Hello Kitty Porcelain Figurines

You know that Hello Kitty Hell has gone way beyond reasonable when I keep getting press releases from manufacturers about their new Hello Kitty products. I was never sure exactly what they wanted me to do with them since it was obvious that a site not fond of the evil feline really wouldn’t want to print the false drivel that comes in these press releases.

Then it dawned on me. They must be sending me these press releases so that I can rewrite them to accurately reflect the truth of the situation. Now that is something that I can do:

hello kitty porcelain

hello kitty figure

hello kitty porcelain figurine

NAO, the Spanish manufacturer of handcrafted porcelain figurines (which no longer has any integrity and is willing to sell out any artistic form they claim to have to make a few bucks), launches three pieces inspired by the global icon (scourge of the world) Hello Kitty. This collection is the result of a close collaboration between NAO and Sanrio®, the global company that designs and licenses (is willing to pimp out) this well known character (to absolutely anyone and anything if they think it will earn them a buck).

Hello Kitty is world (in)famous, undoubtedly one of the most beloved (despised) characters of all time.

The unique (uninspiring) collection created by the NAO artists accurately translate into porcelain the charm of this international icon (puts together the evil feline in a way that we think it will most appeal to Hello Kitty fanatics so we can make loads of money off of them), created (spawned deep in the farthest depths of hell) in Japan more than thirty-five years ago. The three pieces in this series, Hello Kitty (Evil Feline), Playing with Hello Kitty (Coming Under the Spell of the Evil Feline) and Hello Kitty Gets Married! (Evil Feline Traps Another Poor Soul), are presented in special gift (uselessly decorated) boxes designed exclusively for them (to take more of your hard earned money)…

I simply have no idea why Sanrio doesn’t hire me to do all their press releases?

26 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Porcelain Figurines

  1. HAH. This is funny. I Love HK, and I think your site is Hilarious. My BF deffinetly agrees with you. He has Condemned all My HK Stuff to one room so he can shut the door.

  2. They don’t appeal to me, but then no high gloss glazed porcelain figure ever does. Given that this is what they are, the illustrations actually look like they’re of decent quality pieces.

  3. This is nothing new. Disney has put out similar stuff featuring Mickey and Winnie the Pooh. Theses are still really ugly and overpriced.

  4. Well Mr HKH, what did you post it? Welcome to the world of viral advertising. They knew if they give you a press release you would blog on it and give them a free publicity shot in the arm. What a patsy.

    I not keen on porcelain figurines, one really got to like them because what porcelain figurines do not hold their value. I did enough and got burned on Estate to Ebay selling to know. The cost of these are expensive $230.00 for the third ones; no thanks.

  5. In general, none of these collectables ever do hold their value unless they’re a genuine limited edition (max edition 2_000 numbered and certificated pieces) or there’s a “mistake” on a batch, for instance Daniel having a pink shoe rather than the silver/grey/black? one in the first piece.

  6. I love HK and yet I also love this site. (While I love this site, my husband LIVES this site…he was only saved from this HK wedding cake topper by the fact we’ve been married for 25 years and the cake topper wasn’t available then. But we DID have the “Garfield the Cat / Arlene the Cat” cake topper.)

  7. Wow… despite your comments, I think I’ve just learnt about what would be a great wedding gift for my brother and his bride-to-be. So… thank you! 🙂

  8. when we were getting married, i was trying to hunt down hello kitty bridal type items, cake toppers, etc. lucky for hubs, i had very little luck.

  9. lol at the last one…was advertised in HK magazine and said it was £140 I think.

    I’d never get these, I’d break them.

  10. lol I absolutely love Hello Kitty, and can’t believe you don’t love her as well!! But i must say you are funny, which I guess is a good thing. It’s probably the only reason your wife keeps you around and doesn’t go for a guy that wants to have matching hello kitty undies 🙂

  11. So poor guy(s) are going to have to have that ridiculous supersize-headed monstrousity on their wedding cake. Cuz the wedding HER special day… sorry threw up a little in my mouth there… let me express how sorry I am for the right now, and say run, run while you can!!

  12. Oh my sickness… I haven’t been on HKH in a while, but it truly discuss me to see all this ” I love hk but” and “my favorite blah, blah, puke”!!! This is hello kitty hell people not we are the world.com! Let’s get some interesting conversations going here… I miss my fellow disputors, who at least made it fun to blog on here 😉 there are way too many intelligent minds on this site to be wasting it on care bear crap!!

  13. I am actually getting the wedding cake topper for my wedding. I told my fiance that it could be worse, waaay worse as this is the only HK item that will be at the wedding and he is actually cool with it yay!!

  14. Ok… so the middle one I would probably purchase for my 8 year old niece to have on her bedside table as I got my first ornament at around that age… but other than that… it’s a total waste of money, time and energy to buy one for any other reason than for a child… I actually cannot imagine a single place in my house that I could put it??? Not one! And that’s including above the only item in the house that it’s worthy of going above… the toilet… actually… I know the perfect place I would put it (should I have gotten it as a gift) teetering on the edge of my coffee table… my dogs tails are the perfect height to “accidentally knock it over”… LOL(evil laugh)

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