Hello Kitty Men Project

So, my worst nightmares are coming true in far too many ways (more on that in the coming days). The fact that the people at Sanrio have come to the conclusion it’s time to release a dedicated Hello Kitty brand for men certainly isn’t making these nightmares any less frightening. Apparently, they believe there’s a body of men who still don’t have a “preconceived idea” of the evil feline that associates it with little girls. They also think an image with a male model with a huge cartoon bow across his face to advertise the new brand is somehow going to appeal to someone with even a bit of sanity (granted, they are working with a customer base who will buy absolutely anything, so they really aren’t used to have to actually think about what they are creating…)

hello Kitty brand for men

I have no doubt they are simply trying to push all those poor souls who have managed to survive the hell of a friend or family member being a Hello Kitty fanatic over the edge when that fanatic decides the men in her life need to wear Hello Kitty with her. It’s a win-win for Sanrio. The fanatic buys more crap while those fighting the resistance are eliminated as they realize even the most horrific death is a lot less painful than having to wear a clothes line from the cat with no mouth.

The only good news here is that the actual new brand for men won’t be available until next year so we don’t have to immediately suffer the consequences. The bad news is that we now have confirmation things will continue to get worse…