Hello Kitty Cereal (fruit flavored snacks)

What’s worse than my wife seeing Hello Kitty products that she decides she must have? When those products inspired her to think beyond the Hello Kitty product itself. This, my friends, is where the real Hello Kitty Hell begins.

Reader skyler decided to add to my Hello Kitty Hell by pointing out that in addition to Hello Kitty Pop Tarts, Kellogg’s also makes Hello Kitty Fruit Flavor Snacks (is this Hello Kitty cereal or just snack packages – not that it really matters as I’m sure it’s completely disgusting either way)

Hello Kitty fruit flavor snacks

While any additional type of food that may make it into our house is certainly Hello Kitty Hell noteworthy, Hello Kitty Hell took on a new dimension when my wife began to think about all Hello Kitty food combined together:

wife: “You know, I just had a good idea”

me: “really?” (secretly praying: “please don’t let this be Hello Kitty related”)

wife: “I bet that we could live on only Hello Kitty food!”

me: (eyes popping out of head in shear terror) “Um, you remember that screen on the balcony that you have been wanting me to fix for the last 6 months, I think I will do that right now” (it’s amazing how fast the brain can work when survival is at stake)

wife: Look of shock that something that she had be hounding on me for months to do would all of a sudden be offered to be done

me: out of the room as quickly as possible and working on fixing the screen

Of course, this doesn’t mean the end of it and it could end up being even worse. The hope is that she will forget the thought of living off of Hello Kitty food (I don’t often wish for much, but I am praying that this happens), but it’s bound to come up again in the future. then it is only a matter of time before she makes the connection that I will do virtually anything that needs to be done around the house to avoid eating Hello Kitty food on a regular basis. While I may have stalled the doom for the moment, it’s still lurking right around the corner…

19 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Cereal (fruit flavored snacks)”

  1. I have these. They are little fruit snacks. A tiny bit like gummy bears, but not really the same. And they really arn’t as sweet as you would think.

  2. I understand fully, but they do have their merits. Maybe not to one that is so far into the *ahem* abyss. I actually discovered these one day at the grocery store and decided to appease the Hello Kitty fan in my life. We both enjoyed the “fruit” flavours, but it was I who enjoyed the carnage on gummy scale. Even though the HK fan here isn’t at the level yours seems to be, it was just as enjoyable. this kitty’s to you!

  3. These gummie snacks were given to me by my roommate. They are SOOOO gummy. They stick to my teeth forever. I can’t get the goop off without brushing or just leaving it to slowly dissolve on its own. they’re tasty but so not worth the mess that stays on your teeth.

  4. they are gummy fruit snacks. not cereal. I am actually eating a package right now! we happened to be in the grocery store and went down the aisle with these in them and i MADE my mother buy them for me. I won’t eat the ones with hello kitty on them though. just that rabbit and the bows.! 🙂

  5. So… I’ve read about half of this blog so far (damn place is like a train wreck…) and I have to wonder, does your wife visit your site at all?

    One would think she would, and that by putting your deepest darkest fears up, she’ll know exactly how to torture you in the future…

  6. I like em – they are the best fruit flavored snacks on the market. Everyone I have shared w/ them love them as well … I like that they are not that sweet.

  7. Any time we go on family trips, my father specifies that we should get the Hello Kitty fruit snacks for me, since I like fruit snacks.

    The bows are the tastiest ones. :3

  8. I’ve had these, and they are some of the better fruit snacks that I’ve had. Explaining them to the guys I work with…..Well, it helps that they already think I’m a bit weird.
    I guess it doesn’t bother me too much anymore. Age (50)has a way of giving you an “I don’t care what they think” attitude.

  9. I have had these. I really love the detail that you wouldn’t normally get in most fruit snacks. They also have nice colors. Yes Hikaroo, the bows are the best!

  10. I think I am going to sneak a package into my husbands lunch bag for work for a very cute surprise!!!!! Hope none of the co workers will notice. lmao lmao lamo

  11. When my mother worked for Kellogg’s, we got a different kind of fruit snacks packed in our lunch every week. I remember the Hello Kitty ones being especially fun – with a little spit you could mutilate them into things like Two-Headed Kitties.

  12. Yes!!! You could live entirely on Hello Kitty food!!!

    Or you could lock your wife in an apartment and have her live entirely on Kitty Food, and Denpa Shounen Sunday could film the whole thing.

  13. i have these! : ) lol & i always give my bf little snacks of cupcakes and muffins & i have given him these before! lol but hey food is food regardless so he ate & enjoyed them 🙂

  14. these also come in other shapes, like xmen and random fruits. They’re nowhere near as sweet as other fruit gummies, though that flourescent packaging… well.
    That I can’t say anything about.


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