Hello Kitty DragonCon Pasties Nightmare

The Hello Robo Kitty in itself made it abundantly clear that not attending DragonCon 2009 was a wise decision. For anyone who still had any doubts, there was also this Hello Kitty pasties costume (not to be confused with these Hello Kitty pasties) roaming around at DragonCon. What I would give if I could somehow unsee this…

Hello Kitty pasties Dragoncon 2009

Hello Kitty Dragoncon 2009 pasties

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  1. What exactly is wrong with these pasties? The woman is smiling and happy because of Hello Kitty and that is exactly what Hello Kitty gives to everyone. Happiness and love. Hello Kitty is doing her job and making those that see her enjoy some happiness. Something that we never seem to get from this blog, I might add.

  2. How in the hell this got though, does Dragoncon have a dress code.?

    This would not pass muster at many fan conventions I go to.
    I send my condolences in your direction

  3. Those are my pasties, and not your photos. You stole them from other sources without attributing them to the photographer. So not only are you a douchebag who’s jealous of a girl with a sense of humor, but you’re a thief as well.

    @darlene – absolutely right. Everyone who saw me smiled and laughed and enjoyed themselves. Including the boyfriend, who received the benefits of dozens of people showing their appreciation.

  4. I always give credit for photos if I know where they came from. Unfortunately, many readers send in photos attached so I don’t know the original source such as in this case. If you know and would like to provide the original source to me, I will gladly give the proper credit.

  5. I could have lived my WHOLE life with out ever seeing this…. this is on instence where I agree…. I wish there was some way I coul unsee this.

    I agree with Leslie, its not so much the pasties, but what they are pasted on

  6. “So not only are you a douchebag whoโ€™s jealous of a girl with a sense of humor, but youโ€™re a thief as well.”

    If you have a sense of humor, then why are you so pissed off?

    Is it because you realized what an idiot you looked like walking around like that in a place where anyone can take pictures and legally post them on the internet?

    Or is it because deep down you know your “boyfriend” was mortified, not proud?

    Just saying. I was ALL on your side until you decided to be a bitch.

  7. If you are going to go for pasties, you have to have the boobs to back them up.
    She clearly doesn’t, earning these pasties a spot on the Hello Kitty Hell Wall of Fame (which there should be).

  8. OMG! That image will be forever burned in my mind. I wish I could bleach my brain right now.

    Seriously, this has to be one of the funniest, scariest, most bizarre things I’ve seen in my life & I spend all day at work surfing the internet.

    Thanks for sharing, i think :*(

  9. Yes, the dress code at Dragon*Con is ‘legal in the state of Georgia,’ which can be roughly summed up as ‘no pink.’ And not all of us are pretty, and we count on having loving friends not to treat us as ugly when we’re enjoying ourselves.

    So, if you can’t stand nudity, Stay away from Dragon*Con.

    And if your BEST response to con is making fun of fatties, Stay away from Dragon*Con.

    And if this is the ugliest thing you’ve ever seen and you need brain bleach, then stay off the Internet and go back to looking forward to your 12th birthday party.

    Dragon*Con Staffer

  10. Actually, I was thrilled to have her arm and very proud to escort such a lovely lady at DragonCon.

    She’s hot. I know the Internet is all about anonymously bringing down others to make yourself feel better, but it doesn’t have to always be that way.

  11. jeeeeeeez, how did HK opinions happen to turn into a “right” and “wrong” fest?? god I hate human morality. I’m not bohemian, but I don’t shove moral authority down people’s throats.

    And speaking of morality, did I hear a faint discrimination in the distance? Dragon*Con is quite an amazing fan convention to go to, even if some people like to judge on outer appearances. Oh hypocrisy

  12. Liz, have you MET the Internet? Remember in elementary school where we learned how people are all unique and different? One of those differences includes “being okay with having strangers get an eyeful.” The variety of human beings is strange and wonderful.

