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Getting a Hello Kitty tattoo is bad, getting one right smack front and center of your forehead pretty much assures that you have – how should I say this diplomatically – lost your damn mind (my theory is that Sanrio has invented a Hello Kitty virus that makes people do things like this…):

Hello Kitty forehead tattoo

Hello Kitty forehead tattoo

This is the type of tattoo that gets put on when you have had a few too many beers and then you wake up the next morning and wonder why the damn thing won’t rub off. At least, that is what I truly hope happened because it just doesn’t register that anyone would purposely want to do this to themselves. But then again, one should never underestimate what the evil feline will get people to do willingly…

Sent in by Aja D (via livejournal) who should have to get a Hello Kitty tattoo in the middle of her forehead for ever thinking that bringing these photos to my attention could ever be a good thing…

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  1. shiver I never thought I would see something else that would render me as speechless as the scars but that takes the prize. I will say this, either that guy was seriously wasted or he has an insane pain threshold and, regardless, looking at that picture makes my face hurt like a witch.

  2. The Hello Kitty tatoo on his forehead looks very sharp while his other tatoos are somehow dull.
    The tatoo technology seems very improved these days or the sprits of the evil feline made it so sharp and crisp. I think the tatoo will stick to his head for the rest of his life. What his mother would say … Coincidentally, Mother’s Day is approaching. Is he going to show the tatoo to his mother?

  3. whoa, that dude is like rediculously ugly, no joke
    i think its a good idea for him (but him alone) it draws attention away from the rest of his face

  4. Oh good lord. Thats horrible! I love me some HK but really?! I would love to know the story behind this. Why? If he’s even an hk fan which doesn’t seem likely with that seriel killer look on his face I can’t imagine him loving anything that cuddly enough to tat it on his forehead. I hope he’s an artist himself cuz’ good luck finding a job where you need a “clean cut” image. Granted he’s currently rocking blue hair that can change easily.

  5. It would be tough getting any job, even if it doesn’t require a clean-cut image. Or to be taken seriously by anyone, anywhere…

  6. Yeah I don’t know if those are decals or actual tattoos. The reddening underneath the blue line and the HK face COULD be a sign left over from tattooing, although it could be hives just breaking out all over his face because the decals are irritating his skin.

    Why on the face? I don’t care if it’s ‘branching the gender image’ crap, I just can’t take a guy seriously if he’s got a Hello Kitty tattoo on his. Now, the only exception if it was a bloody severed and mutilated Hello Kitty head, but that in itself is quite borderline.

  7. On a side note, are those headless naked babies in his hair? Disturbing…and yet intriguing. But mostly disturbing.

  8. What I’m wondering is why he’s spending money on tattoos when he clearly needs to spend a few visits to the dermatologist.

    Aside from that, my primary thought is, “How the devil do you get a job ANYWHERE looking like that?”, let alone a decent paying job.

  9. I love tattos, but HK tatoo is bad enough on a guy, but I always think the face should be off limit to any tattooing, unless you want to permamently stay jobless, so HK or not this is WRONG and that guy looks as creepy as all the other tattooed heads going around, HK makes it worse.

    And I don’t think it’s a decal, the redness is all around the lines, whcih is what happen with a real tattoo, plus the guy looks distrubed enough to actually be the type to go only for the real thing no matter what.

    Me shivering from the pain it must have been to get it, the tattoo needles typically get more painful when there is less flesh under it, and on the head..My the guy must have felt his scull vibrate and his hear buzz forever!

  10. i like tattoos on places like my arm, back etc but on places were i can show them when i want to and not at times when they are not the right thing to do.

    facial tattoos are beyond fugley UNLESS YOUR ARE MORI NEW ZEALANDER FORGET ABOUT IT. no responisble place should do it.

  11. The HK isn’t nearly the worst thing in this photo. You have to want to flush your life away to tattoo your head. Not to mention how many TIMES this guy has done it. UGH.

  12. Um, think he needs to pay for a DENTIST before he goes and has HK tatts! When was the last time he BRUSHED his teeth!?! Sheesh…and i agree with everyone else, he looks evil, and i wouldn’t want to encounter him in a dark alley! Also, hows he ever gonna get a job with that on his face?

  13. I wonder what he does for a living….because a forehead tattoo is definitely a job stopper. I like Hello Kitty but that’s why I buy an HK purse…this is ridiculous – and what is that blue glitter thing on his head with the little doll parts sticking out?

  14. ……. Normaly I would make some sort of comment about how wronge this is. But there is nothing to say that hasn’t alreade been said.

