Help Me Get Rid of 200 Hello Kitty Items: Comment!

One of the activities I undertake each year is collect toys for a local orphanage in Japan. While the orphanages here are pretty well run compared to other places in the world, there isn’t a whole lot of extra money for toys for the kids. So every year I go around and collect small toys such as bottle cap figures, key chains, phone straps and plush (stuffed animals) for the boys and girls.

In one of our recent discussions about this blog (my wife has learned to ignore it to a great extent, but when she does visit, I usually get an earful…) this past weekend, my wife commented that it’s always the same people who comment on this blog which means it’s only the same people who read this blog all the time. I argued that while there are a core group that tend to comment quite a bit, there are a lot of readers that just read and never comment (I should have added, “because everything is so ridiculous that it makes them speechless” but I was already treading on this ice of being sent to the couch in the Hello Kitty sleeping bag).

She gave me one of those laughs like “nice try, but I won’t believe it till I see it.” So I challenged that if I can get 1000 different people to comment on a post, would she be willing to donate some of her Hello Kitty stuff to the orphans? She agreed, but also stipulated that if I fail to reach 1000, I have to take her on a Hello Kitty trip this August and I’m not allowed to complain at all (that certainly would be nothing short of Hello Kitty Hell…)

So here’s the deal. For every 5 new people that comment (if it’s to say something bad about Hello Kitty, all the better, but even if it is something positive, I will forgive you since it’s for a good cause) my wife said that she will donate a Hello Kitty toy to the toy drive (even if if the total doesn’t reach 1000). 100 comments means 20 toys, 500 comments means 100 toys and 1000 comments means 200 toys. With your help, I have the opportunity to rid our house of 200 Hello Kitty items that will go to a good cause and my wife won’t even be able to complain about it. How great would that be?

Since I don’t want me wife accusing me of cheating, please don’t make multiple comments under different names (it’s too easy for her to figure it out). If you have never commented before, this is your chance to say something and help out a great cause. Please also take a few moments to spread the word and tell your friends. The thread needs 1000 comments from different people to donate the maximum number of toys — that’s less than half the current rss feed readers. Not only will I be deeply grateful in getting 200 products of the evil feline out of this house, it’s not often that you can bring a smile to the face of a child by simply leaving a short comment. Thank you in advance for all those that are willing to help.

Start commenting!!

Update: “Wow” is all I can say. When my wife and I made the deal, I had to reach 1000 comments before the end of the month. It took just over 2 days to accomplish it with all of your help. While I did find the number of Hello Kitty fanatics that read this blog a bit disturbing, I’ll suppress that horror knowing that this house will have 200 less Hello Kitty products crowded inside in the weeks to come and that there is no need to go on a Hello Kitty vacation this summer! That is certainly a great relief and something to celebrate!

Of course, I will photo document all the items with the evil feline that leave this house with great joy and pleasure as we pack them up and deliver them. Those will appear in future update posts about it. This is probably the biggest victory ever in Hello Kitty Hell and is certainly something that I could get used to!

Feel free to keep commenting. I’m not sure what the comments above 1000 will mean at this very moment, but I’ll figure out how to make those above 1000 help out as well for all those that took the time to stop by and help a good cause.

I’d just like to take another moment to thank everyone that took the time to comment to help out the kids. It’s very much appreciated.

1,256 thoughts on “Help Me Get Rid of 200 Hello Kitty Items: Comment!

  1. OK, good sir…
    Before you have to suffer the horrible pain of Puroland et al, I do comment here!
    Your blog is great btw – as is HK…

  2. I have a ‘small’ liking for the hellish Kitty….reading this blog goes some way to stop me allowing it to take over…..thanks for the grounding advice and for continually exposing the truth about the freaky feline…

  3. Am I the first one?
    Hello, I’m Francesca from Italy, this is the first time I post a comment, but I’ve been reading Hello Kitty Hell for a while now.

  4. I’m all about this, and I’m so happy that your wife is willing to go along with it. I adore both hello kitty AND this blog, and I think it would be amazing for 200 kids to get a little bit of hello kitty happiness in their lives πŸ™‚

  5. First time posting/long time reader

    I read the blog for the amusement of your everyday HK Hell life. I’ve got a gf and a cousin that are addicted to HK but not as bad as some of the things that I’ve see here. Anyways… I hope that you reach the goal of 1000 comments as it is a very good cause (and to also show your wife how many people actually keep up with this website – HK fan or Non HK fan). Anyways… keep up the good work… I think…

  6. A quick check shows that there are 499 subscribes to this feed via Google Reader alone. Me delurking leaves 498 of them.

  7. I am a huge Hello Kitty fan and my husband lives in Hello Kitty Hell, too. All I have to say about the donated toys is “pics or it didn’t happen!”

    Teasing. Tell your wife I admire her sacrifice. I also salute you, too for being so supportive of her Hello Kitty collection. Some people would argue that making a website complaining about being in Hello Kitty Hell is not at all supportive, but since you haven’t really denied her any Hello Kitty items, it can’t be that bad for her. πŸ˜‰

  8. The obligatory Simpson’s quote:

    Please – won’t somebody think of the children?!?!

    Good luck avoiding HK holiday!

  9. I think it’s appropriate that we leave 999 comments so that the children get the Hello Kitty toys and he has to take his wife on a trip for all that she has to put up with living with him and this blog.

  10. Lets get those toys outta the bathroom and into the kids hands. Try telling her she’s helping spread the good word of HK by donating some of her goods to the kids.

  11. Well, I can’t deny a guy the chance to make hell a little less hellish, and if that further means kids in need end up getting toys, then I’m all for that. Good luck!

  12. I started reading this blog after searching for the word “tattoo” in google images and I think the Hello Kitty tattoo on a dog came up. I’m asian and was part of mini Sanrio craze in middle school, but I actually until I read this had no idea that people were so Hello Kitty cultish. And I thought Pokemon was bad.

    Anyway hello! Children are allowed to like Hello Kitty so send them toys!

  13. > One of the activities I undertake each year is collect toys for a local orphanage in Japan.

    Kudos, Mr. HKH.

  14. Include me in.

    Hello Kitty has inspired some good fan art, and led (through this site) to me making 2 new friends.

    I make that 1 post, saying 2 positive things about Hello Kitty. Total Count when I came on, 28 comments.

  15. I never commented before, but for the sake of little children and making your house a little more liveable, I couldn’t resist.

    You should still take her on that trip though.

  16. I must admit I’m rather fond of Hello Kitty (and kittehs in general), but there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Let’s share the Hello Kitty love with the wee folk and get those toys moving!

  17. For the cause of making some children happy! =)
    I enjoy reading your blog… although I like Hello Kitty.

    Keep it up!

  18. long time reader, first time commenter! i LOVE hello kitty, been to japan twice and leave at least a quarter of my suitcase free to bring back HK goods. i have HK toilet paper in my bathroom NO ONE is allowed to use. i love this blog, i read every post via google reader, but i never comment, not because i don’t love the writing and the blog, but mostly because i’m LAZY. KEEP IT UP!

  19. Wow. She’s willing to donate toys and you get less crap in the house with an affirmation that people read this site. Also, orphans get toys.

    A totally mutually beneficial situation.

    Just include that horrible ukelele and the bag so she can’t send you to her version of the doghouse.

  20. I am another one of your never commenting readers, but this time I do. Hope it does some good πŸ™‚

    Greetings from Germany,


  21. I have your blog in my rss reader. I’m a hello kitty fan, but I find 99% of the things you blog about absolutely ridiculous and reading your blog makes me laugh. a lot.

  22. Ello! While looking for contacts I found the hello kitty contacts. (which I want) I was very entertained by the site and have been a frequent lurker ever since. Anyways this is also my first comment, I hope it makes up for me not taking out the trash. Roll out the toys! ^^

  23. Here’s to your 1,000 comments! My daughter has filled my home with Hello Kitty items. Now I dry my hair every day with a hello kitty hair dryer and make waffles on Sundays with a hello kitty waffle maker! Your not the only one in Hello Kitty hell!

  24. Longtime lurker, first time commenter.
    Hopefully your wife won’t buy you that hideous motorcycle leather outfit.

  25. Toys for tots, internet version 0.0001.

    Read it but never comment, til you bribed me. Would have been better had you offered to get rid of the hello kitty stuff and match it with real nice toys. But, I digress.

  26. Another longtime lurker, first time comment-er. I have a love/hate relationship with Hello Kitty– I like certain things, but hate all the crazy weird things that have Hello Kitty attached to it. I sold most of my Hello Kitty things but I admit I do have one last Hello Kitty keychain left that I can’t seem to part with…

  27. another long time silent reader. Thanks for the amusement and helping the work day pass by faster. Think what you guys are doing for the kids is great.
    keep writing!

  28. Of course i be more then happy to comply!
    The chance for you to get rid of a few hundred evil items sounds great!!

