With Friends Like This…

Hello Kitty & NateI took off for the weekend to Las Vegas to meet my business partner, Nate, with whom I’ve worked on a number of websites, but had never met before. I thought that this trip would get me away from my Hello Kitty Hell for at least a weekend, but alas, this was not the case.

You see, when people hear about my Hello Kitty Hell, they think that it’s humorous. Looking at it from the outside, I guess I could see this point of view. Being on the inside, however, the Hello Kitty Hell multiplies with the number of people who learn about what I have to live with because they continually bring it up (as they laugh).

Instead of escaping from Hello Kitty on this trip, Nate made us go into every Hello Kitty shop we came across to try and find a gift for my wife that she didn’t already have. Of course, I would never even consider getting something Hello Kitty for my wife because that might encourage her and make her believe that I actually support her Hello Kitty fanaticism in some way. Actually, it’s pretty much a moot point because there is rarely anything that I ever see that she doesn’t already have.

I am now painfully aware of every Hello Kitty shop in the Las Vegas area. When I explained to my wife what Nate had done to me, she was overjoyed that I could now take her if we go to Vegas in the future. She also wanted to know why Nate was willing to take a photo with Hello Kitty and I always refuse.

I think I have the perfect plan to get back at Nate. The next time we meet, I’ll make sure my wife comes along and since she now thinks that Nate likes Hello Kitty, I’ll let him deal with her Hello Kitty shopping for a day. That should teach him…

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