  15. Actually, I know the guy. He’s a musician who worked under the name Jacuturu:3; been awhile since we talked, so I’m not sure what he’s up to now.
    He’s an incredibly sweet guy, but a little obsessed. The best part of this was that a friend, knowing my love of Hello Kitty, mentioned she’d seen some random goober on Teh Intarnets, and I knew immediately who it was.

  16. Yeah, the head & neck tats send a certain type of message, irrespective of what the individual’s actually like.

  17. He’s a professional wrestler and the line will divide further tattooing. He is tattooing pretty much half of his body blue.

  18. Hello Kitty virus, huh?

    Is that the same virus that made him stop brushing his damned teeth? Not to mention the fact that caring for a new a tattoo requires HYGIENE, a skill this guy doesn’t seem to have.

  19. okay…now that’s just TOO far. Despite the hello kitty tattoo on his forehead, what the hell happened to the rest of his face???

  20. HAHAH reading the comments from others…I had a thought. He COULD work in the Sanrio store that’s in the Opry Mills mall in Nashville LOL

  21. As i would like to see HK in the cross hairs, I also take it that location of this tat is the ideal place to aim. It solves the problem of the Doink that did this and i also get to destroy HK itself with only one shot.

    ***Blinks again at the stupidity***

  22. when i saw this all i did was stared at the computer screen in awe..yea this guy’s got problems..and he will look like a stupid ass with that tattoo when he’s 80 and he will regret it
    he’s going to be the only old man in the senior home with a
    HK tattoo in his forehead!! >=/

  23. the tat artist relli did a good job =]
    but i would never ever ever get a tat on my fore head!! even if it was hello kitty

  24. cool!!! I like this tattoo. This is the most coolest tattoo ever ‘skiluru’ (icelandic)

    i did NOT mean it!!! 😀

  25. I know him and he is not from Michigan but close he is from Ohio. I’m not sure how many cds he has out under Jacurutu3 but I know he has a few. He is also an awesome artist and designs his own comic books. He is also a pro wrestler. He wrestles for buckeye pro and EGO. He is defiantly strange with m.u.s.c.l.e men figures in his dreads and some crazy tattoos. He also has a big HK branded on the top of his right hand! look him up on myspace and see a lot more pics!

  26. There’s enough ignorance in this comments section to outdo a whole convention of Holocaust denying Scientologist Klansmen. Seriously.

    First of all, yes, people will judge him. Of course. People will judge him, and everyone else, regardless of how he looks. The only difference now is that his appearance sends a different message. Let us also keep in mind that the message his appearance sends is most important to him when he’s sending that message to the people he cares about. Had it not occurred to you that the people he cares about might find this tattooing to be a positive thing? Had it never crossed your mind that this might be a message that he might possibly perhaps just WANT to send?

    …but of course not.

    It’s this thing called cultural diversity, people. lern2cultur, lawl.

  27. It’s called normal behavior in reaction to another person’s actions, and you can’t ‘cultural diversity’ it do death. To a point even that ‘cultural diversity’ crap is done to death and even gets insipid within itself.

  28. Wow… this is BY FAR the worse HK tat. I can live with the Star Wars/ HK mashup, but to plaster HK’s face on your forehead? FOR LIFE? For shame.

  29. as someone who likes and has a few stupid tattoos this has to be up there on the idiot scale. this guy is in a band called murderdolls they’re not too famous but enough for him to not need to get a “real job” im planning for next week to get a zombie HK on my knee cap and i think thats fine this douchebag give people who love tattoos for the art a bad name

  30. You gotta commend the guy for coming up with the most effective method of birth control to ever be thought of.
    He’ll never have to worry about children.

  31. Woahhhhh!
    That’s weird.
    I am totally obsesseddddd with hk, wallets, bags, shoes, food, bed covers, socks, pillow cases, blowlling bag, paper bin…you name it, but a tattoo on the face…

    Abit over the top…also, he’s not from the murder dolls.

    Hello kitty and satan just don’t mix.

    But, its his choice and who are we to judge him.

    Ps: lying on my bed, everything hello kitty I can see…Bags, shoes, wallet, make up, nail art, bowling bag, lip gloss, car seat covers (which im yet to put in my nissan micra), phone furr, mini diary(hanging from my hiptop)…that’s all I can see from here. But I have sneaky sneaks that are abit private. Lol.

    But a tattoo on ur head, nooo wayy..

    Maybe on my wrist, no worries. But naaa

  32. I’ve seen this guy in person, this past Halloween. I actually have a picture of him. I’m all for freedom of tattoos, but even I had to question this one.

  33. This is wrong on so many levels !!!!!!!!!!!! So thats what a meth head looks like ??????? This is just WRONG whos this fellows Mother ? There should be rules on where and what you do and put Kitty I bet he has the “Hello Kitty vibratoroops i mean shoulder massager “

  34. the bloke obviously didnt have a father figure…
    just think people who express themselves like this, is just one big cry for help.

