Hot Pen Brand Scar

I guess it’s obvious (at least to Hello Kitty fanatics) that there are simply not enough Hello Kitty scars in the world. It’s also pretty obvious that anyone that would think that putting Hello Kitty needles into their back really wouldn’t think twice about having the evil feline hop pen branded into her skin:

Hello Kitty hot pen brand scar

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Corn Flakes

You knew that it was simply a matter of time. First it was Hello Kitty toast and coffee. Then came the Hello Kitty eggs (both scrambled and hard boiled) and Hello Kitty bacon (and sausage) which soon lead to Hello Kitty pancakes and Hello Kitty waffles Once the Hello Kitty Fruit Loops made their appearance, did you really think it would stop there? Hello Kitty is determined to take over every part of breakast and she is now going through the cereals one by one with the addition of Hello Kitty corn flakes:

Hello Kitty cornflakes

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