    If you want, i can place a banner on my websites as well as make a blog-article about your good cause, that way pointing people to this site and especially this article.
    Just say the word πŸ˜€

  29. Hell-o, Hell-o, Hell-o

    I applaud your generous nature and your wife’s cunning “sacrifice”. Yes, that’s sarcasm quotes. You are married to one smart cookie.

    Because, unless you included a stipulation forbidding it, she will now have room for 200 NEW Hello Kitty items.

    My condolences,

  30. Donate away.

    Although you would have much more material for this blog if you went on that trip to hell… [snickers :P]

  31. I’m not for or against hello kitty, but I subscribe to the RSS feed because it’s really crazy what hello kitty can appear on. Americans would be so up in arms if disney characters were made into vibrators.

  32. I LOVE this site. I am a huge HK fan and love to learn about HK facts and toys, etc that are posted here. I am sorry that you don’t enjoy HK as much as your wife. My husband is very supportive of my habit but I don’t indulge too much.

    Ironically, we have several kitties that are like the HK characters, so I live HK every day. Our flamepoint Siamese looks JUST like HK. Napolean is a burmese who looks like Chococat. And our sphynx is just like Nyago.

    So, tell your wife that if she were a true fan, she would have a HK cat herself!

    She should do that instead of the trip. Memories made every day….

  33. I always kind of thought you made up the devotion your wife has to hello kitty and it was just a good story to use to make a good blog. If you really do live in a house full of hello kitty stuff I am sorry for you. However I do love hello kitty and just yesterday was stoked to find a bag of hello kitty candy at my local market in Alabama.

  34. Fantastic blog. It’s ridiculous how many things are out there with theevil feline on it. Good luck on your commenting!

  35. My first comment!

    I’ve Kitty Hell’s rss added to my feed reader so I can’t comment usually :/

    Your idea is great, glad to help!

    Keep posting awesome HK stuff!! ^^

  36. Of course, Hello Kitty being such a great thing for your wife she should want for the orphans to enjoy them HK too?

  37. I’m a Hello Kitty addict and even I think that some people go WAY too far. I still want to stay at that Taiwan hotel though..

    Great blog!

  38. While I’m a HK fan, I wouldn’t wish a HK vacation on anyone who doesn’t fully enjoy HK……good luck with the 1000 comments!

  39. You guys are too funny, I really hope your wife is not this hated darlene!
    This a great diversion at work (though sometimes I laugh a little too loud and get looked at funny).

  40. i’m also one of those that checks this site almost daily except i dont post much. i absolutely love hello kitty and i find your blog hilarious!! and this comment is for a good cause so i’d thought i’d jump in to say hello to everyone πŸ™‚

  41. This is my first comment! I like Hello Kitty but would hate to live in Hello Kitty Hell.

    I got extremely turned off by hello kitty when I paid $11 for a frckn pen that ran out of ink after ONE SENTENCE. The smarties and the Sanrio store don’t do refunds. T_T

    Nevertheless, I find some of the school supplies adorable! πŸ˜€

  42. Like your wife, I am a Hello Kitty Collector. However, I agreed with my husband that I would contain it to one room of the house. I don’t think I have nearly as much stuff as your wife.
    I will admit some of the things that people come up with to put Hello Kitty on, are pretty ridiculous!

  43. Hello from Barcelona!!! Here we also have some hello kitty shops… buy they are almost allways empty!!!
    I use to read your blog often and its incredible that lot of diferent Hello kitty stuff… And so much people with tatoos!!!

  44. Wow, this may be for a good cause, but it might just make the poor kids worse off. Not only are their parents dead, but all they have for comfort is Hello Kitty? Ow.

  45. What a generous idea! Maybe I should donate some of my hello kitty crap (I mean collectibles) to a good cause. Hmmmm….

  46. For a toy drive why not. I feel you pain, it started as a joke but now I get tons of hello kitty presents evey year. Atleast this way you get to do good while you share the pain.

  47. those poor orphans.. but at least they get toys. and i so hope you make it to 1000 comments, a hello kitty trip is just too cruel.

  48. Hi. In response to your wife, I check Hello Kitty hell every Sunday. It’s part of my routine, but I rarely comment because alot of times, I’m left speechless. This, however, is a very good cause. I wish you luck with this and hope for your sake you don’t have to go on the trip, or for that matter, the sleeping bag. Hope everything goes as you planned!

  49. I found this blog a couple weeks ago, never commented before this.

    Evicting that evil feline from your house is a good cause, and doubly so if it’s to donate to kids. I wish you the best of luck!

  50. Everyone seems to win in this situation–you get rid of a few HK items, the kids get toys. Good luck. And if things don’t work out, I’ll gladly go on the trip with Mrs. HKHell.

  51. I have been reading your site for a while now but I can’t remember commenting before. The extent that the feline has spread amuses me since I don’t have to deal with it on a daily basis. I cannot imagine what its like living with a Hello Kitty fanatic…

    Good luck reaching 1k.

  52. Man, you agreed to an arrangement that might end in you taking the Hello Kitty Vacation? You should have gotten a better deal than giving away 200 items, because that will just be an excuse to replace them with 400 new items…

  53. I read this via RSS feed so I don’t even think about commenting. So sorry. And I gain such joy from your misery…er, I mean blog. I can’t imagine you being forced to go on a Hello Kitty trip—no one’s karma could be that bad. Tell your wife needs to stop stalling and start thinning the Kitty herd—the orphans are as good an excuse as any.

  54. I don’t believe I’ve ever commented – I’m always just stunned at what you find. I’m concerned though, that donating Hello Kitty toys to orphans will get them hooked on her. Maybe not.

  55. it is a good cause so I decided to comment. My boyfriend hates how much I love hello kitty and he goes to this website often to show me crazy hello kitty crap as he says. I decided it’s not a bad website and join in the fun. Hello kitty rock and I think u love it as much as ur wife does.

  56. hehe, for once darlene has a short comment that doesn’t say anything mean to you, and actually goes along with what you wrote XD

    hope you get to 1000!

  57. At least it’s for a good cause, right? I hope she has a change of heart and decides to donate 400 toys… cause I’m certain she has more than enough.

    Good luck Mr. HKH!!!

  58. Oh gracious. I’m also a loyal reader through RSS, and rarely comment on blogs for people I don’t know in real life. But if it helps you get out of Hello Kitty hell, even a little bit, I’m happy to comment.

    To you wife: Send your Hello Kitty toys to a country that appreciates it. Send it ALL to Japan’s kids, and give your darling husband a break.

  59. I’m subscribed to the RSS feed, so I read every post but have never commented. Sorry about that… Let’s get those toys to those kids!

  60. I subscribe to you in my google reader and have never commented. My girlfriend is obsessed with hello kitty so it’s nice to see someone going through what I go through.

  61. I love HK, but have the good sense to understand that I don’t have the space for a large collection and my husband does not share my enthusiasm. I keep my collection to things I can use, like my microwave, toaster, toaster oven, juicer and coffee maker. Other things – like purses, dolls, and shoe charms – are gifts, so I can’t say no. I am allowed one bookcase to store those gifts in. If they don’t fit I have to give them away or sell them. To be fair, the same rules apply to my husband and his collection of video game figurines. This website is fun to visit, and I wish I could see all of the interesting HK things in person, but know owning them would spoil the fun.

  62. Although I own HK jello molds, I don’t really understand Hello Kitty fanaticism. Is it acquiring Hello Kitty items that gives the rush, or owning them? If it’s the former, maybe this could be a new tradition for you and your wife: She can buy all the HK stuff she wants, then you donate it to the orphanage. Really, Hello Kitty is primarily for children (sex toys excluded; their made by contractors, not Sanrio itself), and an adult hoarding children’s toys while real kids do without is a little Scrooge-ish.

    P.S. The jello molds are perfect for both the HK fan and detractor. On one hand, they’re so cute! On the other, you get to gouge at her slimy head with a spoon!

  63. It’s been a little while since I’ve left a comment, but I visit every day.
    I think you should up the ante a bit. If you reach your goal of 1,000 (and there’s little doubt in my mind that you will), that you give your wife a second chance for a HK vacation IF she doubles her donation (and you retain the right to complain without retribution).
    And oh yeah…kudos for using your blog for such a great cause!

  64. I’m glad that you’ll be getting rid of HK items, though I feel sorry for the kids who get them. πŸ™‚ But I’m sure your wife will quickly replace the toys with new HK items.

  65. Time for a toy roll-out!

    I read whenever my feed reader yells there is a new post. I rarely, if ever, comment. Hmm maybe never…

  66. Normally, I just stare with horrid fascination at all the items that show up on this blog. This is a good cause, so I post.

    Have you thought about fighting merch with merch? You could start filling up the house with Harley-Davidson merch, and then your wife could have a blog titled “Harley-Davidson Hell”, and we’d all laugh.

  67. I’ve been checking this site almost every day for the last six months or so, after my sister pointed me to it. I have never commented, but if ever there was a time… πŸ™‚ I hope you reach the thousand comments, not only so that you don’t have to go on the HK vacation, but also so that the children get all the toys.