    And no, nudity or partial nudity is not indicative of having no morals. Those of us who have morals and like nudity find this assumption offensive.

  13. I guess….hypocrisy…um…actually I don’t mind nudity as much if there is not HK attached….sure worse can happen….but this is really bad….

  14. I love HK pasties, dirndl corsets, leopard print of any kind AND flip flops. Would I have the balls that Darlene did to wear them all @ once, prolly not. Good for you Babe, you go! And PS, why all the the HK pasty mentions and nobody points out the real issue in the pic which is that BF drinks Bud Light. Clearly we must rescue you BF from this domestic beer consumption… Keep rockin it you two! Xoxox

  15. To the wearer of the pasties: You go, girl! You look like you’re having fun… and The Boyfriend looks like he’s not only having fun, but going to have more fun later, if you know what I mean. ๐Ÿ™‚

    To a certain few of the commenters: I’m terribly sorry if the average female body offends you so. However, unless you’re going to spend your whole life dating 19-year-old sorority girls, you will eventually discover that the price of seeing bare boobs is watching them sag.

  16. That’s not the average female body, sorry.
    That’s kind of embarrassing, not just to her but the entire female population. Yikes.

  17. I was at dragoncon and I met this person. She was a friend of a friend. What you dont understand about dragoncon is that plenty of people dress this way. It shows confidence on her behalf to be able to walk around like this, and she was all smiles the whole time I talked with her. She also got plenty of compliments. I doubt all of you have perfect bodies, and would be willing to bare it as much as she did.

  18. I think the lady looks sweet and has a nice smile. She’s pretty. Even if she is overweight, who cares? Half of America is overweight. Being big is not a symbol of being a failure at life. What IS a sign of being a failure at life is judging other people with a harsh eye that is used to photoshopped, plastic surgery victims that they show in most ‘men’s’ (read boys) magazines. Get over yourselves. You’d be lucky to get ANY woman, you immature bratty boys!

  19. This is about Hello Kitty . . . not being overweight. And Hello Kitty doesn’t bring joy. And if Darlene gains nothing from this blog, she ought not read it.

  20. What’s funny is that chick is probably getting/has gotten more action than anyone here that had anything negative to say. No offense, ‘the boyfriend’, but I’d tap that.

  21. I’m a Dragon*Con-er, a Hello Kitty fan, and I think these are FABULOUS. Kitty looks happy, lady looks happy, boyfriend looks happy, I see no ill in this photo. In fact, I wish I felt half as good about my looks as this styling gal obviously does, so I could strut the Kitties too. Confidence is sexy. Loving yourself is sexy.

    Slamming other people over the things that make them wonderful and unique is totally a loser tactic.

  22. Um, all I have to say is, sure, the fact that they make hello kitty nipple tassels is freaky.

    But don’t mock the girl wearing them. She’s going to dragon*con and having fun :/ Why do you lot have this need to mock someone who is actually happy with how they look?

    I mean, just because most of the females who’d be commenting and young enough to be claiming that their tits are “cuter” are probably throwing up in the bathroom to “make themselves skinnier”

    Woman’s breasts sag. It is what they do. If any of you had ever dated a woman past the age of 19 who actually had some tits, you would know this.

  23. :/ She’s pretty confident, so I guess more power to her.
    But she could use a little more support.
    Also, props to her boyfriend for going as Captain Jack.
    That made me smile.
    Lmao, @Hello Satan. Those pants are indeed terrible.

  24. There are a lot of morons posting. Anybody who thinks this is horrible has never been to Dragon*Con. This is tame. This is what people do at Dragon*Con. Dress outrageously and have fun. This lady fits in quite nicely. I’ll be at Dragon*Con in 2 weeks, and I’d love to meet her and have my picture taken with her. More power to ya, babe..

  25. That’s great and all that she feels good about herself, but forcing others in the public eye to see her in this fashion is what makes this disgusting. Not everyone wants to see how gravity works. And btw, I feel the same way about any form of public nudity


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