Hello Kitty Lady Gaga Barbie

What is worse than Lady Gaga dressed in a Hello Kitty plush dress? The thought of a line of Lady Gaga Barbies wearing that Hello Kitty plush dress:

Hello Kitty Lady Gaga Barbie

My wife took one look at this and thought it was the greatest thing ever (The fact that not every Hello Kitty item can be “the greatest thing ever” seems to be one of those impossibilities that Hello Kitty fanatics conveniently ignore), and thinks it would make a wonderful addition to her collection. I think that when you take three wrongs (Lady Gaga + Barbie + Hello Kitty) and combine them together, they not only don’t make a right, but you have basically set in motion the conditions for the human race to give up all hope. That’s certainly the point in Hello Kitty Hell I reached when I saw it…

Sent in by tiff (via veik11 – used with permission) who should have to spend her life creating Hello Kitty Lady Gaga Barbies as punishment for ever thinking that sending me this photo could ever be a good idea…

41 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Lady Gaga Barbie

  1. OMGSH!!!! Thats is so adorable!! Absolutely incredible and fantastic!! I love it! Lady Gaga rocks and Hello Kitty is ALWAYS so adorable 🙂 Hugs for the awesome guy that runs this incredible web site <3

  2. Looks like a OOAK(one of a kind) Barbie. Someone just took a Barbie and customized it. The eyes are way to big, and thick to be anything machine maded. But the point is…that is really, really scary, and needs to be burned and and dosed in Holy Water so that it won’t come back to life and kill us all.

  3. I actually thought this was pretty funny cause it’s making fun of HK, Barbie AND Lady Gaga all at the same time! Triple play!

  4. I disagree. Lady Gaga has an interesting and eccentric style, but putting in Hello Kitty and Barbie kind of ruins the elegance.

  5. omg that is sexy as hell and idc what nobody says!! i love barbie and hello kitty and i think it goes well together.plus i love lady gaga because i love her sense of fashion even though it looks weird lol

  6. OMG!!! I hate barbie, LOVE HELLLO KITTY!!!, and like lady gaga. The eyes are so ugly!!!! I <3 MANGA but the eyes are so ugly MANGA!!! 🙁 (HELLO KITTY ROCKS!!!) 🙂

  7. To clarify the big eyes, it’s because the Japanese use that look a lot with their manga, etc. Hello Kitty being from Japan, Lady Gaga did a Hello Kitty outfit and had them paint her eyes to look manga.

  8. THIS. IS. AMAZING. I don’t care what you cold-hearted people think about Barbies, Hello Kitty, and Gaga. They are all wonderful in my eyes. Obviously most guys will not understand the meaning of these three creations. They are beautiful and if millions of people love them all around the world, well then they can’t be that bad.

    This site is hilarious . It’s just ironic that you, who absolutely despises Hello Kitty, would put your time into making a site that attracts Hello Kitty’s biggest fans.

  9. ….omfg. this is terrifying. I swear if ANYONE ever bought this for my child i would first burn the head off of it, and throw it in the fireplace. >____<

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