Hello Kitty iPod Clock Radio Docking Station

Well, several readers (thanks Sabine, Becky and Dan for your contribution to my Hello Kitty Hell) decided that I should know about the new Hello Kitty clock radio / docking station for Apple’s iPod. It’s nice to know that those that read about my Hello Kitty Hell want to see me to sink deeper into it’s depths…

Hello Kitty Clock Radio / iPod Dock

Of course, as soon as my wife got one look at it she decided that it was something that she had to have (like that was a surprise…). That means that I will soon have to wake up each morning to Hello Kitty and undoubtedly that awful Hello Kitty song:

Listen to that once (because I would never imagine torturing anyone by making them listen to it more than that) and imagine having to listen to it every single morning when you get up. That, my friends, is where my Hello Kitty Hell is heading with this newest gadget…

Hello Kitty Sake Rice Wine

Last year at this time my wife and I almost had a first in Hello Kitty Hell – a Hello Kitty item that both my wife and I agreed upon was worth buying: Hello Kitty Sake (rice wine). I figured if it could get me drunk, it couldn’t be all that bad of a thing and so I agreed that it was OK to buy it without any complaints.


Hello Kitty Sake

As you can see, we still have the bottle – once we had the bottle in hand and I was ready to break the seal and sip some of my reward for agreeing to get the Hello Kitty sake, I was told that I wasn’t allowed to drink it:

wife: “If you drink it, then we can no longer display it.”

me: “Isn’t drinking the point of buying sake?”

wife: “No, the point is to display it and enjoy how cute it is”

me: “…(thinking why didn’t I see this coming?)”

Of course, this year we are going to have to purchase another bottle that will never see my lips to keep last year’s bottle company…and a reminder that yet another year of Hello Kitty Hell just around the corner…

Hello Kitty Yarn

Hello Kitty fanatics will buy anything that is branded Hello Kitty. My wife pays 3x as much for “Hello Kitty” yarn when she knits. Of course, this is simply regular yarn with a Hello Kitty label, but this makes no difference to her. It’s Hello Kitty so it’s the only yarn that will do:

Hello Kitty Yarn White

Hello Kitty Yarn Black

Hello Kitty Yarn Red

Of course, being that this is Hello Kitty Hell, I actually don’t mind paying 3x the going price for Hello Kitty yarn because I always think that it could be worse. One day in the not to distant future, they are going to make yarn with Hello Kitty actually in the yarn itself and then I will have to wear Hello Kitty sweaters, hats and gloves all winter long…

$164,000 Platinum Hello Kitty Figure

It is stores marketing to Hello Kitty fanatics during the Xmas season that by far worry me the most and you know that they are going to come up with some ridiculously expensive items that all Hello Kitty fanatics are going to be drooling over. This is that award goes to Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi department store in Tokyo which is selling a 590 gram platinum character for 18.9 million yen (approx $164,000). This is apparently the most expensive Hello Kitty figure ever produced (which will undoubtedly be outdone next year because there is always a Hello Kitty fan that is willing to pay more).

Platinum Hello Kitty $164,000 Million

My wife has already printed out the photo and added it to her wish list (yeah, right….) Apparently she comes with seven different hair ribbons made of diamonds, rubies, and other precious gems that can be worn by Hello Kitty or used as a pendant (I need to figure out a way to sever her contacts back in Japan so that she doesn’t learn about these types of things…)

The figure will be on display this Tuesday in a special Christmas section at the Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi department store until December 21. I can tell you right now that we will not be heading back to Japan before this date because then we would have to spend every evening going to see it as our entertainment. On the bright side, I’d be a lot deeper in Hello Kitty Hell if I made more money…

Hello Kitty Laptop & Ipod

My wife got wind that a special Hello Kitty laptop and ipod package will soon be launched in Japan so she wants us to go back there asap. See the problem is that this special offering is being limited to just 100 units so she is convinced that she will be able to resell them for a big profit. My worry is that they will never leave and just be more Hello Kitty Hell product filling up the house. The price also isn’t much of a deal with the pair selling for 248,000 yen (approx. $2100). We will be heading back for the New Year holiday there so I’m praying that they go on sale before then…

Hello Kitty Laptop

Hello Kitty Ipod