Hello Kitty Blow Light

There is weird Hello Kitty stuff, and then there is weird Hello Kitty stuff. This is one of the strangest I’ve come across sent in by HK-S&M. It’s the Hello Kitty blow light and if you’re into weird sex toys, this is the one for you.

Hello Kitty blow light sex toy

Since this is a somewhat family friendly site, I’m not going to go into the gory details of how this works, but you can use your imagination. This was a Xmas gift sent out by Sanrio to sex shops across Japan this past year. Hello Kitty is a Santa and on the bottom there is a strategically placed opening for men to use…and on completion of their deed, there is a chemical reaction that lights up the figure to let everyone know you’re done and it has been used (I know, that’s probably more description than you wanted to know…it certainly was way more than I ever wanted to find out…)

The direction of use is printed on the back, but again, they aren’t really family friendly diagrams. If you want to see them, you can see them here (warning, they are adult oriented and not safe for work)

Only in Japan would they come up with something Hello Kitty like this and it brings my fear in Hello Kitty Hell to an entire new level of what photos might show up in my email next…

Hello Kitty Sex Toy ??

Maybe it wasn’t obvious to me simply because I’m a man, but I had no idea what this Hello Kitty item was when I first saw it. Actually, something did come to mind and it scared the Hello Kitty Hell out of me, but fortunately I was way off base (kind of like the Hello Kitty condom that ended up being cheese) Yes, I realize now that it’s a far stretch to assume it was a sex toy, but I’m a guy and our minds are perpetually in the gutter and when viewed from a distance…

Hello Kitty sex toy??

Now I assume the women will know what this is (my wife just shook her head when I had no idea — but at least I was smart enough not to say what I thought — that would have really caused a Hello Kitty Hell incident). So if there are any guys that read this blog, make me feel better that I’m not the only stupid person that had no clue what it is.

Hello Kitty Love Hotel Bondage

There is Hello Kitty Hell and then there is Hello Kitty HELL – I have nightmares about something like this. The Morning News ran an article about Japanese Love Hotels with photos including the following of a Hello Kitty S & M room:

Hello Kitty Love Hotel

Hello Kitty Love Hotel Bondage

I can think of nothing worse (although I’m sure my wife will think of something) than being chained down to a Hello Kitty covered bed with Hello Kitty all around. My wife, seeing these photos, has decided that we must go to this love hotel since it is located in Osaka which is fairly near to us – I am hoping (most likely futilely) that the hotel has gone out of business since the photos are dated 2004. I’m not sure even I would be able to recover from a Hello Kitty Hell experience like that…

Photo Source: The Morning News