Hello Kitty Cars

One would think that upon the first Hello Kitty car coming into existence that everyone would have taken one look at it and decided then and there that it was one of the worst ideas ever to be considered. Unfortunately, Hello Kitty fanatics don’t let little things like common sense get in their way and thus we have far more Hello Kitty cars in the world than humanity should ever have to see…

Hello Kitty Halloween VW Bug Hello Kitty Antonio Baray NFL Football player smart car Pink Honda Fit covered with Hello Kitty
Hello Kitty red Ferrari from Taiwan Hello Kitty pink Honda Hello Kitty ganster style car found at Walmart
Hello Kitty pink pimped out car Hello Kitty pink pick-up truck Hello Kitty family minivan
Hello Kitty pink polski Fiat car Hello Kitty Toyota Scion XB car Hello Kitty yellow Volkswagen car
Hello Kitty white porsche car Hello Kitty Mitsubishi princess kitty car Hello Kitty princess car
Hello Kitty pink Ferrari car Hello Kitty Smart Car small car big smile Hello Kitty Toyota Prius hybrid car

3 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Cars”

  1. Ahh, come on..you know you want one..you wont ever loose your simple car in the parking lot EVER again! lol

    Where to get the seat covers! and the decals..i ve been hunting for months!


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