Hello Kitty Bus

You would think that the one time that I could somewhat escape Hello Kitty Hell is when my wife and I take weekend trips around Japan. Yes, there will be the evil feline in every store and shop we walk into, but at least I can escape for a short period as we actually travel. That, of course, assumes that the Hello Kitty fanatic doesn’t know about the many Hello Kitty buses that dot Japan (which my wife most definitely does):

Hello Kitty tour bus

Hello Kitty Bus

Hello Kitty tour bus

Now I know what you’re thinking. If Hello Kitty is on the outside, then it’s only the people on the street that have to deal with her. Of course, those of you thinking that have greatly underestimated the terror that Sanrio has in store for anyone that has to sit in a Hello Kitty tour bus:

Hello Kitty bus interior

Yep, after riding around for a day having to look at that interior, you will be ready to throw yourself in front of any large vehicle heading in the opposite direction at high speed — because even getting run over by an 18 wheeler would be far less painful than having to endure another minute inside that bus…

Sent in by far too many readers who should all have to travel for the rest of the year by Hello Kitty bus as punishment for ever thinking that sending me these photos would be a good idea…

And more hideous buses:

danger kids on bus

Sent in by Bom

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    And what happened with the blue bus particularly; that looks like someone just threw a bunch of Hello Kitty vehicle decals (and they do exist; I’m just too sane to risk going looking for them) at it! At least the orange and pink exteriors suggest a degree of thought in the design!

  2. GOD CHRIST IN HEAVEN!!! Bad enough what’s on the outside, but to have to sit and be forced to face what’s on the back of those seats would be a torture beyond endurance.

    What the hell are some people thinking? If anybody was enclosed in a confined space while being forced to look at even something as neutral as flowers, the first thing he or she would do on being released would be to run straight to the nearest green spot and proceed to furiously yank up by the roots every blossom he or she could find. >:[

  3. Why do you live in Japan if you hate Hello Kitty so much? Is your wife Japanese? If the answer is yes, then I’m sure you knew what you were getting into when you married her and you should just get over it. Hello Kitty. Is. Not. That. Bad. Yes, I love HK. But my husband doesn’t flip out when I buy something with her on it. He even uses my Hello Kitty notepads and almost had to take one of my Hello Kitty notebooks to school with him. (Luckily I found a red binder he could borrow instead.) And he certainly doesn’t care that I but Hello Kitty stuff for our daughter. He gets that girls like girly things and doesn’t freak out about it. So chill out.

    The way you may talk about Hello Kitty may be funny to some people but the way you talk about your wife is not.

  4. What the rub Gus it’s a Japan thing.
    The top three are your standard tour bus, bottom look like a bus line totally kittyfied. I would ride the last bus but being a backpacker traveler (I know ways of the backpack and Lonely Planet guide), I would not be caught dead on a package tour bus kittyfied or not. (Except for local city tours)
    When I was stationed in Japan I too every opportunist to travel around Japan. I was often amused and a little bothered when one of these tour bus pulls up and off loads a crowd following the tour leader with the flag, it was also meant I was about to became part of the scenery; not may Japanese have seen or meet a Black man in person.

    I proudly ride the Hello Kitty bus in your direction.

  5. I suspect like all buses they’ll burn. Probably quite well with the amount of plastic they are coated in.

    @ NoAdditives: he rants because he lives with a frickin fanatic who has to HK everything in his life, despite the fact he loathes the bloody thing. Go back and read some of the crap he has to put up with.

    And I’m a girl and I despise the frickin cat. Please don’t make assumptions

  6. i realy think you should start a “masculine” obsession of your own. to sort of give your wife a taste of her own medicine. like star wars, a sports team, star trek, marvel or dc. if you realy want to annoy her get into wwe wrestling.

  7. The Crusty brand Seal of Approval famed on the Simpsons has nowhere near the product line of the HK fanatic, sadly, even the NFL does not market that much crap………
    Harley Davidson on the other hand—

    Kids Rocking horse (Girls)

    Bedroom Accessories

    And as for tatoos, they are PROLIFIC. Oddly Harley even has BOTH a male & female market (Unlike Hello Kitty)

    And whereas a guy would be proud to be seen driving a harley,
    Anyone NOT female would loose at least four teeth at the local biker bar for pulling up on the “Hello Kitty” Motorcycle at this URL

    However, I get the feeling that once the wife sees the cycle, She & Hubby will Get not just the bike, but Matching Hello kitty biker jumpsuits & head for the local sushi bar. …..
    She must be AWFUL rich & beautiful to get away with putting a guy through this kind of hell…..

  8. The buses are kind of nice for small kids, & quite good if your kid swallows something they shouldnt as inducing vomiting would only get easier after a few hours surrounded by terminal cuteness…….

  9. @Harold Clark – I know an entire racing team who would happily ride the Helo Kitty racing motorcycle you illustrate. Of course, they’re an all-girl (except for the odd partner/mechanic) team, and make a feature of racing pink bikes!

  10. The only thing painful is having to read your ridiculous opinions and total lack of understanding of Hello Kitty each day. People love Hello Kitty because she makes them happy. They want to spend their time with her because she improves their lives unlike this blog.

    You should feel lucky that your wife takes the time to find wonderful vacations like this. That would make a perfect vaction and there isn’t anyone that wouldn’t be thrilled to be able to sight-see on a bus like that. You have no idea how lucky you are which makes your blog even more irritating.

  11. I think I’d just grab the wheel and drive into a brick building and end it all if I were forced to ride in that thing. Hopefully I’d start a fire and be automatically cremated to destroy evidence that I rode the bus in the first place.

