Hello Kitty Bed

While everything about the evil feline is bad, it takes on a significantly worse vibe when it’s in the bedroom. When you walk into a room and see a bed like this, a romantic evening is not what comes to mind — tearing your hair out and burning your eyes shut, yes, but not romance. The result being that no matter how good or bad your day was, it becomes significantly worse when you have to come home to this.

Hello Kitty bed

Sent in by greta

26 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Bed”

  1. Not even Viagra could counteract that disaster.

    I wonder if I could get me one of those for occassions when I just don’t wanna be asked?

  2. This is the dream bed of every woman alive. Imagine how happy going to sleep in this beautiful bed would make you every night?

    And if you can’t get into a romantic mood from this, then you don’t know what romance is. Hello Kitty is all about romance!

    The only thing that is getting significantly worse these days are your pathetic opinions and writing which make no sense at all and don’t match with reality at all!

  3. Eh? Dream bed of every woman alive? On the contrary Darlene, it’s left me with the strong believe I need to reevaluate my liking of the furry feline. I mean that’s just too cutsie, even for me, it’s bordering on sickly, stomach churning cutsie.

    Also, I think if I ever dared try to get romantic in a bed like this with hubby, he’d be on the phone booking a vasectomy faster than I could say hello kitty.

  4. Kind of cute,
    Beside me, there are a few other adult guys and gals sleep on Hello Kitty bedding.

    I sleep on my Hello Kitty bedding every night, this is no joke, knowing I defy you MR. HKH.

  5. no matter how much I hate that little cat thing we call Hello Kitty….

    I must have that bed. It screams ‘cute and girly just got drunk and threw up all over me’.

    I’m being serious.

  6. “And if you can’t get into a romantic mood from this, then you don’t know what romance is. Hello Kitty is all about romance! ”

    i chocked on my vomit a bit right now
    this saying makes me wanna remove my fallopian tubes and join the circus
    a mouthless cartoon is all about romance….

  7. hello kitty is cuteness not romance darlene. i love hello kitty to a sacry extent because i intend to be single and childish *sighes*

  8. … Darlene… Sweetie…
    I Am a woman… And I can say… I would only sleep on that if I had no other choice.

    Pink and fuzzy is for little girls, not for adults, and even though I do like Hello kitty a bit, Damn… No Flippin’ Way…
    I salute you, Sir, for not having set fire to your house yet…

  9. It is a birth control room. It is like HK condom, and magnify the effect 10 times.

    Now you just need some HK condom, a HK condom holder, a HK vibrator, and HK underwear to make sure you never get any action.

    Let alone a man…I don’t think my gf would agree to do anything remotely interesting on that sea of pink with HK. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  10. AHHH!!! i love this it’s so cute. I’ve been looking for HK bedding lately but i’m kinda thinking the same thing because the guy i have sex with HATES hello kitty and i feel like he’ll just run away as soon as he sees it hahaha. the one i want is red though and it doesn’t have dear daniel.
    also if you don’t mind my asking, where can i get the bow shaped stool???

  11. lol never mind!! i just read the FAQs and such. hahaha it’s cool i’ll just look for it elsewhere. this is an… intriguing… blog by the way. ha sorry you hate hello kitty so much 🙁


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