Hello Kitty 35 Anniversary Laptop Computer

The end of the year and the coming of November 1 (the evil feline’s birthday) always makes Hello Kitty Hell that more hellish with all the “anniversary” products shilled to fanatics. The Epson 35th Anniversary laptop computer is a perfect example of why everyone should hate November 1:

Hello Kitty Epson laptop

Hello Kitty 35 anniversary Epson laptop

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19 thoughts on “Hello Kitty 35 Anniversary Laptop Computer”

  1. Yet further proof of not just Sanrio’s but Japan’s cultural obsession with idealising prepubescence and thus infantilising (infantising?) grown women who are terrified to be seen as Christmas Cake (“Sure, it looks great, but who wants it after the twenty-fifth?”). The fact that there is an adult market for merch like this is depressingly indicative of not just Japan’s well-established fetishisation of youth, but also Western Culture’s growing fixation on the same.

  2. Does it come in pink? I think I need one.
    Thank you for giving me a new HK item to scare The Husbear. He’ll probably trade me for the diamond earings I’ve been wanting if I don’t buy it. This site is an awsome jewelry generator. You should see what I got for not buying the undies for him.

  3. How dare you say that November 1 is a day people should hate! What is wrong with you? That is a terrible thing to say about anybody’s birthday and especially someone that bring so much love and happiness to everyone. Hello Kitty’s 35th anniversary is a great event that people all over the world will celebrate together with Hello Kitty to spread her love. You can’t stop that from happening with this unethical blog.

  4. I say enough
    1st Nov we storm MR. HKH gates, you are getting Kittized. I gettign the pink Hello Kitty man suit for you. You will surrender Novemner 1st. 😉

  5. Hey, I hate November 1st anyway. It’s the day after Halloween OH WHY DOES IT HAVE TO END?! But anyway, as far as Sanrio products go, this one is just barely un-tacky. The thing looks like a pasty birthday cake, for pessake.

  6. kitty obviously does not spread love to everyone, darlene. This blog kind of proves that.
    You can’t make that fact untrue with your unethical posts.

  7. hmm darlene i am a very happy if not hyper hk fan but um people are entitled to the hate or in his case extreme annyonce of hello kitty. i love hello kitty but everyone has different tastes. this is america so shut up XD

  8. i can’t wait for her 35th birthday! :3
    mainly because they’re having a huge art show with all my favorite artists drawing her.
    its going to launch a whole new wave of hello kitty stuff at you though.
    sorry sir.

  9. Love it!!!!! But yeah pink or purple would be so much cuter. This white is likely to get a lil dingy lol. This site is the best. I wish my boyfriend hated HK as much as this guy. Maybe then he’d start a website that turned me on to awesome new HK items. HK hater husband guy … u da best : )


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