Hello Kitty Asics Shoes

I vowed to stay away from mentioning Hello Kitty shoes after the constant whining to the Hello Kitty Converse high tops and the hate mail I have received from the whiners. Unfortunately, these Hello Kitty Asics monstrosities keep ending up in my email and since my eyes can’t take seeing them over and over again, I’ve made this exception and will let you all suffer as well:

Hello Kitty Asics shoes

Sent in by far too many people

Update: You knew (although I was desperately wishing for the impossible) that it couldn’t end with a single pair. I would have been just fine in my ignorance of not knowing, but no, Kristin had to inform me that now Asics has produced a limited edition Red Print and Black & Gold (called Dollar) Hello Kitty shoes to make your feet and fashion that more hideous:

Hello Kitty Asics redstar shoes

Hello Kitty Asics gold black shoes

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