  12. Of course, they’re an all-girl (except for the odd partner/mechanic) team -MY point exactly on the motorcycle & why I said anyone NOT female would loose about 4 teeth at the local biker bar, HArley is a brand that works for BOTH men and women, vs the Hello Kitty motorcycle which works for Girls & oddly had a MALE sign on it at the url, which caused me to realize that I had forgotten about the GAY male following Hello kitty enjoys, in which case a LOT WORSE things could end up happening to the guy driving it than a few missing teeth………….
    With this motorcycle at the local biker bar —-
    Dolly Parton types – NO problem
    Ru Paul – can get away with it cause he would not really count as fully in the guy category—-

    Steve Urkel, Don Knotts – Very short life expectancy

    Clint Eastwood – come out of it ok, but a LOT of shots would be fired & bones broken in the ensuing brawl…………

    Part of why some resort to public transit, yet the Hello Kitty bus means that escape from the fad is sometimes almost impossible……….

  13. Well, it’s a japan thing, cant avoid it…
    Rather interesting, but the seats look uncomfortable

    ~used to be just kitten

  14. Seriously, it’s extremely sad how bad it must be for you all to sit in a pink seat. What, you think a fictional cartoon character is going to hurt you? If you see something kitty-fied it’s a sign of the end of he world? what’s the matter with you all? it’s one thing not to like a cartoon character but it’s another to be tortured by the thought of sitting in a seat. why? I understand that you all hate hello kitty but it’s not like she’s going to get into your house and eat your family. for gosh sake, it’s not that bad. the only reason you all make your crap comments is because you feel sorry for this guy.

  15. @Kitty I’ve read plenty of the posts. Frankly, if he’s telling the truth I think his relationship is ridiculous. If he and his wife are really that incompatible they are obviously incompatible and whining about on the internet is waste of time. I thought this blog was funny at first but the more he rants about his wife the more I idiotic he becomes. And his wife is either oblivious to his hatred of Hello Kitty or she torments him on purpose. Either way, the relationship is seriously dysfunctional.

    I didn’t make assumptions, I never said that all girls love Hello Kitty. I said that girls like girly things. You may not like Hello Kitty, glitter or the color pink but if you do your hair, wear make up or ever wear a skirt you at least participate in girly activities. Therefore, you like things that are girly in nature.

  16. When on a bus, you can always Express your Approval , or DIS approval of hello kitty by wearing the appropriate Hello Kitty lapel button,
    I found a site that sells 2 buttons that have the cuteness, combined with the evil ? cuteness message, the Hello Kitty BORG – (Resistance is Futile, you WILL be Hello Kittified!) & the Hello Kitty Godfather (Hello Kitty is an offer that you just CANNOT refuse ), the rest of their items are your usual cute if unusual & offbeat , hello kitty stuff,

    But those 2 items got me thinking, Assimilated by cuteness, or Cuteness as a Maffia style offer you cant refuse, which would be the harder to resist, & I am beginning to wonder if a Hello Kitty Borg costume would not be a GREAT Halloween costume for my 6 year old niece this year ……..

  17. NoAdditives

    I do find this site very Ironic, I not sure I am really reading is the truth or delusions of a mad man. Taking Mr HKH at his word he tends to be very loving and guarded about his wife. As for this site, it is no longer about his wife. The site morphed to his personal Don Quixote quest against the hello kitty windmills. It seems people send his stuff just to see him go boom.

    The big cosmic comedy is all his rating and the haters comment, could not stopped the growth Hello Kitty and certainly has not stopped me a guy become a big Hello Kitty fan. I would like to see some of you try and that not a theat.

  18. I suspect Mr Hell may be exaggerating occasionally for comedic purposes. “The wife” has been used as a comedic foil for many a stand-up routine or “the husband” for female comedians. I don’t suppose any of this will stop people from taking this light hearted blog very very seriously though.

  19. I’ve come to the conclusion that Darlene is some 23, slightly chubby anime nerd a (male of course), with bad cystic acne and scum bag facial hair sitting in a folding chair in front of a crappy computer with a big smile on his face because he successfully trolled the vast majority of those on this site. I imagine he smells like gas station burritos.

  20. Maybe I am taking it too seriously, I don’t know. I really don’t find humor at a spouses expense funny. I do have a pretty great sense of humor, I just think that marriage is one of those things that shouldn’t be berated for the sake of a comedic blog. Just like dead baby jokes are horrible, so are rants about how horrible it is living with your wife.

  21. I’ve never seen a rant wherin Mr.HKH says its horrible to live with his wife, just how horrible it is to live with tons of HK crap.

  22. Oh I know what you mean NoAdditives, I saw a stand up a few months ago who really made me pretty angry as his “comedy” was really just a misogynist rant when in reality, if he actually had a wife in real life he would be bloomin lucky. I just don’t really get that vibe here. Oh I don’t really know anymore. I’m off to play with the little Hello Kitty toy my husband got me that walks about when you squeeze its paw…

  23. wow,I love hello kitty but this is taking it to far.
    the outside of the bus was extreme but once I saw the interior. . .
    man,I feel for ya this time.
    you poor,poor man 🙁

  24. I have seen many worse/disgusting things on city buses and they were all very hard to explain to young children when they asked…HK just makes them smile !

  25. Your blog is so cute…I know you don’t get it…or do you!?! I posted the interior bus photo on my flickr and credited you. I get a fair amount of traffic on there!

  26. omg How the hell could you not absoluty adore this cute bus!!!!!! plus its a double decka bus soo its so much bigger!! hey if u dont like this bus, it means u dont like irish coffie, and if you dont like irish coffie, u suc

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