Hello Kitty .45 Caliber Handgun Hello Kitty Sig Sauer p226 Handgun Hello Kitty M4
Hello Kitty Hand Grenade Hello Kitty Machine Gun Hello Kitty Taser Gun
Hello Kitty Shotgun Hello Kitty XM8 Rifle Hello Kitty Assault Rifle
Hello Kitty Assault Rifle Hello Kitty AK-47 Hello Kitty Gun
Hello Kitty Gun Hello Kitty Chainsaw Hello Kitty Pink Gun

15 thoughts on “Weapons”

  1. Hate to say it, but I frelling love these! They are scarier than anything any army is carrying right now. Think about it – what would turn you into a shriveling ball of crying hysteria faster? A) 10 Regular army types with typical AK47’s or B) 5 little girls aiming pink Hello Kitty XM8 rifles at you.

  2. Row 3, Column 2 – Is that a Star Trek: The Next Generation movie Phaser Rifle? If so, then I predict a major face-off between Sanrio and Viacom’s legal departments!!!

  3. Kitteh!!… even without clicking on the pic to see it larger I can see the lighting bolt on the end that Taser puts on all of their products. if you just hover your mouse over the pic you’ll see the link is to the Hello Kitty Taser page… it is a Taser C2

  4. hey silver i like your comment it’s funny….ehhm…could a little girl let us say 8 years old could also have that hello kitty gun and if her mom scolded her….ohohohoh i dont like to continue its it’s bad…

  5. OK all I have to say its them small quiet ones u need to worry bout there is no evil twin she’s just got a dark side and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!


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