Hello Kitty USB Lap Warmer

My wife is continuing to add to her Hello Kitty computer accessories to the point that she is going to need to get a massive USB hub (I’m sure that they make a Hello Kitty one somewhere and if they don’t, it’s likely already in the works) for all the Hello Kitty gadgets. She has been in love with the Hello Kitty foot warmers ever since she got them (I just never look under my desk and try not to think about the fact that a grown man has his feet in warm, fuzzy pink slippers – can’t be much less manly than that), so when she came across the Hello Kitty USB lap warmer, she had to have it:

Hello Kitty USB Lap Warmer

My wife is deliriously happy that now not only are her toes toasty warm, both her lap and hands are also warm. She tried to get me to warm my hands, but I have resisted thus far. I’m afraid there may be hidden cameras that will catch the image of me in pink USB warmed slippers and a big, pink Hello Kitty face lap warmer on my knees which will eventually find their way onto some social network site where I will be humiliated to no end…I have no doubt that something like that is what Hello Kitty Hell has in store for me…

15 thoughts on “Hello Kitty USB Lap Warmer”

  1. I love the car!!!

    Does the MRS. have a website? Hello Kitty Heaven perhaps? So we can buy these wonderful things she finds?

    Hee. I’d love to see a picture of you blogging away whilst your feet and lap are being warmed by Kitty.

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  4. Your wife is going to burn out her Hello Kitty computer if she keeps plugging things into her USB that are getting hot, lol.

  5. I wonder if you wife will ever get tired of all the Hello Kitty products. This lap warmer certainly is one of the most limited use items that can be found at home. Taking up one precious USB port just for a lap warmer where a blanket would do the same job is just unwise


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