Hello Kitty Uterus Plush

It’s not often that I’m left speechless in Hello Kitty Hell these days, but it still does happen from time to time. Like today. Seriously folks, you just can’t make this stuff up:

Hello Kitty uterus plush

Sent in by Ashley

40 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Uterus Plush”

  1. Uh I can see the connection. The general shape and the eyes and the location of the pink hair bow. It’s a bit abstract but yeah I can see it. Weird. Still, not as bad as the pregnant HK cake.

  2. Is that HK’s uterus?!?
    I surely hope not, but I’m questioning whether or not this is actually kittyfied…
    Either way, it’s just weird

  3. This is the ultimate show of womanhood. Hello Kitty protects women and brings the next generation of women into the world just like a woman’s uterus. This would be a wonderful gift for anyone you care deeply about.

  4. i would be speechless if i wasn’t laughing so hard. hello fallopian tubes? hello ovum? whoever took the time to cobble this thing together might want to take on the inner workings of the male reproductive system. at that point i would either stab my eyes out with a pair of hello kitty chopsticks or knit my own. yes….the only thing that would make this worse is if it was actually knitted.

  5. The best part about this is the time someone spent on creating this by hand. It’s a wonderful word. Yay for free expression.

    Um, I think.

  6. Why is ‘not meant for children’? After all what is the real uterus for? Keeping lettuce fresh? Re-coating CD’s?

    And as for why is it necessary – why is ANY of this crapola necessary? It’s not. I thought that was the whole point of the site.

  7. It looks more like a “damn it doll” than a uterus to me. (Google damn it doll if you don’t know what that is…) But either way, someone obviously handmade this, so if they want to call it “Hello Kitty” then fine, they can, because THEY made it, and art is in the eye of the beholder.

  8. So this is actually an item that my best friend made for me. I had to have surgery on my ovaries and while I was recovering, she made this and sent it to me to make me feel better. Since I love Hello Kitty, this brought a smile to my face more then anything could have during that time. I know the majority of people here have no idea what an amazing thing this represents for women and how it can make you feel, but if you checked out her other items you’d realize what a positive influence she is.


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