  35. Kids… this is one of many prime examples of over extended drug usage.

    Put the meth pipe down, stay out of your parent’s medicine cabinet, stop huffing the rubber cement and spray paint in the back of the classroom and pay close attention to what we say…

    “Just say NO”!

  36. a) tattoos are painful
    b) they don’t come off without pain.
    c) this tattoo looks like bullcrap.
    d) i feal really sorry if he was drunk when he got it
    e) but that’s what you get for doing bad stuff! 🙂

  37. Maybe he was thinking all of his get up would take the attention AWAY from his zit covered chin???

    Nope. Didn’t work.

    Talk about a serious outward cry to “be different from everybody else”


  38. LMAO, i respect people and their choices. However lmao i simply cannot stop laughing because this has got to be the corniest thing ive ever seen in my entire 19 years of existence, and ive seen quite a bit . . . . if ive never been speechless before the time is now.

  39. His name is Garry and he is a wrestler/musician/author from Dayton Ohio, it is indeed a real tattoo done by artist Rev. Chad Wells. I’m not going to speak for Garry/Jacurutu3/Scary Garry however I will say he thought through this tattoo for quite some time, as well as the HK branding on his hand.

  40. Personally I think you are just as obsessed with HK as your darling wife is. Why else would you obsess over it in a blog? And you two looked real cute as matching kitties.

    Now this guy, he looks like he is already lost in some satanic hell. I am not a big HK fan but I do like your site, laugh lots at your readers’ reactions. I come here when I need a giggle from the more serious things I blog about.


  41. …okay this caught my intrest so much i read every comment out loud to my little sister and OMFG come on everyone and pack ur bags the zombie infection has started don’t let him come near u he might bite and then u’ll have a zitty meth destroyed blue face with permenat eyeliner and a hitler like kitten on ur head …. EVERYONE RUNNNN NOW SAVE THE CHILDEREN THEY ARE STILL INNOCENT…seriously this is prob. one of the reasons hitler started the holocaust


  42. Omg… so gna av nitemares bou him, nd his teeth r horrendous….ewwwww

    Nd im kinda put of Hello Kitty swel, luks kinda creepy now….

  43. That guy looks scary, like the buffalo bill type of scary…. makes me uncomfortable just looking at him… somethings not right with him.

  44. You people are a bunch of idiots.

    WHO GIVES A CRAP what someone else on this God forsaken planet wants to do with their bodies? IT’S THEIRS. I bet MOST of you are fat, ugly, zit covered, STD itchy nerdlingers. You can do that to yourself because it is your right to.

    I have known the man in the photo for a long time, and he:

    1. Does not do ANY drugs.
    2. Does not drink.
    3. Is a very, very unique person.
    4. Works and contibutes to society.
    5. Has a lovely girlfriend.
    6. Is quite easily the nicest person I’ve ever met.

    GET OVER the judgements. If you don’t like it, look the other way.

  45. Hmmm im not sure but i think i’ve seen this guy in London and he was wearing a pink tutu. Im sorry if im wrong about this cuz i dont want to put this guy down…im not saying i would ever consider putting a hello kitty tat on my forehead but then again i dont really care if this dude wants to, its his choice so whatever…Plus if what Lori is saying is right then id rather have this guy in my vicinity than some douchebag with a tribal…


  46. AWESOME! Looks like half my friends in Santa Cruz… well ok not LIKE ’em but they would be way jealous of this guys style. 🙂 Body is a blank canvas… and I have a life time to fill it!

  47. Wow I Love Hello Kitty,!But Dude That Is Not Even Necessary Like Come On Now,!Show That You Love Hello Kitty In A Different Way Not On Your Forehead,!Next Thing You Know He Probably Gone Have Some Other Crap On Chin,!But Really You Do Better,!

  48. seriously, hes obviously a major drug addict that doesnt realize what he’s doing in his life anymore.
    if he’s not functionable enough to brush his teeth theres no way in hell he has the common sense not to get a hello kitty tattoo on his forehead.

    or a blue pumpkin thing on his neck.

    ridiculous haha

  49. Reply to: “yet another anonymous”: you are so stupid, it almost makes me want to cry. that tat is fresh so its ‘sharp and clear’ and the others are old so they are dull. you are an idiot! Of course it’s going to be stuck to his forhead forever, it’s a fucking tattoo!! and do you really think his mother isnt going to see that?! you have the intelligence of that of a fly, go get you some learnin’!!

  50. In discussing whether this tattoo is real or not, no one denying it’s reality noticed his pac-man tattoos on his neck. I’m going with “real.”
    I regret my tattoos. They’re on my arms. Sure, they’re nice looking, but I just wish I had my original skin back.
    I would kill myself if I woke up with HK on my face.

