSANDS on their outfits, so there, the dress is cheap.

    I’m a guy, but I bought a Hello Kitty cell phone, and went to Puroland in Tama City..the best part of my trip!!!
    I go to Japan every other year, and always get some Hello Kitty stuff. With the help of a Japanese friend..I have a collection of Hello Kitty souvenir phone strap/ prayer beads from EVERY major Buddhist temple in Japan…over 300!

  23. if u hate hK that much , then ur so amazing collect all the news bout HK… haahaha.. XD
    seems like ur the extreme fan of HK for me.. 😉
    i think ur act too much..
    there’s nothing wrong bout addicted for something..
    guess u have something that u’r addicted too, don’t you ?
    (u’r addicted to write hello kitty hell… ) 🙂

  24. You should really love and support your wife more. Yes, I know this price is normal for BTSSB – just think, she could be into designer Gucci or Christian Dior or whoever dresses that look just as hideous and are far more expensive. By the way, there are some men who really enjoy it when their girlfriends, wives, and f*buddies wear things like this. Maybe you need to kink it up a bit.

  25. I know what you’re thinking, hell no about paying $300 for a lolita dress. To be honest it would be a waste of time, unless you were the spoiled little teen girl who’s parents were millionaires. I would if I were rich

  26. Yeahhhh i have this dress is soooo damn cute!!!! Hahaha but i haved to got a 9.7 at final in school to get it.Hell yeahh!!!!!!!!

  27. …it’s name is “Ribbon Ribbon Hello Kitty dress”. BTSSB is the BRAND. That price isn’t expensive either. Although I would be sad if it ended up in the hands of someone who doesn’t appreciate Lolita fashion. Keep it far away from your wife.

  28. Normally I like this blog but this post feels more like an attack on people who wear and like the clothes. I wear this fashion and I love and adore it. Despite what people may say I have no disorders or have any fetish. I just like cute clothes, what’s wrong with that? Btssb is an expensive brand but it has amazing quality clothing that lasts much longer than clothes I have from the high street.

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