Hello Kitty Grim Reaper Tattoo

It is never a good idea to get a Hello Kitty tattoo, but I guess if you are going to get one, exposing the true side of the evil feline is the way to go. Now you know exactly what you will see when your time is up…

hello kitty grim reaper tattoo

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11 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Grim Reaper Tattoo

  1. at least she has a mouth now…. and shouldn’t her “hand” be on the other side of the staff? I know if I stick my hand out to hold something like that, it goes behind it, palm out…. So not only is it strange, it’s a fairly bad tattoo in general. Try to get it right if you’re doing something permanent!

  2. Some people think they’re being “so creative” when they come up with these ideas for a HK tattoo, but 99.9% of the time, the tat is really ugly and crappy. I just don’t get why these people can’t get HK’s dimentions right. It always looks like some teenager high on something drew it. Oh well, I can’t feel bad for them, they PAID to get this!

  3. Mainly looks like instead of going to a professional, they got a “friend” to do it. I don’t like it. Maybe if the hood looked like hood instead of a hat . . . but that’s among other things that could have made it look better. I’m sure there are better grim reaper HK’s out there.

  4. Something is wrong, really wrong, with people who seriously discuss the artistic quality of a Grim Reaper Hello Kitty Tattoo. (sigh….)

  5. With acknowledgments and apologies to Terry Pratchett, I looked at this and thought “Death of Hello Kittys”. If you read Terry’s books, particularly “Mort”, you’ll get where I’m coming from, and know that seeing this means that a Hello Kitty somewhere in the immediate area is about to die (or you live near a good curry house).

  6. I think it is messed up for any of u to judge her tattoo. She is/was proud of it until u all started to judge it. It shouldn’t matter if u like it or not and opinions I am sure are excepted but to down right nit and gritty pick at it is rude.

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