Hello Kitty Fanatic

We all instinctively know that Hello Kitty guns are an extremely bad idea. There is no need to show us. In fact, we also know instinctively that if we did see a fanatic with guns that we would cringe in the best case scenario and our brains would be scarred for life in the worst. This photo dramatically shows us the worst case scenario:

hello Kitty fanatic with rifle and hand gun

Hello Kitty fanatic with a gun

This could actually be an effective way for the anti gun lobby to find success against the NRA. If this doesn’t encourage legislatures to make laws promoting gun control, I don’t know what ever would…

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25 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Fanatic

  1. She doesn’t no anything about how to handle a weapon correctly. For starters, in the first pic, her trigger finger should be laying flat against the side of each weapon. Never put your trigger finger in a position that could fire the weapon unless you intend to fire the weapon.

    The second pic? That proves right there that all her weapons AND all her Hello Kitty items should be taken from her custody and turned over to a worthy HK fan.

    She’s a tasteless idiot.

  2. I agree. She shouldn’t have her fingers on the triggers even if the guns are unloaded. Always treat guns as though they are loaded. Always.

  3. @pepsibookcat, absol-fvcking-lutely, well except that the automatic should go to someone with a concealed carry permit, and a genuine need to scare the living $h!t out of anyone they aim at!

    All firearms are loaded always, even if they’re single-shot, muzzle-loading, empty and broken!

  4. This chick is a moron and hopefully she’ll never accidently shoot someone. But I wouldn’t necessarily call her a HK fanatic b/c it looks like she’s posing in her kid’s room w/her kid’s stuff IMO. But then again, she’s wearing one of those DIY HK dresses, which by the way, super tacky, eww… so she might be a fanatic, but no one I’d respect or aspire to be, lol! There are far more cooler HK fantics that can be featured instead of this dumb tart.

  5. Freaking amazing, I want it all the dress, the guns, the hello kitty. Fanatics keep the world alive. Thank the universe for all of the crazy gun toting bitches in the world!

  6. That photographer is lucky she didn’t accidentally shoot them when taking one of those photos. I’m less upset by the gratuitous HK here and more by the fact that this lady can’t safely handle a flipping gun. Who’s the idiot that sold that to her anyway?

  7. It’s ok if there is some collateral damage to get great HK picture, 1 less fanatic to worry about. And don’t be pussies people guns have safeties and you can always take the clip out and check the chamber too. I say Kudos Kitty.

  8. And NRA4EVER demonstrates exactly why gun accidents happen. All guns are loaded always, even when you’ve emptied them, removed the firing pin and set any safeties they have (and not alll guns have safeties FYI).

    In fact, I’d like to make “playing” like this a felony in its own right; minimal gaol time, probably commuted, but it should reduce the number of idiots own own guns they can’t handle safely!

  9. YOU CALL THAT LADY A FANATIC OF THE EVIL FELINE? She doesn’t even have a HK poster on her wall! I have stuff dating back to 1983-everything from a HK Water Cooler,To a Discman,band-aids,toothbrush,shoes,etc. And I can’t stop collecting the crap!! It seems almost like..the collectable stuff is breeding!

  10. This person is a total moron. She should have her guns taken away just from this photo alone, not because of the HK stuff, but like people said, because she obviously has no idea how to safety handle a firearm. You don’t freaking put your fingers on the triggers like that unless you are going to shoot! It scares me that people like this own guns because then people think that ALL gun owners are as stupid as this girl right here is.

  11. Are people really arguing about the way she is holding the stupid gun? The post is about hello kitty not redneck gun procedures 101. Really people?

  12. You must be a very tolerant husband. Most men don’t mind women having thier quirks, as we usually don’t mind in men. But I don’t want an obsessed man or one that refuses to grow up. On the one hand its cute if your mate has some star wars collection peices, its a whole other thing altogether if he wants to dress up like dark vader to go to dinner. At some point we grow up, its called adulthood. Yes, we can hold on to those things from when we were kids, but it can’t control our lives.

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