Hello Kitty USB Computer Keyboard Cleaner

As my wife continues to find gadgets that she “must have” for her computer, even from Hello Kitty Hell I’m amazed at all the Hello Kitty crap that gets sold. Granted, computer keyboards need to be cleaned from time to time, but would anyone in their right mind (I think we have already established that Hello Kitty fanatics fall outside these parameters) really need a Hello Kitty USB computer keyboard cleaner with two different cleaning heads? But since my wife is one of those that falls outside saneness when it comes to Hello Kitty, this is what she wants next for her computer.

Hello Kitty usb computer keyboard cleaner

Hello Kitty usb computer cleaner

19 thoughts on “Hello Kitty USB Computer Keyboard Cleaner”

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  4. Oh come on Hello kitty Hell……. Getting their stuffs doesnt mean its their fan. Some times just find the things cute. Please let me know how to get one of those???

  5. Dear god, can no one read! How many times do you have to deal with people asking you where to get the things! I feel so sorry for you.

    But i will say that your life pulls me in two. See i like hello kitty, every time i go to the mall i have to go into the store and look around. I want many things in there, but i’m to cheap to get any. So i would love to live in a house with many hello Kitty things.

    But on the other hand, the things your wife wants makes me want to kill myself a bit. They are so cheap and tacky that it pains my life.

    I think a small love for Hello Kitty can be healthy, but this is disturbing.


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