Hello Kitty Sid Vicious Sex Pistols Mural

The evil feline has no shame. It was obvious that the entire Three Apples 35th Anniversary celebration was going to be Pepto Bismol pink Hell from the beginning, and the appearance of Paris Hilton made things that much worse. Now that photos from the event are being sent to me left and right (seriously folks, I’ve already seen far more than I ever want to see of this event), this travesty shows that Hello Kitty will try to brand herself to absolutely anything — there is no other explanation for the Hello Kitty Sid Vicious mural:

Hello Kitty Sid Vicious Sex Pistols Mural

When I nearly fell out of my chair in disgust upon seeing this, my wife asked me what the problem was. I explained that they had painted Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols wearing Hello Kitty to which she replied: “Who is Sid Vicious and what are the Sex Pistols?”

As I explained, a tear of hopelessness dropped from the corner of my eye knowing that all is not right in the world when my wife’s first introduction to the Sex Pistols is through Hello Kitty. That, my friends, is true Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by David who should have to spend the rest of his days apologizing to all Sex Pistol fans as punishment for making a grown man cry and for ever thinking that sending this to me could be a good idea…

20 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Sid Vicious Sex Pistols Mural

  1. like always, you have it all wrong. Sid Vicious should feel lucky that Hello Kitty allowed herself to be placed on his shirt. Nobody cares about a dead former punk star, but thanks to Hello Kitty, millions will now know about him. That is why everyone wants to be associated with Hello Kitty. I bet that his estate asked that this painting would be made so that he would become popular again.

    Everyone is enjoying the celebration and is looking forward to Kitty’s birthday. Stop complaining about everything and celebrate as well. Sometime you are going to have to accept that Hello Kitty is the only reason this blog is popular and no matter what lies you tell, Hello Kitty will still be loved by everyone.

  2. that previous statement was a bunch of crap i think hellokitty suck, and will always suck, who wants to stare at a freaky big headed googly eyed cat with no mouth, it’s a girly, and stupid icon that will never be better then the punk music that changed a generation, i would rather praise his corpse than look at another stupid pic or peice of crap merch with that ridiculous looking cartoon

  3. Its all part of the new plan for energy self sufficiency. This mural should have Sid doing about 4500 RPM in his grave, & when harnessed to a small generator, this should easily provide a substantial amount of electricity, and confirmation that Punk Rock has a whole new and VERY weird Following……..

  4. Darlene, I’ve seen a lot of crap in your comments but that right there, completely crossed the line, Sid Vicious is a hero to many punks/rockers/bassist/druggies/etc but to think that a freakin pink kitten is what will make his death important is total bull, I wish you dead ma’am you have no respect for the culture of others so you spat stupidity. your a reason why the internet sucks


    Ah, I feel better now having shouted that! I am serious though; Punk was all about anarchic anti-corporatism, and HK is all about corporate marketting. I feel secure in saying that no way would Sid have polluted his body with the tee-shirt.

    So if anyone lives near this mural, be Punk and vandalise it for us please, pretty please, pretty please with sprinkles and a cherry on top!

  6. I happen to think both Sid Vicious AND Hello Kitty are cool. At one point I idolized Sid, but now older and realizing how unnecessary his self-destruction was, I think the surviving members of the Pistols would make better idols. Sid is more of a tragedy.

  7. Totally agree with the main blog.

    Putting the Hello Kitty logo there is the equivalent of Madonna recording American Pie. They’ve entirely missed the point.

    What I actually find more disturbing is the red paint behind him that looks like splashed blood! Have these people no shame?

  8. I like both… Sid AND Hello Kitty. So what… Haters please take step to the left (where open manhole exist leading to the sewers). Every1 get the over it. It’s just a photo… not the end of the world.

  9. Ok so you can freak out about it or you could make some kind of correlation between the accepatability of punk, and how it’s been watered down over the years to a sort of cuteness. And that Sid’s image as a whole is as marketable as the Anarchy symbol or the latest McDonalds ‘food’ stuffs

  10. Sid Vicious was larger than life – more so than Hello Kitty could EVER aspire to. The difference? You little Hello Kitty kiddies never heard of Sid Vicious until this very moment. Not because he wasn’t a legend, but simply because your generation cares nothing about life, history, news and culture before your birth year.

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