Hello Kitty Knife

I make the following comment about the Hello Kitty cutting board on twitter:

When it’s time to slit my wrists to escape Hello Kitty Hell, the evil feline is kind enough to provide a place to do it.

This ends up in my email a day later with the following comment:

When you do it, Hello Kitty can help on the other end as well

Hello Kitty knife

Sent in by normajean

15 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Knife”

  1. slit your wrists? more like chop of your whole dang hand, cripes!

    tho on a side note, i would imagine that the hello kitty cutting board could be looked at as a positive, i mean come on. you’re essentially cutting hello kitty, isn’t that good?

  2. lol. Reminds me f that pictur. “this is a killlling machine, it is made of knife and hamster”
    but with hello kitty.
    god DAMN that knife is creepy.


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