Hello Kitty Cat Litter

There is absolutely no surprise that Hello Kitty cat litter exists. One can only hope that the cat litter is made in the shape of Hello Kitty faces that will get exactly what they deserve when the cat needs to relieve itself…

Hello Kitty cat litter

20 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Cat Litter”

  1. I would never want to use it! I would want to keep it and look at it. And I am a hello kitty fanatic so respect the cat. It is soooooooooooooooooooooo cool. Unlike the hellokitty haters.Where can I get some? Does it smell good? Is it is in the shape of cats? I want some!

  2. Im a big hello kitty fan.
    I’m not sure of that brand of litter though.
    Of coarse, I only buy the brands that get rid of the smell!

  3. Surprsingly (and disappointedly), I cannot find a Hello Kitty kitty litter box. I have found your new mission in life. Aaaaand go!

  4. me and my mom love hello kitty the bad thing is we would probley buy all this stuff not encluding the weapons though

  5. I love Hello Kitty I like stalk her. Having this cat litter would be an honor to me. I would sleep in it every night and would probably eat if im hungry. This is so cool. My cat is named Hello Kitty aswell even though its a boy haha! But who cares. I even painted its nails with pink Hello Kitty nail polish and put Hello kitty’s face on everyone! WOOP WOOP FOR HK!


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