Hello Kitty Night Light

I have an especially acrimonious relationship with the “classic” Hello Kitty in Hello Kitty Hell. I have mentioned this on several occasions before that while Hello Kitty is sucking her thumb in the classic pose, I have no doubt that she is actually flipping me off. So not only does she mock me by being everywhere in our house, she is also set in prime locations to show me the finger whenever I happen by, just to let me know who is in charge.

While there are a number of these classic style Hello Kittys that I see on a daily basis, it is the Hello Kitty night light that most disturbs me.

Hello Kitty night light

Yes, it is certainly Hello Kitty Hell when you have to wake up each day in a Hello Kitty futon, but that Hell is compounded when the first thing you see each morning upon waking up is Hello Kitty shining brightly as she flips you the bird. Maybe being sent out to sleep on the couch (even if it is in a Hello Kitty sleeping bag) every once in awhile isn’t such a bad thing after all…

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  1. First of all, I’d like to express my compassion for your pain. All this cuteness overload *must* hurt.

    I for once am glad that although I have a few HK fans around me, they are moderate fans. A HK sticker here, a HK bag there, nothing too absurd and they don’t force it on others.

    Having read the complete archive in only two days, the comments horrify me far more than your HK items. Honestly, how can Hello Kittie Freaks leave comments like “I love your site” or “Where do I get those?”. Hello Kittie became a real cult and should be observed.

    On the other hand, I asked myself why your wife is still your wife, even though she inflicts so much pain on your mind.
    It can’t be her wealth or she wouldn’t sell any HK goodies on ebay.
    It cannot be the sex thing, either, as you seem to spend an awful lot of time on the couch, alone in your Hello Kittie sleeping bag.

    So it must be True Love. Awww, now, isn’t that sweet? Sorry, pun intended 😉

    On that note, I’m off for a walk with my dog. A real, live (and cute!) dog.

    And maybe afterwards, I’ll set up a new business, rebranding-crap-that-didnt-sell-as-hello-kittie.com

    I sure could make millions. So, how much is a license from Sanrio?

  2. I live in the desert, and in the winter with the gas heaters, my nose gets super dry and can crack and bleed easily. the simplest solution, besides freezing, is getting a humidifier. I got a Hello Kitty one at Target. It freaks my boyfriend out.

    He is complete offended by the egg shape of her head, and absolutely fearful of how the mist comes out through her ears. He also hates the fact that there is a night light built into it so it glows an eerie blue color. I never use the nightlight yet still, he refers to it as the glowing steaming beast.

    I thought the purchase was totally warranted due to my necessity of a humidifier and that I love HK appliances. However, after instilling this fear into my boyfriend, it might be the best HK purchase ever.

  3. THANK YOU! I knew that hello kitty was trying to be clever in “pointing at the spot where her mouth should be with her index finger,” but I thought about it one day and saw that it ws the middle finger, since she only has three! It’s nice to find someone who agrees with me on that…lol…i hate hgello kitty and love her at the same time…i saw this outrageous mirror the other day for $80 on sale for like $60 or something, and i almost pissed myself thinking about how freaking crazy people are about a fictional character *hides build-a-bear made hello kitty behind back*.I would never spend an excessive amount of money on something just because it’s ”popular”. I just spent wo dollars on a hello kitty bottle and a hello kitty bowl at big lots (well, three, i bought one for my mother as well[$1 each]) but $80 for a crystal emblazoned mirror?! HELL NO! Anyways…if you ever wonderred what was more annoying than “KT”…it’s Tinkerbell! [is there a tinkerbell hell as well? lol] (teehee i rhymed…) well um…thanks…

  4. okay, that is just painful. check out this artist://undead-art.deviantart.com/
    he takes awful toys like hello kitty and makes them into friggin’ ZOMBIES. and demons. and other non-cute things. looking at it might send you to the couch with the Hello Kitty sleeping bag, but it might help.

    then again, what you really need is a soundproof room with black walls, a comfy old arm chair and a huge HD entertainment system, and a door with three locks so you watch a few gory movies to block out the cuteness, if only for a couple of hours.


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