Hello Kitty Paris Hilton Three Apples

As if there weren’t already 100 reasons not to attend the Three Apples Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary gala torture chamber, the fact that Paris Hilton showed up pretty much ensured that the whole event would have been unbearably painful:

Hello Kitty Paris Hilton Three Apples

Of course, this news made my wife all the more disappointed that we would not attend (someone up there has actually decided to look down kindly on me and spare me from this hellish event — it’s not often I get a reprieve in Hello Kitty Hell and can be thankful). In the Hello Kitty fanatic’s mind, when celebrities endorse the evil feline, this somehow makes her more legitimate and she thinks this will in some way sway me of my opinion. Unfortunately, my wife doesn’t understand that Paris Hilton usually has the exact opposite effect on most people, which goes to show why Hello Kitty and Paris Hilton are so right for each other — and why I will continue to live in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by greta who should have to spend all her time listening to Hello Kitty and Paris Hilton songs as punishment for ever thinking it would be a good idea to send this to me and getting my wife on the whole “I’m so disappointed we couldn’t go” theme which I will have to listen to for the rest of the week…

21 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Paris Hilton Three Apples

  1. Paris Hilton loves Hello Kitty because they are both fashion icons. Kids want to grow up to be Paris Hilton because of her fashion sense and her love of Hello Kitty. Paris and Kitty are what every young girl aspires to be.

    You are just jealous because Hello Kitty is throwing a party and everyone wants to go so your blog becomes meaningless. You can’t stand it that Hello Kitty is more popular than ever. Get used to it! 3 Apples has just started and it will only get better and the whole world will be watching it and not caring at all about your meaningless blog. Get over yourself and accept that Hello Kitty is loved by all!!

  2. Darlene, not every little girl wants to be Hello Kitty OR Paris.
    Hell, the only way my little cousin knows who Paris is (is) because of Repo! The Genetic Opera! (Start ’em young.) The only reason she puts up with Hello Kitty is because her Mom’s rabid.

  3. I wish I could go. Yuko Yamaguchi is supposed to make an appearance at one of the events. I would come up to her and tell he how right she is about men and Hello Kitty.

    Sleep Tight Mr. HKH

  4. Darlene, really, if I am a parent, one of the least person I would want my little girl to aspires to is Paris. And Hello Kitty? Maybe someone has told you this before, but I would reinforce it–Hello kitty is not real, it is a fictional character. I am a girl and I aspired to Marie Curry when I was young, now I am in my PhD program. What would aspiring Hello Kitty going to get a little girl to? Become a crazy cat lady!??!?!?!

    And I still think how you keep going to a very obvious Hello-kitty-hate-blog and whine about people hating HK on it. You know that is the who point of the blog, right? Even your presence always humor me.

  5. I went to the VIP Sanrio Party and it was the most fun a Hello Kitty fan could ever have. We even got gift bags!! Drank Hello kitty wine and ate Hello Kitty food. You would of loved it. 🙂 HAHAHAHAHA. Good thing I did not see Paris Hilton though. I can not stand her and in no way is she like Hello Kitty. She is in another league and not a better one that is for sure.

  6. I love hello kitty but… this bag has gone too far… no one needs a bag that huge for one and two it may be hello kitty but that is like one of the dumbest ideas made for hello kitty. a life size bag!? anyone who caries a bag that big to cary their life around in is an idiot…

  7. Do you suppose Paris Hilton has a little tiny dog inside that great big cat-shaped bag?

    @SHEENA: Hello Kitty wine? Hmm… There *is* a brand of sauvignon blanc that’s called “Cat’s Pee on a Gooseberry Bush”. I am drawing the obvious conclusion… 🙂

  8. hey Katt, that bag is amazibng especially for me, i in the college and will be perfect for all my desing tools, and darlene i agrre with u paris ist no only a celebrity is a beautiful and fancy woman and every girl dreams to be like that, but sometiomes the people r so superficial that can see nothing far! jaja and oviously HK its a image of cuteness and that its amazin and it dont means that the girls want to be a cat, “so silly coment” and every girl dreams with it Beautyness cutenees ist basic, and no had to say that admires Marie Curry just to sound like somenone interesting.

  9. Of course many of us love Hello Kitty and Paris Hilton. Both are sweet and cute.
    And bte I’m almost 40 lol.
    I think Paris is also friends with Kimora Lee Simmons, on her twtter Paris showed a picture of the beautiful diamond Kitty necklace she got from Kimora.
    Loves it!

  10. god paris hilton looks haggard. the light reflecting off hello kitty is really throwing her wrinkles into relief. i think paris hilton hell would be a great new project

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