Hello Kitty Coffee Maker Toaster Oven

Whats worse than a Hello Kitty coffee maker or a Hello Kitty toaster oven. The Hello Kitty coffee maker toaster oven combination of course:

Hello Kitty coffee maker toaster oven

Sent in by shelly (via amasc)

More Hello Kitty coffee makers to ruin your morning cup o’ Joe sent in by Samantha

Hello Kitty coffee maker in white

Hello Kitty coffee maker

Hello Kitty pink coffee maker

Hello Kitty 2 cup coffee maker

23 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Coffee Maker Toaster Oven”

  1. How practical! I’d love to have one at my office. I’m sure my colleagues wouldn’t mind, as unlike you, they have no masculinity issues and are not threatened by pink appliances.

  2. I was a HK fan until I saw this. Then I pictured every morning of my life stumbling out of bed bleary eyed to put on the coffee and make toast for The Husbear only to be confronted with that bastion of pinkness. It did my head in. I am cured. (Can anybody else hear angels singing? Was that clouds parting?)

  3. *drools* Me likey muy mucho. Sorry HKH man, this item brings out my fanatic side. Can’t find anything wrong with it. Wait…yes I can. Hubby would never let me have one :'( *sniffle*

  4. Because if you hate Hello Kitty enough to start a humorous entertaining blog about the comercialized crap with the spawn-of-satan-cat on it, you MUST have masculinity issues! OF COURSE! Hurf durf!

    I BELIEVE IN MR. HKH’S MANLYNESS! I’d prefer a man who hates the beady-eyed little feline over anything else, thank you! <3

  5. Love the toaster and coffee pot together idea. Now I just need to find one with no HK on it.

    I don’t think it is a masculinity issue… I am 100% positive my gf for over 10 years would seriously think about breaking up with me if I try to get her coffee in this thing……No seriously I think I would dump the coffee on whoever think attacking me with pink in the morning is a good idea…REALLY…

    And if I end up having a husband, yes I would much rather he hates HK than adore it. It just wrong.

  6. …I kind of want one of these combo-thingies every time i see one. My friend had a McDonald’s themed one.

    …….This really looks well engineered, but it’s so dang pink! D:

  7. I love the idea that it looks like a toy for kids but really works. It would have to be kept perfectly clean as would not want crumbs and food bits spoiling the god like beauty of Hello Kittys face on the oven window.

    Practicality and frivolity in little neat cute pink household appliances. I covet them ALL. Way better than dull white and steel yawnsome kettles and coffee makers.


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