Hello Kitty Underwear Fetish (don't look – it can't be unseen)

I know it’s going to be a really, really Hello Kitty hellish day when photos like these end up in my email box. I don’t want to know why. I don’t want to know when. I just plain don’t want to know anything about what is going on here. I advise you to turn away while you can because once you’ve seen it, it can never be unseen. It will haunt to far more than any of the previous Hello Kitty nightmares you have had. Unfortunately, I know this from experience:

Hello Kitty pink underwear fetish

You might try to console yourself by imagining that the photo has to be photoshopped because there is nobody out there who would do this to himself, let alone anyone around him. Unfortunately, despite my fervent wishes, it appears not to be…

Hello Kitty underwear fetish

The only positive I can see from these photos is that they may convince my wife that me wearing tight fitting Hello Kitty underwear is not in the best interest of the human race…

Sent in by borg197 (via latfh — language warning) who should be forced to wear a pair of this Hello Kitty underwear for the rest of his life for feeling it necessary to mentally scar my mind by sending me this photo…

44 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Underwear Fetish (don't look – it can't be unseen)

  1. WHY ? Totally disgusting…I will to take a break from HKH for awhile after those photos…just ’cause you get them in your mailbox doesn’t mean you have to post them !!!

  2. And they want to take about us furries?

    Why torment us fans. I can only send you cures for filling my mind with this horror unless this is really you MR HKH. 😉

  3. ew. vomit, all up in my mouth. there are places even Hello Kitty should know not to go. the evil furball just doesn’t realize it.

    …Anyone else think that guy looks like charlie manson?

  4. Its not really a good idea to wear for a hippie-look-guy to wear a Hello Kitty underwear because it really makes Hello Kitty unlikeable. Even though it was photoshoped or not, Ir really disgusting to let this picture seen by my daughter who really loves Hello kitty.

  5. Finally, I have been scared for life in a way that I can’t even send this to my friends. Mr Hello Kitty Hell, welldone you have found something truely evil.

  6. The latest sign of the Apocalypse. Too horrible to even share with anyone. What evil did you do in a past life to have people send you things like this?

  7. How can you put the beautiful image of Hello Kitty on such an abomination of a thing!!!! How dare you post this disgusting picture! Just goes to show how little of a man you are for hating such a wonderful being like Hello Kitty.

  8. What exactly is wrong with a man liking to wear Hello Kitty underwear? Hello Kitty brings happiness and men want to be happy too. You are the only one that doesn’t understand this.

    Real men can wear Hello Kitty underwear because they do not have masculinity issues which we all know you have. This shows it again so everybody can see it. If you weren’t so afraid and threatened for your own masculinity, you would see how lovable Hello Kitty is.

  9. As much as I hate to admit this, I own what that man is wearing. And as much as I also hate to admit this, those aren’t underwear. Those are shorts. Pajama shorts, to be precise. But yeah, that guy is gross. Full-body wax and a paper bag over the head is in order.

  10. haha ! hello kitty your my idol kaso lng your the fashionable KAt in this world in japan ! you r thr number onr character haha ! I am gonna SET you as my numer numer numer ONE fan HAHA !

  11. oh LOL! I haven’t been here for ages – I love Hello Kitty but I love Hello Kitty Hell. I am crying with laughter, I forgot about Darlene 😀 Xxx

  12. I am so relieved this is photoshopped. *sigh*

    FWIW, the background looks like where the Legally Dead Parrots used to perform at the Perch of Superior Feet in Charlotte, NC, in the mid90’s.

  13. I don’t care i9f its photoshopped or not. What I want to know is the mail address or phonenr of tha GIRL! xD

  14. why does he lok lik RUSSEl BROWN( katy perry’s) ( feance)

    did u guy’s see the MTV (movie awards)

    -annieemo girl

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