  51. WOAH ! THIS GUY IS THE DEVIL. I BET HE AINT EVER GETTIN A GIRL! LOOK AT HIS TEEH :O no suprise this dude got a HELLO KITTY tattoo,. he has a damn line down his face, and look at his hair ! WTF. wow, hes gonna die with all those tats all wrinkled and alone. wth is wrong with this “thing” he dosent even look human o.o


  52. EWWW!!! HE HAS YELLOW TEETH!! he should really brush he’s teeth……& the tattoo….looks like those ones for little girls where u take out the clear cover & put it on ur skin! hahahaha~~!!!!! :’D

  53. phwoar……i like it, i…guess…but phwoar, hes shocking!!love hello kitty tho!!!! but lori, u may defend him, sure…..but u must remember tht most of us do not indeed kno this…gentleman, and therefore are jus voicing our opinions based on his appearance….we are all different and think in different ways of everything, including individual’s choices in the way they present themselves and i guess we could all be somewhat more open…but i do agree tht he should at least keep up with dental hygiene though… this day in age, it is usually best to visit dentists as humans have developed a keen sense of maintaining proper health, and brushing those teeth is an easy method of doing thus

  54. This guy was obviously not in his right mind when he got this. He will never be taken seriously again in his whole life.
    I think it was an immoral decision of the tattooist to agree to this.

  55. I’ve met this guy at a few art shows at a club called the Pearl in Dayton, Ohio. At every show, he is the main person I would converse with. Don’t ask me to explain the guy, because all i can say is he is very eccentric, but also one of the nicest and most open people I have ever met. One thing I to say about the yellow teeth, as so many people are picking on that, coffee stains teeth and he loves his coffee. I don’t get the tattoo. Haven’t seen the guy in years to ask him about it, but I will say this, he is a very creative guy, but not insane, as I thought he was when I first met him. And he was always surrounded by attractive women, goths mind you, but attractive and plentiful. With that said, I do agree about the forehead tattoo. He will be regretting that later in life, that’s for sure. A gimmick is a gimmick, but a this? I think he took his gimmick too far. He’s getting attention for it, that’s for sure, but the wrong kind of attention.

  56. I bet his baby eats green apples and then cries about eating green apples and then he eats green apples and then watches Hello Kitty and then shoots up while watching Hello Kitty and then mutters, “I love heroin and Hello Kitty is my heroine”.

  57. Definitely that guy does not give a damn if he is called a freak by others. The second thing I noticed is that his terrifying face does not seem to go with such cuteness, is like kitty is there but she does not want to

  58. This man is a wrestler by the name of Scarry Gary. Those arent naked babied in his hair. They are Mini Mashers from the 80’s/ he does have a good job and somehow lands some of the friggin hottest chicks around. The tattoos are real. he has also recently began some scarification sessions. You should really check him out. Jacrutu Banks. Life Power Church. Pretty much just look up Scarry Gary online

  59. Wow cant believe i found a pic of this guy on the internet i know this guy irl he is the coolest dude ever. he really is. I tihnk the kitty tattoo is sweet

  60. I was so sure this was fake, so I looked up the name that was given for this guy. Jacurutu:3, which is still someone I’m not sure who or what they are (since there is almost no information on the guy period) is there…and depicted several times with a hello kitty tattoo smack dab in the middle of their forehead….

  61. lmfao so hard. i cried so bad 2 these comments. espically number comment 89. i can’t take comment 89 seriously. and i would never want to do meth to end up like that peice of shit. lmfao about going to the determatoglist. to comment 118 lori, i feel bad that u think all of us r fat, zitty, and etc. because i am not fat or don’t have zits and ik for dayum sure i don’t do meth. lmfao xD

  62. This guy is totaly a devil worshoper u can just c it and does most of u who agrees with this guy even now about god and that he doesn’t like what this guy has done get ure. Self right with god and start worshiping the correct god not some Hell-O-Kitty cult

  63. Hahahahahahahaha…….this guy looks like a total idiot! He should change his name to “I thought this through and still look stupid”…how tough as a man can you feel with that tattoo on your head? The guy that gave him the tattoo should set himself on fire!

  64. Lol I used to work with him at Walmart (in Centerville) when i was in college. He was pretty nice actually. And if I remember right, he dated another girl we worked with who was pretty good looking. I was always surprised Walmart hired him, but I guess, like I said, he was nice.

  65. It looks like this dude is looking for attention… Going through a phase as most parents would say…
    One day he’s going to wake and realize what a big mistake having that tattoo was… laser removal on your forehead is going to painful and it’s going to look gross…
    Well done dude… You parents must be so proud! YUK!

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