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I’ve received a number of requests in the comment section of posts to reveal my email so that people can send me Hello Kitty photos. This represents a huge dilemma for me. I have no desire to see more Hello Kitty in my daily life than already exists and having my email fill up with Hello Kitty photos kind of seems like a whole new Hello Kitty Hell in itself.

In addition, on the off chance that something is sent to me that my wife doesn’t already have in her collection, she’s going to want to add it to it which certainly is not a positive step in reducing the Hello Kitty in my life.

These points should have me guarding my email secretly from all that visit this site, but of course there is a sadistic hopeful quality in anyone that can live in a Hello Kitty Hell. There might be that one Hello Kitty item out there that is so hideous that it would actually make a Hello Kitty fanatic reconsider their love of Hello Kitty (come on, we all have to have dreams). If I should miss this because someone could not contact me with it, that means that I will have to live longer like this than is necessary.

So it is with dreaded fear (and unfounded hope) that you can now find my email contact in the sidebar…

3 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Hell Email”

  1. Greetings from England.

    I am also a Hello Kitty Fan but you wife dose seem worse than me, i also buy from the same ebay seller but i see a sertan person who buys a lot of it. so i tell my Husband theres more worse Kitty fans than me.

    Take care stressed Guy

  2. i just wanted to ask u were u found thoughs hello kitty converse my cusin is curently dealing with lupus an her birthday is near its been a hard year an i want to get her spirts back as it once was! i know u hate hello kitty an this is your hell but i would realy appreciate if you would kindly tell me were u found them. it would mean the world to her .




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