  68. okay I’ll bite – but only because you posted the leathers. any help i can get in tormenting my racing buddies is welcome. just don’t tell them where i get those frightening pix!

  69. I read your blog LOADS I don’t mind hello kitty too much, but the items that you somehow find yourself plauged with do tend to leave me speechless and I really hope that you can alleviate the hello kittyness of your home and life.
    So here’s the first (and most likely last) comment you’ll hear from me for the orphanage!! WOO! LETS GET A THOUSAND COMMENTS!
    And hope to GOD that you don’t have to go on that trip!!

  70. awesome page! donate more hello kitty toys to young kids to spread the word and rid yourself of her at the same time!

  71. I never commented here only did sometimes read the comments from other people and did enjoy them. My trip to japan did show me show to much of that kitty stuff and it was hard to not ask for a hello kitty flamthrower like the space balls flame thrower. But for helping a good cause i will post here a comment even if dont like hello kitty. πŸ™‚

  72. Hrm, I tend to collect a fair few number of HK items (it’s fantastic to own something you know won’t be mysteriously “borrowed” and returned broken if ever), I do think this donation idea is a really good thing. Hope you reach your goal soon!

  73. Not sure if I count as a “new” commentator since I’ve left two or three comments here and there, but I figure it can’t hurt. Best of luck getting the toys out there.

  74. I’m a part-time lurker – love the website, and a bit of HK here and there is ok.

    Great cause, so cheers to your wife – hope you get the max number of comments!!

  75. Good luck reaching your goal! It’s such a good cause, donating toys and slightly fractioning your own personal hell. Sounds like everyone wins to me.

  76. I normally check your website about every other day. I used to be an advid hello kitty collector but kinda grew out of it. Since then Hello Kitty is EVERYWHERE. So I like to check out what you have new listed every now and then. I don’t comment cuz well I guess like you said i’m speechless. LoL Good luck!

  77. I have been a consistent visitor to this site for quite some time. I enjoy looking at all of the Hello Kitty items, and find that they run the spectrum from useless yet cute to completely ridiculous. I also understand that it is natural for men to avoid being near Hello Kitty items. For example, I will never forget the look of terror and disgust on my male colleague’s face when no other pen was available and he was forced to use my Hello Kitty pen. Good luck reaching 1000 comments!

  78. Hello, I’ve been reading your blog for some time, but never felt the need to comment till now. Unfortunately I’m one of the people who wishes you would let us know where to get the HK stuff. Funny enough I still probably wouldn’t buy it. It’s enough to let me know it’s really there if I should decide to buy it. However, my love of not wasting money extends pass my love of Hello Kitty. Good luck with the toy drive.

  79. oh dear,
    let’s save you from a trip from hell, plus get rid of some of that creepy kitty stuff for charity
    (i just found this website, and it gave me a good laugh, as well as freaked me out a good deal… hello kitty GUNS?!?!?!)

  80. I feel that it is my duty in the name of all things masculine to help you strike back at the malevolent hello kitty!

    When we were kids we’d buy any sort of crap just because they had our favourite cartoon character on. But then we grew up and realised that this was essentially preying on the weak.

    I read your blog because I’m not only fascinated that such crap exists, but also that there is also a market for it. Basically car crash TV.

  81. I’m sure the kids will love the hello kitty gadgets! let’s spread the hello kitty mania among new generations!

  82. Dear Mr. HKH,
    I really hope enough people comment, it would be so amazing to give those kids so much happiness with some lovely Hello Kitty Goods πŸ˜‰ I have read your blog for a loooong time, but never commented! I love the way you write, and I feel very sorry for you, living in HKH and all. Good luck πŸ™‚ x

  83. I think that is a beautiful and noble thing your wife is doing. You should be proud of her sacrifice. Take her to see something beautiful and feed her.

  84. I see every day your site but I never wrote a comment. My boyfriend is your fan and wants to meet you to shake your hand…he like very much your anti Kitty site.
    I think that I and my boyfriend are the Italian copy of you and your wife!
    Let’s give HK stuffs to the children!!!

  85. I love hello kitty but i also love your blog! I always just read it but for a great cause decided to write! Good Luck!

  86. Good luck on your cause. You site is not unknown in the Furry Community and I will direct to this site.

    Sill I hope we only get 990 so you can go on a nice vacation. Who knows, perhaps Sanrio can arrange a special tour and spring a ticket on the Hello Kitty Jet. Furthermore your wife need go further on the bet, you must hug hello kitty and a picture with every charter and post the picture here. (welcome to uber hello kitty hell)

  87. I only came across your blog a few days ago, and I absolutely love it. So here’s a comment to help you out ;D

    I’m sending it to friends too to help you out. Good luck!!

  88. If she wants to donate that hello kitty sewing machine to me, I’ll donate 100 of my hello kitty things to the children. πŸ™‚

    Good luck!

  89. Hello, I’m pretty new to the Blog having stumbled on it a few weeks ago. Luckily enough for me, though my wife DOES love Hello Kitty, she doesn’t have many Hello Kitty items. Here here to donating hell!

  90. I read this blog and never commented. :O Mainly because lots of this stuff scares the crap out of me.

    Glad to help one partially banish the cat-demon. πŸ˜›

  91. I’ve been reading for quite a while and have sent the site to a number of my friends. We still don’t get it though….these are adults that are buying all this junk? I mean, honestly, adults? i’d have thought most people would have grown out of this by the time there were teenagers! My sympathies on your plight!

  92. I’m just a ‘core’ user, but Hello Kitty is both good and bad. Bad in excess, good if used to make someone happy…

  93. Good luck with this, mate. I have to admit that I kinda like Hello Kitty stuff, but your wife has taken this thing to another universe. My sympathies, honestly.

    Here’s hoping that you can get those 200 Hello Kitties out of your house πŸ™‚

  94. Here’s your comment. I hope your wife will donate the toys anyways even if you don’t reach 1000. Think of the children!

  95. hey! i got the subscription thing to this page..
    i started looking at it to see all of the cool hello kity stuff and loved it..
    ive never commented but its for a good cause
    hope u win the bet

  96. New poster, long-time reader. Really enjoy the site, and enjoy even more the prospect of some orphanage kids in Japan receiving the HKH items for the holidays!! Good luck *^_^*

  97. Been a fan of your site for a good while now, never have commented (sorry bout that). I enjoy your posts and love finding out how many ways the evil Hello Kitty virus can spread. Goodluck =)

  98. I’ll bite, anything to help out a fellow HK sufferer!

    P.S. Kate Donohoe in Gonubie ZA wants the HK floor polisher

  99. Thanks to your help I have managed to overcome any Hello Kitty obsession in myself and my 11 year old daughter. Thank goodness we are avoiding the evil feline. Her comment was I am SO over Hello Kitty.

    Good luck!

  100. my boyfriend found this site and got me hooked on it, while I don’t personally have a vendetta against Hello Kitty I really enjoy your blog, hope you get rid of some toys!

  101. I too have never commented on this blog but have been reading it for quite a while. I love HK & even though you don’t divulge where we can get some of the unique items that are featured here, at least us fans know these things are out there. *YAY!*for Hello Kitty & *YAY!* that you & your wife are doing such a great thing for these kids. =)

  102. I’ve been reading your blog for ages (a diehard Kitty fan that would put your wife to shame), but have never commented. This post is reason enough!

  103. Yes, Hello Kitty can be annoying but have you seen the sad state of US cartoons lately? And Badtz-Maru is kind of a bad-ass.

  104. I like Hello Kitty, but not as much as I love your website. I realize the insanity of Hello Kitty “massagers” (that’s just gross) and all the other Hello Kitty nonsense.
    Good luck with reaching your 1000 unique readers.

  105. Love the site, been meaning to send in pics of my wife forever, never commented, but been reading awhile. Hope this helps!

  106. you know, I thought hello kitty was cute until I read your blog. Now it makes me want to hurl. I feel for you in your hell!

  107. I just stumbled across your site this afternoon and thought I would chip in. The scary thing is that I was searching for “love hotel” because in my American naivete I had no idea what they were, and they were mentioned in an article I was reading. I am both disturbed and amused by what I found here.

    I’m not really a Hello Kitty fan, but I did opt for the Hello Kitty design ATM card on our secondary checking account because my husband sent me to the bank while he stayed home and played City of Heroes on double XP weekend. I felt it was a fitting punishment.

    Good luck!

  108. i am one of those lurkers that never comments but always read. i hope you reach your goal and can help the kids out with some awesome toys.

  109. I assume that there is a time-line in place for this competition. When will it end if you do not mind me asking? I hope you hit your 1000 comments. He’s my contribution.

  110. thanx for a great site..
    i love to read but I don’t comment…
    hope you get rid of those 200 hello kitty toys (for the good cause)

  111. Go get those toys!

    Recently discovered your blog, so lurking for a short time, but maybe becoming af long time fan.

