Hello Kitty Tombstone

I received the following email from a reader named Shane the other day:

Just wanted to give you some insite before it was to late and you are damned to eternity within hello kitty hell. I would suggest you go and pick out your casket and head stone now plus set in your will that these are the things you want to be your last will and testament. The chances that there are Hello Kitty tombstones and caskets are likely. So that you won’t have to spend the only time you will have without Hello Kitty staring at the monogrammed liner of a Hello Kitty casket and sleeping on your plush Hello Kitty pillow.

At first I chuckled to myself and that this was extreme even by Hello Kitty Hell standards, but as the day wore on, I couldn’t shake what he said and I started to get nervous. What if there really were Hello Kitty tombstones and caskets?

To my utter dismay it didn’t take me long to find a Hello Kitty Tombstone and having lived in Japan, I can confirm that it truly is a real gravestone:

Hello Kitty Tombstone
Photo courtesy of Greg from Greg.org

While I wasn’t able to unearth any photos of Hello Kitty coffins, it isn’t unreasonable to agree with Shane that they probably do exist if the tombstones exist.

This realization that once I leave this world, I still may not be free from my Hello Kitty Hell (just think about it – being buried in a Hello Kitty casket with Hello Kitty guarding your grave – this is the scariest story I’ve heard the entire Halloween season!) has thrown the entire Hello Kitty Hell purgatory to a whole new dimension. I’m not sure I’ll be able to sleep tonight.

I would like to thank Shane for looking out for me and thinking about the future. It goes to show that Hello Kitty fanantics can’t be trusted to leave any item untouched…

post script: just as I was about to post this:

wife walks in: what’s that?

me: Nothing (trying to get the Hello Kitty tombstone off the computer screen)

wife: Oh, what a great idea! It’s sooooo cute. I want one of those. Then we can also order a Dear Daniel one too and we can be with them for eternity…

Hello Kitty Hell for eternity…I think it’s time I go and change my will…

24 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Tombstone”

  1. Hahahaha, you totally crack me up! I love your website, but you’ve forgotten to mention Kitty’s B-Day (Nov. 1)! And I’ve also got myself some Kitty high tops. 🙂

  2. Might I suggest changing your will to indicate that you want to be cremated, and have your ashes spread over an ocean or something? That way you’ll totally escape the clasp of Hello Kitty Hell, at least in death anyway. Just a suggestion, hope the wife picks up on the fact that she’s being overly obsessive with her Hello Kitty fandom. Before we find news articles of a woman sliced open and stuffed with Hello Kitty items XD … Here’s to your sanity! * torches a Hello Kitty plush * Fire cures all things !

  3. About the cremation, though…Your wife could always dress you head to toe in Hello Kitty and then have you cremated. Your ashes would meld with the Hello Kitty ashes. You’d be one with Hello Kitty!
    PS. I LOVE the KT & DD tombstone set. What a great idea!

  4. Hahahahhahahahahaha…!!! :D:D I’ve thought about a pink funeral, but haven’t thought of a Kitty tombstone. This is an awesome reminder (^_~)!!!! And no, it won’t be Hello Kitty Hell for your eternity! Get the Kitty Angel one–it’d be Kitty Heaven Eternity! Yay! v(^_^)v

  5. hi helo kitty yea hello kitty yea YEA YEAH YEAH YEAH MANNNNN………………… SO WATCH YA TALKIN BOUT YEA I got the picture’s of you I LOVE YOU HELLO KITTY YOUR SOOO CUTE AHHHHHH

  6. I was going to suggest cremation too, but you know they would make the cutest little Hello Kitty bronze urns, for the mantle. Or bedside table. 🙂

  7. Oh My! I’m sorry but I’m laughing SOOOOOOOOOOO much. Do you really live with a woman that is so fanatic?
    I love hello kitty myself, but that’s far beyond the limit…
    You’re not alone in this world, be sure… my male friends hate hello kitty too :o)
    They make a lot of jokes about me saying what my husband would have to handle lol… this is just the perfect blog…

  8. I hope & pray to Jesus that nothing happens to me, but I did say to some friends about 5 years ago, that if something did happened, I wanted my family to contact the Sanrio Co. in Osaka, Japan & order such a product. I figure that when it is my time, my family & friends will naturally be sad. However, once the pink lid is closed they see that white fat face lipless cat staring back at them, their tears of sadness will turn into tears of joy. Each will turn to the other & with a hearty laugh, they’ll say, “That’s our Robyn!” My motto in life: “Always leave ’em laughin’!” So be it in death.

  9. OMG!!! I can’t believe someone else thought about a Hello Kitty casket with a monogrammed liner (even if it was in the negative), I thought I was the only one! I’ve already told my parents and boyfriend that if I go before any of them, I want to be buried in a Hello Kitty casket – pink, with a white satin liner monogrammed in red with Kitty’s face. I thought it would probably have to be specially made, but if someone else has thought of it, and if you have found some HK tombstones, then your probably right – they probably do exist. Thanks for giving me hope. Did I just said ‘hope’ regarding my early demise…? Oh well! : )

  10. After telling my mother (At some length) about this website, she had two comments. About this particular entry: “Yes! Bury her!” and that she would be burning the Hello Kitty plushie she still has from my childhood. Ah, one more convert to the good fight.


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