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I thought when I received a Hello Kitty glasses that things couldn’t get any worse. How wrong I was. I should know by now that things can always get worse in Hello Kitty Hell. For some unfathomable reason, someone upon seeing the glasses thought it would actually be a good idea to send me something else that places unimaginable fear into my life. So what could be worse than micro dot pink bow Hello Kitty glasses? How about a pair of Hello Kitty contact lenses?

hello kitty contact lense

Of course, I immediately thought of my Hello Kitty contacts post and realized that if I want to keep what little sanity I still have left, I can never let my wife wear these.

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I really have no idea why anybody would want to actually wear a pair of these contacts except if they were looking to alienate every single person that actually cares about them. If you think about it, there is something so disturbingly wrong with having to look at somebody with Hello Kitty eyes that there really should be some type of law against it. It’s a thing of nightmares. It’s the type of stuff that Stephen King cannot even imagine. It’s taking the worst torture possible, and elevating it another hundred levels. Seriously, can you think of anything more horrific or spine chilling than having to actually look at somebody with these contacts in their eyes? You know that these are what you’re going to be staring directly into when the Judgement Day comes.

hello kitty contacts colors

Apparently these come in a variety of different colors, but I have absolutely no idea what color the ones sent to me are (and there is no way in Hello Kitty Hell that I’m going to open them up and to find out). I imagine that they are the color that would make any sane person want to instantly vomit.

If you enter this contest, you agree that you are over 18 years old and that you aren’t stupid enough to actually stick this crap in your eyes. This is a novelty item. I have no doubt that if you were to stick anything Hello Kitty into your eyes, you would regret it for the rest of your life. It really doesn’t matter if they are “contact lenses” — the result of doing so is not going to and good. Just don’t do it. If you get these, destroy them. They should not be placed into your eyes, and you take 100% responsibility for your own idiotic tendencies.

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  1. Sorry to say and you may not care but it is illegal to dispense these contact lenses to someone without a prescription. I know a lot of people are selling contact lenses illegally without a valid doctor’s prescription. Even if there is no “power” in the lens it is still regulated by the FDA. I understand this is just a giveaway contest but even so it is still something that needs to be fitted by a doctor and given the okay that these are safe to wear.

  2. The HK on the contacts are very tiny and hard to see unless you have strong light and viewing from very close (maybe 12 inches or less)

  3. I absolute love these! I can freak the sh*t out of my boyfriend. I’m sure you can’t tell its Hello Kitty unless you’re extremely close someone.

  4. Anyone who puts non-prescription, bought over the internet contact lenses in their eyes is risking blindness. For real. Not because of HK but because they are toxic if not printed correctly and can cut your eye if they haven’t been made properly. Even the professional movie contacts, are meant to be worn for no longer than 3 hours and during that 3 hours you need to take them out once an hour to rinse them and give your eyes a rest. They are not made to pop in and go party all night. So if you win them please don’t wear them. Figure out a way to put them on display OUTSIDE your body. Why am I being the safety police? I used to work in SFX and I’ve seen what SFX lenses can do to a person. Almost everyone who has to wear them gets conjunctivitis. Also known as pink eye. I would probably end up gluing the contacts to taxidermy glass eyes and leave them on the coffee table.

  5. How close does someone have to be to see the design? I love hello kitty but I have personal space issues. Lol. But free is worth a trial. I’m in.

  6. Love to wear these but I’d have to come up w/a better way to display them then actually wearing them. Hope I win!

    On another note, a good subtopic of conversation is how would YOU display these contacts other by wearing them if you won them…. Any suggestions?

  7. This acceptable because it is a way of telling the world in a subtle way your love for HK. See if I won these contacts I would wear them on dates so that boys will know what they’re getting into if we do end up dating. I consider them fair warning and if he ignores them, he has no reason to complain later on in the relationship. He can suffer in silence. MUAHAHA

  8. I have to torture people with these because I am a hello kitty freak, and that is acceptable because it makes me me. If someone does not like it, they will have to get over it.

  9. These would actually be a blessing if they actually worked this way: If only Hello Kitty fans could pop them into their own eyes and start seeing Hello Kitty ears and hair ribbons on every single thing in the universe. That way they could live happily ever after completely surrounded by Hello Kitty thises, thats, and the other things, and leave the rest of us to our sanity.

  10. I work in a place where I could be anywhere from 2 feet to five feet away from a customer and constantly keeping contact. Why do I mention this? Because this is the kind of HK product that would probably make me suddenly shout in the middle of explaining our coupons.
    “What is that? What’s with her eyes? Wait oH MY GOSH”

  11. Omg i LOVE thoes can i please have them i could scare the hell out of my cousin nd hello kitty is my life please pease please ?!

  12. My Girlfriend would LOVE these , yet it would cause me to join you in hello Kitty hell, as she is already a big fan like your wife . You would know that you now have company in hello kitty hell . When my car broke down, commuting to work in her hello kitty accessorized car was a UNIQUE experience, made pleasant by my girlfriend/ driver & yet I , unlike you , know the positive side. If I need to buy a gift for her I never have to wonder about what or what kind. No matter how shoddy or useless or redundant the product may be,or how much I may screw up at guessing what she wants, the gift is always welcomed by her because it has Hello kitty on it, even if it never leaves the box & sits on a shelf for all eternity……….

  13. according to my boss I have a “shrine” at work devoted to Hello Kitty. My boss thinks I’m crazy. This would send him over the edge! 🙂 And then I could take over (maniacal giggle).

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