Katy Perry Gets a Hello Kitty Tattoo

Katy Perry gets a Hello Kitty tattoo on her middle finger

Katy Perry decided to get a tattoo for her birthday, and she decided wrong. She ended up getting a tattoo of the evil feline on her finger which she assumed would be “cute,” but in reality ended up highlighting exactly what the cat with no mouth stands for. She got it on her middle finger so the only way she can show anyone it is to flip the person off…exactly what Hello Kitty does to everyone she comes in contact with…

(sent in by kpfan)

7 thoughts on “Katy Perry Gets a Hello Kitty Tattoo”

  1. it looks good. quite nice flipping some1 off. i thought avril lavigne would get the tat tho as she did hello kitty song. tho i did think katy perry did it. i was wrong lol. post more pix of men’s hk tats.

  2. Yeah, how come there is no mention that she got this at Hello Kitty Con…or any post about Hello Kitty Con on here? It’s that, like, literal hell on Earth and this site’s wet dream?


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