  112. Hi
    I actually love hello kitty and my husband lives in HK hell as well. But donating toys is a great cause and I am sure the kids in Japan will love the Hello Kitty stuff : )

  113. I really hope you hit your mark and get all that crap out of your house. ive been reading your blog for over a year now and dont really comment cause well… all this hello kitty crap kinda makes me throw up in my mouth a little when i read it..
    if i were you i would give the sleeping bag to the kids.. that way you dont have to sleep in it πŸ˜‰

  114. Well at first I wondered what evils could the poor orphans have committed to deserve a piece of Hello Kitty Hell so young?

    But, since obviously Hello Kitty has cold heartedly decided that she wouldn’t get enough monetary returns from simple charity, I think you are on a on a right track.

    Besides kids break stuff, so perhaps in a couple of years there would be a lot fewer of those donated Hello Kitty items left to haunt the living (and, disturbingly, even in graveyard you can’t get away from Hello Kitty). A kind of happy ending.

  115. Hmm, I read this blog daily, but just about never commented. Yay for lurkers.
    I rather like HK, and can’t really say I’m living in her Hell, but I like seeing the ridiculous stuff people have and how obsessive they are.

    Heres my contribution.

  116. I’m torn. If I post, that gets the toys out of your house and to a good cause.

    On the other hand, if I post then it spreads the Hello Kitty disease further into the hearts of the most vulnerable.

    What to do?

    Oh, wait. Damn!

  117. Good Luck on hitting 1000! I read your blog all the time, and it’s true I think I’ve only commented twice before, but I am an avid reader. Because I love HK and I love to hate her too!

    PS My Birthday is coming up and DairyQueen won’t make me an HK ice cream cake like they did last year. Be proud of them, someone has stood up to an HK lover! lol!

  118. A part of me really wants you to have to go on that trip, but a larger part of me thinks that donating 200 toys would be a very good thing to do.
    I am one of those people that read and never comment.

  119. I’ve been to your site several times, but never commented. I love Hello Kitty, but love reading your blog. Good luck with the toys!

  120. Long time reader (& Hello Kitty lover!)/First time commenter

    I love this blog page even though it has to do with hating on the character that I love and am passionate about. I have a small collection of Hello Kitty stuff, but according to my boyfriend, it’s way too much (even though alot of it came from him πŸ™‚ ). When I told him about this blog page, I told him it could be worse and he could be in real HKH like this guy….and when he found out that his favorite porn star Tera Patrick is a HUGE Hello Kitty fan, he really shut up! WHoa, getting off subject….anyways, I hope my commenting helps you get to your goals….and keep up the HK hating…it only encourages me to find all this new HK stuff πŸ™‚ !

  121. HAhHAAha I hope you fail. It’s fun to watch you suffer… Doesn’t mean I won’t comment, though, to give you the appearance of a chance!

  122. I almost didn’t want to comment just so you’d have to go on that trip.
    However, as a thank you for showing me such awesome HK stuff so I’m commenting.

    Good Luck!

  123. I really think the kids would enjoy such toys, after all, isn’t hello kitty, as an icon, targeted at little kids? Sans guns and vibrator of course

  124. I read the blog all the time and have never commented before.

    I’d guess even when your wife donates all the Hello Kitty toys, won’t that be incentive to buy more?

  125. i read this blog all the time, but i definately lurk. i just hate commenting. i’m not clever. i sometimes think darlene is your wife, because that’s so something my husband would do to me if i ran this blog, comment under an alias. ^^

    also, there’s a hello kitty build-a-bear now. i have pictures.

    yay toys for kids.

  126. Dear Mrs. HKH,

    Please give some of your toys to the orphans! Think of how much joy and love Hello Kitty will bring to those less fortunate than you! (They certainly are unfortunate if they don’t have any Hello Kitty!)

    I always read, but never comment! Cheers!

    – Marla

    (Dear Mr. HKH – I made it as heart-wrenching as I could! Good luck giving away some stuff!)

  127. Fellow sufferer.
    I feel your pain as I also have sometimes overwhelmed by this evil masterplan that someday tries to dominate whole world. If I could get flamethrower and “Hello Kitty” factory on the line I would be very happy man.

    Lets hope that your household will be cleansed from those horrible thingies once and for all! πŸ˜€

  128. Wow, already over 200 comments?! Awesome!
    I’ve actually been coming to this site for awhile, and even read all the past posts, I just never got around to commenting!

    But yeah, even though there are some things I like about HK, some of the things that are around are simply ridiculous!

    Anyways, good luck on reaching 1000!! I’ll definately tell my friends to come and leave their mark! Good luck!

  129. I actually read HK Hell religiously and while I love HK I send it to my best guy friends when I find something extreme that they would find repulsive. I have commented in the past but no one ever says anything about them so I stopped. So I hope the orphans like their new toys. :]

  130. I teach high school and have met some Hello Kitty addicts so I think your wife should give up her collection to the babies.

  131. I love your blog but don’t post as I don’t have anything to add to the craziness of HKH. A friend showed me this site and I’ve been hooked ever since, and I don’t even like HK! She’s bugged ever since I was little and I promptly broke, lost, or gave away any HK items that were misguidedly given to me.

  132. haha dude this rocks, i’m just wondering if they’re going to give them stricly to girls or if the guys are getting them too

  133. First time commenter from Berkeley, CA. I’m delighted to hear that your wife is making kids happy future Hello Kitty lovers!

  134. My daughter is only 6 and her 21 year old cousin has started her on the Hello Kitty addiction. Is there a 12 step program?

  135. heh… I’m subjected to this off and on by a friend of mine (ando…). i find the absolute breadth of HK stuff to be both amazing and disturbing…

  136. Hi,

    I really fell compassionate about your pain, coz’ my girlfriend is a Hello Kitty freak too (she got offered an HK toilet seat and installed it in our bathroom…).

    I post this comment here to help you get rid of some hellish feline crap and that is THE good cause.

  137. I usually don’t comment (especially since I actually like Hello Kitty *sorry* but just find your plight somewhat amusing), but this is a very nice cause. Good luck! I hope your wife decides to donate a lot of toys (for your sake and the children’s). =)

  138. Love this idea, but in a sick way might you by giving these toys to the children, create some one elses hello kitty hell?

  139. great site, great idea!
    while i love hello kitty, sanrio never ceases to delight and horrify me with its massive product overload. best of luck ridding yourself of hello kitty items.

  140. This would be awesome, I hope your wife is generous with the toys no matter what since it’d be such a boon to the kiddies. (Even if the cat has reached new and stupid levels of ridiculous, toys are toys!)

    Here’s helping!

  141. So you’ll be exposing young impressionable minds to the pure evil that is Hello Kitty? I hope you’re proud of yourself πŸ˜›

  142. Awww, we all knew you had a heart of gold despite the hatred for Hello Kitty, hehehe. I hope this helps you get the 200 toys for the kids! I’ll try to get my blogger friends to come help! Good luck!

  143. I just got sent here by a post on a forum, figured I’d join in on the cause. Hope you can get out of that vacation! And its great that she’s letting you give away stuff based on your comments.

  144. I’m wondering what your wife would do… Although I know it’s for a good cause, if I was her, it’d be so hard for me to give up my Hello Kitty items…. Afterall, it’s collected from a lot of places in the world and every one of it means something.

    You know what, maybe she’ll just buy another 200 and give those away instead of the ones she have! hehe…

  145. that’s just kickass. everyone wins! you dispose of 200 HK little pieces of clutter (maybe she’ll donate the sleeping bag?) and a bunch of kids get presents! I love it!


  146. Not residing in Hello Kitty Hell myself, I often find the products you post more amusing than terrifying. But there are some that truly make me gasp.

    It’s so great that you do this toy drive and I’m most happy to contribute to the cause. (And you can tell your wife, I don’t even subscribe to your RSS feed. I just read your blog on my own!)

  147. I had a Hello kitty obsession for a while. But luckily I grew out of it. I love your site. I can not believe all the hello kitty shit there is.
    Good Luck! I hope you hit 1000.

  148. well i have been reading your blog for a while and personally love HK so i never comment but since its for the children i sure do hope you get the 1000 comments πŸ™‚

  149. Hello Kitty has the best fan base, they make (and or buy) Vibrators, M-16’s, everything! Good luck on the toy drive!.

  150. I read this all the time too, but never comment! I hope you get the 1000 comments, but does that mean that some poor orphan children will have to endure Kitty’s mouthless horror?

  151. This is a very creative compromise for you two. If only my father-in-law had thought of this for his second wife and her obsession with Longaberger baskets… πŸ˜‰ I hope that you’re able to get the thousand comments, since I agree that the Hello Kitty is just so disgustingly cutesy-Evil that it should be eradicated. But then again, I probably shouldn’t talk, since my husband has forbidden me from bringing any more wolf pictures/statues/figurines into our home. Heh. ;p
    —–}[email protected]

  152. i’ll help not only because i love hello kitty and this blog and helping children, i also want you to be a little bit happier with 200 hello kitty things gone. i love her, but even i dont have that many. i hope this helps!!!!

