Hello Kitty MP3 Player

The evil feline doesn’t even allow one to listen to music in peace as this Hello Kitty MP3 player plainly shows.

Hello Kitty mp3 player styles

Hello Kitty mp3 player

Hello Kitty mp3 player bottom

Hello Kitty mp3 player accessories

When you live in Hello Kitty Hell it gets even worse because the first song that will go on the mp3 player will undoubtedly be the Hello Kitty theme song (listen at your own risk – you have been warned)

I warned you…

Sent in by Joni (via geekstuff4u)

18 thoughts on “Hello Kitty MP3 Player”

  1. the black ones kind of badass………but I’d prefer if it was a BazMaru mp3 cuz being asain with something hello kitty isn’t good image lol

  2. Oh God, I listened.

    There are tears in my eyes. A saxophone was used in that. I play Saxophone.

    Is nothing sacred? IS NOTHING SACRED? *Goes off to wipe the tears away and try to forget it ever happened with liberal amounts of Green Day and Metallica*


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