Vajazzle (NSFW)

Although I have come to the inevitable (although still excruciatingly painful) realization that I’m going to eventually see everything succumb to the branding of the evil feline at some point, there are still things that end up in my email that I hope for the sanity of the human race never become trends. The Hello Kitty vajazzle is most definitely one of those things:

hello kitty vajazzle

I’m not even sure where to start with all the things that are wrong with this, especially since there are apparently fanatics who think that getting something like this is actually a good idea. If the world were truly a just world, everyone who even imagined placing a sparkly, blinged out kitty on their kitty would be banished to live a life where they could never make a decision for themselves again. Unfortunately, this is not a just world that we live in. Instead some poor, unsuspecting individual is going to imagine that he’s going to get lucky and have one hell of a night only to come face to face with a HK vajazzle and realize that in reality he has become mentally scarred for life with the unfortunate introduction of experiencing a Hello Kitty hellish night. The only certainty if something this horrifying happens to you is that not only will this never be able to be unseen, vastly worse (I know it may not seem possible, but believe me, things always get worse) will come your way if you don’t run as fast and as far away as you can…

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