  153. hey!!! i am hoping to help you and the kids! i have a love/hate w/ HK and i love your site.

    so i’m commenting, as Michael Jackson would say, “for the children…” πŸ˜‰

  154. I read your blog every day with a mixture of horror and laughter. Keep it up, and I’ll cross my fingers you don’t have to take that trip!

  155. Good luck! I thought your post about the Hello Kitty fountain bleeding instead of crying was hilarious. I hope you win the bet and that the kids get all 200 new toys.

  156. I’m here thanks to the viral internet geniuses of blog-land that helped spread the word about your good cause! Good luck, and may the … um … kitty… be with you???

  157. What a smashing idea! I’m not a mad Hello Kitty lover(a wee bit too cute for me), but I am sure the children will really appreciate this! What a lovely idea and nice to have dropped by to say hello πŸ™‚

  158. I’m not sure wether I’m a HK-fan or not (maybe in a very ironical way), but I do read your blog πŸ™‚
    I suffer with you, and salute your wife for her sacrifice… doesn’t make much sense that I’m on both of your sides…
    But anyway, a comment!

  159. I love this blog! I regularly check back here, I can never quite believe the variety of Hello Kitty crap out ther. I really hope you get those 200 toys donated to the orphanage!

  160. Oh hell yeah! There’s no way you deserve to go on an entire Hello Kitty trip- and those kids need toys.

    BTW, that Hello Kitty racing suit made me want to drive forks through my eyes.

  161. I see this blog because i have a frienda that love the stupid cat (i crew out of it when i became a teenager or so).
    I read this because then i can tease her with the new stuff (se also read the blog, so she knows about it).

    I’m glad to post this and help 2 good causes, yours and the orphans…

  162. I love HK, it’s embarassing, you must realize, we can’t help ourselves. You are lucky and don’t know it, my SIL likes cows! ughh.

  163. In solidarity, against Hello Kitty. One of my favorite rock bands did a big Hello Kitty advertising blitz last year, much to my dismay and threats to protest. I think I feel your pain better than most!

  164. I love this blog and though I’ve never commented before, I do read all the time. I was first introduced to it by my best friend suggesting I should get a hello kitty wedding cake for my upcoming nuptials…HA!

  165. Long time reader – first time commenter! Here’s a cyber toast to the ultimate evil, Hello Kitty. Good luck avoiding the HK trip.

  166. I love hello kitty to death and I found this website looking for ideas for a hello kitty tattoo. It makes me laugh. Good for the kids I hope you make at least a 1000 comments

  167. I read this blog all the time! I like Hello Kitty too :3
    I think it will be great for all the kids without toys to get something cute and good <3

  168. How can you NOT feel compelled to comment for the kiddies? Ok, I admit I LOVE HK but there are some things that are just WAY out there & I find myself chuckling at the absurdity that can be HK.

    I must say though that the leather Motorcycle cut takes the cake. How can he stand there so serious? LOL

  169. I’ve been visiting this blog for ages but I never comment, so I’m more than happy to do my little bit in eradicating as much Hello Kitty products from your house πŸ˜€ Good luck!

  170. : O

    First time commenting! There is a lot of hello kitty stuff, and your suffering… makes me sort of happy. Schadenfreude!

    Your blog has made it to my rss feeds, and I hope that you won’t succumb to the horrors of hello kitty hell!
    Stay Sane!


  171. Love your blog — I’ll buy you a beer if our paths ever cross. I hope your wife doesn’t use this as an excuse to buy more in order to fill the void!

  172. Let me jusz start off by saying dat yes i do read u’r post evrytime i go online but have yet 2 leave a comment till now.
    i think dat wut u’r trying 2 do here is great!!!! =)
    sooo jusz helping da cause!!!..o nd i LOVEEEE HELLO KiTTY!!!
    SORRY =/ lOl.

  173. i’m another one of those people who loves to read your blog but never comment, mostly because i never have anything constructive to say and at least a little bit because i’m torn about my own hello kitty obsession. i’m 28 yrs old and a phD student in women’s studies and sociology and go to class with notebooks i made myself decorated with hello kitty. my gameboy, my xbox controlers, and way to much other stuff have hello kitty stickers stuck to them. my boyfriend thinks it’s cute, but i know he also cringes because it seems so darned unprofessional. best and keep it up!!!!!!!!!!

  174. I never comment because honestly, the posts are all pretty much the same. But I still read because it’s still funny.

  175. even though i am a hello kitty fan, i read your blog every day & think it’s hilarious.

    (i hope you have to take your wife on the HK trip πŸ˜‰

  176. i am a lurker, coming out for a good cause. love the blog, it makes me laugh! and, i look at HK in a whole different light now.

  177. I have been reading this blog for quite a while now, but I have remained one of your invisible readers. This is a nice opportunity to “come out of the closet”. πŸ˜‰

    I have to admit that I like Hello Kitty and that I own a few items with her image. But as long as my boyfriend keeps giving me more Hello Kitty items, I’m assuming I’m not pushing him into Hello Kitty Hell. He’s going voluntarily! XD I even convinced him to post here so that more toys will be donated to charity.

    I like this blog because it reminds me of how ridiculous I am sometimes, drooling over children’s toys. Your humour is excellent and I feel genuinely sorry for your involuntary stay in Hello Kitty Hell. Please continue to write and find your way out!

    I’m only worried about one little thing: what effect will 200 Hello Kitty toys have on innocent children? How many obsessed females who will force their husbands down Hello Kitty Hell will it create? Let’s hope those children will be sensible enough to see what those toys really are: manifestations an evil feline plotting world domination.

  178. I believe my comment is supposed to go here? πŸ˜›

    I have been reading some of your blogs my girlfriend showed me and I genuinely feel sorry for the Hell you have to go through. When I gave my girlfriend a Hello Kitty watch for her last birthday, I didn’t think of the(future) Hell I might be pushing myself in. So from this day on, no more Hello Kitty for her. =3

    … *girlfriend giving him the angry look*

    On second thought, maybe a little something every now and then won’t be so bad… ^^;

  179. just doing my bit to help πŸ™‚ ty for the fantabulous blog, even if i like HK (but only her cartooness. don’t like plush she looks eerily creepy like that to me. not perfect) lol!!

    anyway, good luck with the 1000 comments!!!!

  180. Love the blog, great thing your doing here. Both the blog, and charity:) Im a hardcore Hello Kitty lover though! I check it daily and i like to show my husband what he’s missing out on, haha. I even have people trained at work to but he HK product up front if they get it in. Have a great day.

  181. Heh. I have the RSS feed on my feedreader, I think that counts as being a regular reader. πŸ˜‰

    Good luck! Looks like… what, 60-some toys so far?

  182. I like Hello Kitty, but people tend to take things way too far. The stuff you post on your site is proof.

    Make sure your wife sends her biggest Hello Kitty stuffed animal to the orphans. =)

  183. Sounds like an awesome cause. πŸ™‚

    I usually just read and don’t comment (I get the RSS feed on my email), but this time it’s worth it.

    Good luck!

  184. Your wife should donate to charity just for the sake of donating…not because of how many comments one receives!

  185. While I haven’t commented before now I do have your blog in my RSS feeds and read every new update! While I like Hello Kitty there are many, many posts here that even I just go “WTF?!” Hope you get all 1,000 comments!

  186. Thanks for giving me the splendid opportunity to ever-so-slightly de-Kittify your house. It is not often that one is presented with a chance to directly improve a fellow human’s wellbeing and sanity.

  187. Hey, do you have any Cinnamoroll items in your house? You live in Tokyo.. right?

    Good luck on your noble mission.

  188. Good luck with your 200 items, BUT! im thinking of how happy those kids will be to receive some hello kitty goodness in their lives, YAY!

  189. I didn’t think it was possible for someone to have 200 hello kitty items. Let alone be all toys and still have some to spare! Crazy!

  190. Another lurker/non-commenter. I hope you reach your goal — after reading through your archives and recommending your site to friends and relatives, I think you deserve to shed some of the HK things in your house! Good luck!

  191. I’ve posted to only a couple items, so your wife’s wrong about people like me not existing.

    By the way, you have my full sympathy; I started as neutral to Hello Kitty, but some of the things you’ve shown have had me staring in utter disbelief.

    The one thing that this blog has shown is that you really love your wife. Love should always be encouraged.

    I hope she leaves you at least one room totally free of HK. Everyone deserves an area that’s theirs alone, with only the stuff they really like in it. Not to say you can’t have your wife in there, of course. πŸ™‚ After all, if you like, say, fishing, she shouldn’t have to put up with fishing tackle, stuffed bass and trophies, and such all across her vanity table.

    Just my thought. Good luck to you both. Last comment: I really appreciate that she’s willing to donate some of her beloved items to those less fortunate. That shows a truly loving heart on her part; I’m sure you cherish it, as well as her. (And lest the evil-minded think I mean you love her only because she’s willing to get rid of some of the HK items, that’s not what I mean at all.)

