Hello Kitty S&M Flogger (nsfw)

Some things you just can’t make up. The Hello Kitty vibrator shoulder massager is a perfect example. The Hello Kitty love hotel bondage room is another. I have no doubt that the Hello Kitty S&M pink leather flogger also belongs on this list:

Hello Kitty S&M flogger

Hello Kitty S&M

Not only is the entire concept of a Hello Kitty flogger being made seriously wrong, I will now have terrifying nightmares of how my wife will use it if she ever gets her hands on one. Photos like this and this instantly come to mind. With horrifying thoughts of my wife waking me up with Hello Kitty head on and a pink leather flogger in hand now stuck in my brain, I guess I can pretty much give up on getting any sleep for the next few months — just one more way for the evil feline to add to my Hello Kitty Hell…

Left by Nicole in the comments (via vikingsal) who should have this device used on her until she bleeds Hello Kitties as punishment for ever thinking that revealing the existence of this could be a good idea…

Update: Was there ever really any doubt that more than one of these would be created?

Sent in by Kryistina (via Sensuous Bliss)

hello kitty floggers

Left in comments by kittykitty

Hello Kitty leather flogger

39 thoughts on “Hello Kitty S&M Flogger (nsfw)


    Hello Kitty should not be, in any way, shape or form involved with sex. It’s meant to be cute. Making it sexy just makes it barf worthy.

  2. I wonder why all goods HK fanatics are producing are painted in Pepto-Bismol color. Did Sanrio establish such association?
    Any thought?

  3. What kind of warped, twisted freak are you? Hello Kitty only wants to share her innocence and love with everyone and if Hello Kitty chooses to do this by whipping people bloody who are we to say no?

  4. First of all follow the links back to the vikingsal’s live journal. He crafted this item. The bad news is the guy had planned on more Hello Kitty bondage products, the good news is the post were made in 2005 and appears the person moved on.

    Mr HKH this product should bring fear to you for your bad karma by attacking the cute one. I do nothing in your direction but curse you: That your wife takes you to the Hello Kitty bondage room in a hello kitty gimp suit and flog you to submission for binging this monstrosity up. 😉


    Oh god this made me laugh so much. Says it all about HK really doesn’t it? She’s a BDSM B***H!

  6. You just don’t get it, do you? EVERYONE loves Hello Kitty. Even those that may have what you perceive as strange habits still love Hello Kitty and they want her to be a part of them. She brings happiness to all and she doesn’t discriminate when she gives it. It’s because you are selfish and mean spirited that you can’t see this and why you can never understand Hello Kitty.

    You have a responsibility to make your wife happy and if this makes her happy, then you should play along. Most men would love to have their wife come to bed holding this in their hands.

  7. darlene shut up.i would think hello kitty and kinky bondage sex would NOT be a natural mix. its a KIDS character, a girl one at that. this is just wrong

  8. Hmm, I’m not so sure I’d love to bring that to bed, nor would anyone really like me to bring that to bed with me.
    I’d prefer black leather… minus cartoon kitties thanks.

  9. This is HILARIOUS, as for the comment- Most men would love to have their wife come to bed holding this in their hands. – NOT exactly true, many men would respond by inserting the object up the offending wife’s backside in the hope that she would “Get the message” that although a pony tail is always welcome in the bedroom, Hello Kitty is NOT!!!!

  10. darlene, i find it really funny that you reply to things like hk sex toys and lingerie saying “most men would love…”, as if you really think anyone on this site believes you’ve actually had sex with a man, let alone dated one. and since you obviously haven’t, you can’t say what most men would like, can you? i have a few male friends who like hello kitty, and guess what? THEY’RE ALL GAY, most of them quite flamboyantly so (though not all my gay male friends are flamboyant or hello kitty fans, but that’s irrelevant). so i expect they would be DISGUSTED if a woman were to walk into their bedrooms in hello kitty garb and holding a hello kitty flogger. and a good number of my female friends who love hello kitty are very proud to be lesbians. and not porno lesbians, but actual lesbians. i can’t help but assume that most straight guys would not be turned on by the sight of one of them approaching and holding a hello kitty flogger.

  11. …I’m in utter disbelief that such a thing is in existence… and yet I find it so hilarious that darlene somehow thinks it’s righteous to attempt defend such an abomination.

  12. Haha I am actually apart of the kink thing btw. I have always loved Hello Kitty and I love all the vintage stuff. Actually I think this might go well with my image. Although to be honest a Hello Kitty house is far more scarier to me than a flogger. Floggers don’t really hurt..and it depends on how you use it. As for a Hello Kitty paddle…..no way!! Of course I would use it on some sissy slave perhaps..but..I hate wooden paddles:(…..I was reminded today:(

  13. If anyone is holding this as a surprise you probably wouldnt be able to see the hello kitty face anyway, it seems to me that they have just attempted to stick the face on it to sell, again money leads the way, who’d have thought?!?!

    It is not so much as hello kitty hell as how could it be hello kitty’s fault, just exploitation of the character for materialistic and financial purposes… even hello kitty gets exploited in todays world…

    well if it was real hello kitty then the design would have loads of faces like the curtains…. i guess it was made for the opposition to this site, the hello kitty fetish lovers… which i doubt there is many of as the majority of hello kitty fans are children and although this is just the result of a typical world we live in it would be daft to blame it on the non existant, fake character herself, next there would be a spongebob one, as thats pretty much the same, but i guess he is not as important in the obsession and doesnt make it onto the site, maybe if he dresses up as miss kitty on an item it will be accepted…. but not to slate spongey oh no, just miss kitty herself.

  14. this discussion is stupid. besides the fact that this “item” is disturbing and insulting to the childs cartoon and also that this lady darlene is not a fan – but a psyco fanatic ( yes there is a difference because fans do not worship characters! ) you people have the time and nerve to hate on hk, which is not a obligation to love and/or like and if you dont then oh well, just dont be putting others down and insulting them because they do enjoy the japanese bobtail kitten character.

  15. A Hello Kitty Bondage Love Hotel room is bad enough, but a pink HK flogger?!?!?!? Now i know what is going to happen to me when i die: i will end up as a fly in the HK room until the hotel is torn down. AAAAHHHH!!!

    • pretty soon a flogger co. I know of will be releasing a licensed HK flogger.. 😀 Ive seen a sneak peek, its adorable!

  16. and more are coming… a well known “sex toys” company has an agreement with Sanrio and will be producing a licensed hello kitty flogger, lol.

  17. i love hello kitty this does not look cute it looks cheap and i have alot of patches and the wip it seems like those are patches they should come up with something cute and kinky

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