  192. Okay, I’ve read this blog for a long time and never posted. And while I AM a fan of HK, I think you’re a strong man, cause even I couldn’t deal with so much of it. Good luck!

  193. This is the first post I read and my first visit, I like HK but the few items that I have were all gifts so I’ll leave a comment just because I think the post is hilarious πŸ˜‰

    I’ll be stealing your feed :-p

  194. I adore Hello Kitty and I’m sure your wife’s sacrifice will make some orphans very happy! I think she start packing some things up ’cause it looks like she’s got some donating to do πŸ™‚

  195. Wow! THis was too good to pass up! I check this blog EVERYDAY! I am a die hard hello kitty fan, but reading this blog has caused me to realize the torture i’m inflicting on everyone around me. I’m active duty Air Force and I used to decorate my overhead with nothing but Pink and Hello Kitty. It got to the point where folks decided that they couldn’t beat me, so they joined me and started adding things to my overhead Kittly collection! This blog satisfies my Kitty craving, and now I don’t buy as much HK stuff. I CALL IT KITTY THERAPY!!!! Keep up the awesome work, and I might be able to de-kittify my 7 year old daughter!

  196. o man i understand. my mom is 48 and obsessed with hello kitty. she acts like a 5 year old when she gets around something hello kitty. i really dont get it.

  197. Great idea! Through this blog I’ve realized the great power of Hello Kitty’s evilness and have gotten many of friends to feel the same way.

  198. Love your blog…but love hello kitty more! Good Luck! >.<
    PS… kind of want you to go on the Kitty trip…so you will have more crap to write

  199. Haha, I’m a huge Hello Kitty fan (yes, I’m one of the freaks who actually has a tattoo and everything) and I’ve had this blog on an RSS feed for a long time. Never once commented because I figured anything I might have to say would be unwelcome, being a Hello Kitty lover and all, but the blog definitely entertains me greatly. While I love Hello Kitty immensely, I also see the humor in the obsession for anyone on the “outside.”

    Now, let me just be clear, I’m not posting this to “make” your wife get rid of stuff. I’m posting it to help some underprivileged kids who don’t have any Hello Kitty stuff at all to get some stuff!

  200. I still can’t believe she has 200 Hello Kitty items lying around to donate :O Get those things the Hell out of there! …especially since they’re going to such a good cause.

    Good luck, man…
    Viva la blog!

  201. I have to say, I loved Hello Kitty as a child, but as an adult I find it very annoying. What’s even more annoying is other adults with Hello Kitty products. They are made for children, so let’s give ’em to the kids already!

  202. I am subscribed to HKH via RSS, but I’m dropping by to comment and do my part to get those toys to the kids. πŸ™‚

  203. I, as your wife, am absolutely obsessed with Hello Kitty. But I admit..I like reading your blog and find amusement in your displeasure with all things Hello Kitty. I’ll help you get rid of these the end..we’re doing it for the kids!

  204. I love to read your blog, but I never would comment due to the drama even IN the comments.

    How posting can lead to helping a Kid’s Charity, I would do it, and that’s why I’m posting.

    I’m not sure if I should be happy or sad you MIGHT be going on a trip this August.

  205. I randomly found this site yesterday searching tattoos and saw so many creepy Hello Kitty tattoos! I always thought it was cute, but now I just find it insaneee. Anyway, good luck with the donating of Hello Kitty toys!

  206. I have to admit that I happen to love Hello Kitty, but from what I’ve read here, your wife takes it WAY over the top. You’re a great guy for putting up with all of it. My boyfriend would lose his mind if I filled the house with all that stuff.

    Here’s my contribution, hopefully the toys will make those kids smile.

  207. Hello! I’ve only commented on your Blog a few times, but I am a frequent reader. Donating a some of the Hello Kitty Toys would really make some of the little ones happy. It’s so sweet that you help out the orphanage. Good luck with everything. πŸ™‚

  208. Mind you, this 1000 comments thingy is helping spread your name. This is your first post IΒ΄ve read, and I think IΒ΄m gonna keep reading.

    But why would you give something you absolutely hate and that makes your life hell to orphans?

  209. Wow, ever since i saw you sight i thought:

    HK is waaaaaay out of control.
    Persona;;y, i perfer the cute little anime mascots. πŸ˜€

  210. I haven’t been commenting as frequently as I used to, but I’ll still support a good cause! I kind of did the same thing. I donated two garbage bags full of Hello Kitty stuff to my brother’s friend’s daughter who has cerebal palsy. She really liked it of course, plus all the stuff I gave her was way too childish for me anyways and I shouldn’t have bought it in the first place. Anyways, good luck, and I hope you make it to 1000!

  211. i like hello kitty but not to the point where everything i own is hello kitty. i do want to make a fieldtrip to puroland in tokyo before i die though. good luck, i hope you reach 1000!

  212. Hehe…what makes you think she’s going to use toys she already has. Fanatics do not part with thier treasured items. Unless she’s making room for bigger toys.

  213. hi. i read this blog pretty regularly, and Hello Kitty’s eyes scare me with thier ability to bore through walls and the backs of skulls.
    good luck!

  214. Hi! This is my first time commenting on HKH although I’ve been reading for awhile now. I’m a Hello Kitty collector — nowhere near as big of a fan as your wife. I like having hard to find items like things from Vivitix in China, not the generic things like letter sets, etc. I find in America.

  215. I have only commented one other time on this blog, but I do it subscribe and read it regularly. I hope this comment helps the toy drive.

  216. I’m a habitual lurker, and even though I do indeed find Hello Kitty cute, I accept that she will one day come to rule the earth. I never commented because I didn’t feel like I could contribute anything, but I’ve been reading since last year.

  217. i read your blog every day!!!!! i love it!!!!! i have commented once or twice before. make your woman donate her stuff!!its worth it to see a child smile!

  218. eesh! my 11 year old says you have his pity. Good luck reaching the goal – wifey will be happier if she clears out the lesser artifacts.

  219. Been reading for a while, but never commented.

    I am glad that my comment can help relieve you of some Hello Kitty, but also gain some karma points for helping the kids.

  220. For once I agree with Darlene on something. The orphans should get toys, but i think your wife’s sacrifice should be praised in the form of a cruise. Just think, your house will be less of a HKH, all you have to endure is a boat for a few days =)

  221. Hello Kitty is horrible, but your blog isn’t!
    I never knew there were so many RIDICULOUS Hello Kitty items!
    Well, hope I helped a little in getting towards that 1000 mark.
    =]] Best of luck.

  222. i’m also a first time commenter subscribed to the rss feed.

    i particularly like the terrible hello kitty tattoos you find.

    anyways, may the orphans enjoy their toys.

  223. (sorry – this is a second post from me— hope it doesn’t mess up your count, but you don’t have to publish it)

    i’d looooove to see a photo of the two hundred things that get donated…. i’m sure it’ll happen!

  224. I am normally too struck dumb by the horror to comment! Yet I still find Hello Kitty cute sometimes? IT’S A DISEASE.

    *back to lurking*

  225. I’m another who reads but doesn’t ever comment! Good luck getting your 1000 comments! (you’re about half way there as of right now, assuming not too many people double-commented)

  226. Are you sure you want your wife to spread more of KC’s vileness to the innocent children of the orphanages?

    Well, okay. Just keep it away from me.

  227. I’m not really big on hello kitty stuff, but I’m not really big on children either so why not let them have them

  228. Hello,

    I have been visiting your Web site regularly for close to a year, but have never written. I am a Hello Kitty fan, but also see the silliness of it. Your musings are very entertaining, and sometimes make me laugh out loud.

    Good luck with the toy drive!

  229. I was an orphan for 6 months in Korea…I wish I received some Hello Kitty stuff…So, I am posting for the kids!!!

  230. I am throughly entertained with your blog. I get a little excited when I see there are unread entries from your blog in my RSS reader. Unfortunately, RSS means I don’t venture onto your site as often as I should… and hopefully this boosts the number of people who do read your site and appreciate all that you do.

  231. First time commentor… I think it’s great that she is willing to donate so much hello kitty stuff. I hope you reach the 1,000 mark!
    Although you do realize that once she donates stuff it probably means that she will have to buy all new stuff to make up for the lack of hello kitty…
    Or that you will spend even more money trying to get some key items she may miss afterwards. That’s the worst possible outcome.
    Maybe she will find she does not miss/need those things. But I really think it’s great that orphan children will be enjoying some gifts from you guys. I donate things now and again, I would probably have a hard time parting with 200 items all at once!
    Sorry, no HK bashing from me. I love HK, we have the same birthday! (and yea I kno…she doesn’t REALLY have a birthday, creation day, whatever–we are one in the same)

    even though you complain about HK all the time this site always brings a smile to my face. and also makes me want to move to japan!!!!

  232. my god do i feel for you , if a single HK item came in our house i would initiate divorce proceedings forthwith…
    the leathers in the post just below this thread were vile in the extreme…
    if i saw a hello kitty BMW M/C i don’t know how i would cope…
    i hope you get 2000 responses…

  233. I’ve been a fan since last year, I have your Feed and always check for new updates… but I’ve never commented before and I guess this is as good a time as any, not only because you’ll have less HK things, or the smile it’ll bring… but the fact that you won’t have to go to any HK vacations any time soon.

    Thanks for all the trauma you’ve brought to my life in HK forms, and good luck! =D

  234. Ah yes, Hello Kitty…

    They are slowly trying to infect the entire world! Like Furbies! or McDonalds!

    Burnz em all, I says!

  235. You’ve mentioned you’ll forgive rite even if the comments are positive (and no cursing me with bad luck k…. ;D)?

    So here’s my comment for your sake….”I LOVE HELLO KITTYYYY!!!!!” πŸ˜€

  236. This will be my first comment but I have wanted to for awhile. I am a recovering Hello kitty addict. I started back in 1976 and continued till 2002.
    I no longer spend money on Hello Kitty merchandise but up until this time have kept my near 30 year collection in boxes in the garage.
    This post has inspired me to venture out there and make the first step toward letting go of the last remnants of a frightening and expensive addiction.
    But do you think it’s right to pass on this addiction to innocent children or should the whole lot be burnt in a bonfire?
    I guess I’ll give it all to the kiddies. They’re not my children after all!
    Bless you for your efforts and keep fighting the good fight!

  237. I check your blog every day, but this is my first time commenting. I love hello kitty but I also think you are a funny guy. You should put up an address where the visitors to the site can donate toys as well. I would…

  238. I have been reading your blog for over a year now and it’s wonderful! Love it, keep it up. Even though my favourite is “My Melody”, but still enjoy seeing unusual HK stuff. Let the kids smile!

  239. This is quite possibly the funniest/oddest charity I’ve ever participated in! I’m glad to help both a child in need AND a suffering hello-kitty-lover’s husband. I’m not a “hello kitty hater,” but I do live with a mother who is OBSESSED with the color purple (who knew they made garden hoses, salt&pepper shakers, & even electric socket extension thingies in purple? I DID. because we have them.)…so I can sympathize a bit πŸ™‚

  240. I am a long time lurker, I love reading your blog, this is my first comment. πŸ™‚ This is great what your wife is doing for the kids, I hope you get 1,000 comments! πŸ˜€

    I love HK. This site makes me want to move to Japan so I can get lots more of my darling kitty. <3

  241. You must really love your wife to put up with her HK craziness. I don’t mind the cat, but I will not go out of my way to get any of its things. I wish you luck in achieving your goal.

  242. I check your site everyday but never comment. I like hello kitty but your site is so funny…i know my whole family feels like you.

  243. I love HK and I bet those kids would love them too! I am saving up for a trip to Japan for school, but I’m definitely going to take some time to scout out HK stuff.

  244. Wifey Donate. My husband showed me this blog out of exasperation, then I kept coming back. I like Hello Kitty, but I don’t LOVE HK…it is just a happy part of my childhood. Think of it this way…donating is a double positive because other kiddies get to enjoy HK and your husband gets at least a little breathing room.

  245. xD goodluck haha.
    she should at least be willing to give SOME up.
    i mean its for a good cause? xD
    first time commenting [=

  246. First time commenter here. I also enjoy Hello Kitty but love this blog – it’s too funny! Keep doing what you’re doing!

  247. I love your website!! I check in almost daily, but have never posted before. I loved HK as a kid in the 70’s, and I love her still, but your site is hilarious. Those kids will love whatever your wife donates to them!

  248. I can’t remember if I’ve commented before because I still have new baby brain (and the baby is 8 months old…). Hopefully I can be considered new and I’ll help you reach 1000 unique comments!

  249. i love hello kitty but i do believe somethings have gotten to far. But i think you should still take you wife on her shopping spree since it makes her happy and you love her you would wanna make her happy. so regardless take her on her shopping spree. oh and bring me something back please lol =]

  250. Surely if your wife was a nice person she’d be happy just to donate a load of toys without the whole comment thing? Anyway, Heres to 1/5th of a Hello Kitty toy winging its way to some (un)fortunate Japanese kid…

  251. I discovered your site a month ago and i love it, even though i’m a huge hello kitty fan. Your wife is very generous to give her HK items away.

  252. hey! i hope you reach your goal of 1000 comments. although i love hello kitty…..i only like the stuffed animals as i find other products to extremely creepy. so, its good that you are donating for a good cause!

  253. I read every post on this blog via my feed reader and it always makes me shake my head and wonder why anyone thought the stuff was necessary.

    Keep up the good work !

  254. I love to read your blog. I am a fan of the cat but I am appalled at the lengths people go to. Guns? Men’s clothing? Seriously? Anyway, good luck. Is there a way we can help with donations as well?

  255. Neat idea. I hope you get 1000 comments. I like Hello Kitty okay, but it’s definitely better to leave the toys for the kiddos.

  256. Hey, I read this site all the time. And you are completely right. I never comment because I’m speechless.
    Just thought that now would be the right time to tell you πŸ˜€
    have a great day

  257. I’ve “delurked” for this good cause. I love HK, but a little creeped out by the strange things you and others have found. Good luck in reaching 1,000!

  258. This is one of my favourite feeds because it scares me in a way very few things do. And I kinda like the HK machine.



    ps. You are both doing something great here. Thank you!

  259. Somewhat first time comment (can’t remember if I have before) – love Hello Kitty but I love this blog too. What can I say, even I think it becomes silly sometimes… and I own just about everything in HK! It is possible to have too much of a good thing; HKH keeps me from giving my life savings to Sanrio.

  260. I love hello kitty but i check this website everyday, because its funny and shows hello kitty items I’ve never heard of……….

    Comment! ( ” – ” )

  261. I can’t believe you are going to do this to a bunch of helpless orphans!!!! THey already have no parents – they don’t need hello stinking kitty crap!
    I also visit your site most days – it is a ray of (cynical and spiteful) sunshine in my workday!!!

  262. Even though you’ll rid your house of a lot of Hello Kitty, you’ll seriously never get away from her because she is spreading like wildfire haha. Good luck!

  263. Guilty of lurking!

    I throw my support to this selfless endeavor but I think that your wife should get to go to her dream Hello Kitty trip. After all, she’s getting the short end of the deal (despite the very noble intentions)- you benefit from her sacrifice and she loses some of her collection. Either way, you win.

  264. Let’s get the HK crap out of there! (And do you think you can sneak the HK sleeping bag out with all the other junk?)

  265. Hey, dare I say it, for a curmudgeon, you have a big heart, even if it isn’t soft, pink and sparkly! Great idea! Good luck!

  266. I’m a hello kitty fan, but I also love your blog.

    I hope to help relieve you of some of the kitty clutter in your house, and donating to kids is a great cause. Kudos to your wife as well for generously offering to give away her things. And in light of that, regardless of if you reach the 1000 or not (and it looks like you will), you should take her on the kitty trip anyway. Then she can easily replenish the 200 items she had to give away. πŸ™‚

  267. I am not sure if I have left a comment before but even if I did, it would have been a long time ago. I am happy to be part of this “event”. Moreover, I do think it is much better if all the HK stuff that your wife has will go to an orphanage rather than ending up in the trash can or some hidden corner of your house. So, here’s my comment and I will let my friends know of this event and ask them to leave a comment.

    Last but not least, Mr. Kitty Hell, I have been reading your blog for quite a while not and do enjoy your blog a lot, keep the good work up and… hang in there!

  268. As a big fan of your Hello Kitty Hell website, and always flabbergasted at the terrible products bearing the Hello Kitty face, I wish you luck in getting to 1000 signatures. On one hand, it would be great for the orphans but on the other hand, it is spreading the evil Hello Kitty message to a much wider, more vulnerable audience. Cheers and keep up the good work.

  269. I am one of those readers who: “just read and never comment…β€œbecause everything is so ridiculous that it makes them speechless””

    I hope the kids enjoy all their new HK toys.

  270. Dear Mr. and Mrs. Hello Kitty,
    it’s great that you guys help out in orphanages! I’ve started subscribing through a RSS feed since last week. Must admit I love HK, but I also love the rants πŸ™‚
    Thankfully my son and partner get spared a lot of my ooohs andd aaahs but at the end of the day that’s why you guys love us girls πŸ˜‰
    Good luck Mr. HK, and Mrs. HK I’ll email you a few HK items I found here in Spain that I’ve never seen anywhere else.
    xx Maja

  271. First comment from me! I like all Hello Kitty stuff but also your blog. I can understand your feelings, as my male friends seem to react similarly to my HK enthusiasm, although it is nothing compared to your wife’s πŸ™‚

  272. That’s awesome. Your wife better come through with her promise. And I want to see pictures of the donations (i bet i’m not the only one that said this but it’s up to 500 and something already). Here’s to the both of you.

  273. Hi, I’ve never left a comment before but I am a loyal reader of this blog because I am a Hello Kitty fan. I know that by writing this time, I am helping to spread the HK love to those orphans. Good luck!

  274. I’we been reading this blog silently for ages. I love the evil feline even more since I learnd of her wicked dark side!
    Lets get her the hell out of your house and screw upp some small kids with some hello hitty hell of their own! πŸ™‚
    //Carmella from sweden

  275. Hello… I’ve been reading this blog since the beginning of the year. (I was looking to buy a Hello Kitty stapler for a friend even though I can’t really stand the feline menace myself).

    It looks as though you’ve got quite a few comments already, it’s nice that a few toys will be guven away.

    I look forward to reading future posts.

  276. I always read your blog (sorry to let you know this, but I love Hello Kitty and you’re a great source for new Hello Kitty stuff!) but I never left a comment before. You and your wife are very generous and I hope this comment helps make those children happy πŸ™‚
    Oh, it would be nice to see some picture of your wife donating Hello Kitty stuff to the children πŸ™‚

  277. Good luck on the 1000 comments. Already more than halfway there. I love hello kitty but not as fanatical as your wife. Close but not quite there. I do find some of the stuff you post to be a little too way out there at times. Sorry for the way you live. I would never put my husband through what your wife does to you.

  278. i’ve come across your blog several times in the past and every time i’ve given it a read, it has always amused me.
    my girlfriend is also a hello kitty fan, but fortunately not to the extent of your wife LOL!
    although your wife is getting rid of all this stuff, chances are she will find more stuff to fill the spaces she’s just created haha πŸ˜€

  279. I love hello kitty stuff but nowhere NEAR the vicinity in which your wife resides. πŸ˜‰ Your blog is a fun read and I hope you get the number of comments you need!

  280. I must confess I love HK, and have quite a lot of rubbish. However, I cannot believe the amount of crap that actually exists and that your poor wife puts you through the hell she does. You have my sympathies.

    Having said that, I love the blog – it just stupifies me what nonsense will be brought out next!! Like many others, I sit in wonder and don’t make any comments either!

  281. There once was a man who was swell
    Who lived in a sure kind of hell
    Living with an overload kitty
    He thought what pity
    That the orphans can’t have some as well!!!

    So, lets make it happen!!!

  282. I’m a HK fan, one of the original ones (remember way back when…) Yet I can appreciate when someone goes overboard! Hope those toys find their way to special kids!

  283. I love Hello Kitty but since im only 13, I dont get to buy all the Hello Kitty toys I want lol
    I hope lots of people comment so you can giv toys to children who need them πŸ™‚

  284. While I do love Hello Kitty, I am not a fanatic, and me and my Devil Dog absolutely laugh our buns off every time we read your comments about life in Hello Kitty Hell.
    If we ever end up in Japan, could we drop by for a visit? I would just love to see your wife’s collection.
    I promise to bring non-Hello Kitty food….

  285. I comment to help you out,

    I am still a bit upset that you didn’t publish my picture of the Hello kitty Smart Car that I sent you but anyway I understand that hello kitty is hell and that you do not want you wife to persued you to by a Smart car and have it turn in a hello kitty hell car.


  286. I read your blog all the time. I’m a huge Hello Kitty fan. Yes, I have a HK tattoo to prove it. Good luck w/ the toy drive. Your wife can start her collection all over again once the donation is made.
    Long Live Hello Kitty!

  287. hi. im from denmark so sorry for the bad spelling.
    im not af fan of hello kitty but i like to suport you in your course, so heres my comment.

    good luck.


  288. I like HK but i think ur wifes gone a bit overboard and should give the toys away anyway!!! =] PS luv ur blog, check it every day

  289. I am one of your readers who just read and never comment.

    I actually like HK and most Sanrio Characters. Your blog amuses me and also helps me to keep a grip on HK reality. Because of you my other half does not live in HK Hell.

    I commend your wife on her brave sacrifice! It will be hard to part with 200 pieces from your HK collection, but it’s for a really really good cause. The kids need toys.

    Thanks for a great blog. Keep up the good work!

  290. Hey, what a great idea! Well I’ve been reading your blog everyday for a few months now – every since I was searching for a new Hello kitty steering wheel cover and ran across it. lol…love the site though. Luckily, my boyfriend puts up with my Hello Kitty “attachment” fairly well…and of course loves the site also…probably for different reasons. πŸ™‚

  291. I’m one of the readers that just read and never comment.

    Mon devoir est accompli dΓ©sormais. Je retourne dans l’ombre…

  292. I read the posts all the time and think I have only commented one or two times. Mostly lurk unless something really requires my two cents. But I definately think HK should be shared with the kids.

  293. I love your blog! I also love HK, but I can see why some people don’t like her. I never comment, but I have your site tagged and read it almost everyday. πŸ™‚

  294. Oh you poor man. I know exactly how you feel about HK; I live in fear that my toddler will discover it and there will be no escape.

  295. I am obsessed with Hello Kitty and love it probably as much if not more then your wife. I usually just read this blog so I can learn about new HK things out there! But since this is for a good cause I will comment. I hope you realize once she gets all that stuff out of the house it is just an excuse for her to buy more!

  296. OMG hello kitty sucks shes sooo sweet its auctually sickening
    and now u can get hello kitty clothes in most of the shops in Northern Ireland …so Northern Ireland is full of kids teenagesr and (most worringly),adults wearing hello kitty socks underwear shoes makeup and god only knows wat else

  297. I’m one of your frequent readers, but I rarely ever post. I think that it is nice of your wife to donate some of the toys per your “bet” even if this doesn’t reach 1000 comments. It goes to show she’s a fair sport. =p

  298. I love Hello Kitty, but I often come here and read cause I need some laughs πŸ™‚ You have a good sense of humour and you’re great at describing any situation you may come across.
    I hope you get loads of comments for the kids! Such a sweet thing to do in true Hello Kitty-spirit ;P

  299. The racing leathers made me laugh until stuff came down my nose.but my BF saw the wrestling mask and now wants one.

  300. I love reading your blog! I stumbled on this a few months ago and have been glued ever since! It’s SO fun to see what new monstrous creations that HK can come up with. I have a small liking for hello kitty which is getting killed by your blog. Hope that makes you happy! πŸ™‚

  301. I’ll admit to being amused by youmg women in their 20s with a Hello kitty purse or backpack. Beyond that, “Kill the Kitty”.

  302. I read this, but I just never comment on it. Everything to say has already been said.

    Here’s to you cleaning out your house of Hello Kitty!

  303. I was introduced to your blog by a friend of mine and I sincerely pity your plight. So this comment goes up with two causes in mind: For the kids! And to spare you as many extra HK lying around the house!

  304. New commenter, longtime reader. The saying goes, “charity begins at home” and I can’t think of a better type of charity than making a child happy. May the feline of your nightmares be the gift to bring a child’s smile to life!

  305. Until this post, I didn’t realize that you truly were living in Hello Kitty Hell. I thought your stories were fabricated, good but fabricated. I like HK but a little bit goes a long way. Oh ya, those kids are going to love them so HK toys!

  306. hi! i read your website everyday but havnt commented before and thought this would be the perfect time. What your doing to help the kids is awesome and i will happily do my part to get them more toys!

  307. You’re right. I’m one of those people who don’t leave a comment and just look at your posts. I like checking Hello Kitty stuff that you normally wouldn’t find on Sanrio’s website. Despite your anti Hello Kitty feelings my boyfriends puts up with it very well. He loves my cuteness and Hello Kitty furthers my cuteness ^_^
    Yet I couldn’t help but comment for a good cause. So I hope this helped.

  308. I do love the HK. But I also love clearing out clutter. Oh, and helping orphans. That’s cool, too. πŸ˜‰

  309. good luck&I hope you wife makes lots of little kids happy with all those HK toys she’s going to be giving away.

  310. Isn’t it a little cruel to give Hello Kitty toys to orphans? Doesn’t it perpetuate the cycle of Hello-Kitty brainwashing? At the same time, I’m sure they will appreciate it, no matter how twisted it may be. And your house will have more room for MORE Hello Kitty crap. Anyway, thanks for posting!

  311. Go to it! Sanrio recently opened a shop in my current town of residence (Lima, Peru) and you would not believe how into that the locals are. (Like flies on a…well. you get the idea.) I saw a grown woman the other day carrying a furry pink hello kitty purse bigger than she was! And did you know, Hello Kitty has gotten realistic?

  312. Good luck buddy. I don’t think I could deal with there being 200 Hello Kitty items in my house let alone having to go on a Hello Kitty vacation… some of the stuff is cool, but really. ::shudder::

  313. Good Morning: This is the first time I’ve written in, although I have read the blog for at least a year. I’m glad that your wife is willing to part with some of her HK toys for charity, I can imagine how hard it is for her! Enjoy the freedom of 200 less HK toys!<