Hello Kitty (Official) Pantie Liners

Ah, the joys of having people send random Hello Kitty photos my way. Now not only do I know that there are unofficial Hello Kitty pantie liners, I also know that Kotex makes official Hello Kitty pantie liners (at least in China). I can already hear the conversation that is coming once my wife stumbles across this….”We can fly over on the Hello Kitty airline, pick up all kinds of Hello Kitty goods that aren’t available in Japan (like there aren’t enough here?!?) and have a great Hello Kitty time.”

Hello Kitty Kotex Panty Liners

Thanks (I think) to hellokittydarling (someone with that name should not be reading my blog)

17 thoughts on “Hello Kitty (Official) Pantie Liners”

  1. i was going through your blog and i wanted to let you know that I think its awesome you put up with your wifes obsession =P I told my boyfriend to check this site out because he’s going through the same thing, as Im also a HelloKitty lover haha. Just wanted to letcha know your a great guy for making your wife happy by coping 🙂

  2. Haa Haa. So are these just regular ones with the packaging Hello Kitty? I’m very disturbed by both but at least these are disposable.

  3. i like hello kt but even i find getting married on a hello kt train is really lame… perhaps im not a fully fledged kt freak .__.

    hey hello kt man, is there any chance u get to shop for stuff on ure own? that way perhaps u get to buy things that arent covered w/ hello kt? would ure wife tolerate that?

    man.. i sound like such a kt traitor 😛

  4. Hmmmmmm…I’m thinking that my version of Hello Kitty Hell is the Hello Kitty Hell blog not been updated for days so that what I get confronted with every time I check it is a picture of — and accompanying text about — Hello Kitty official pantie liners… ;(

  5. dude,
    now that,
    is creepy.
    you see, i have this friend called DISCRETION
    maybe your wife should meet him.
    *sarcasticly*cuz’ you know, having a cartoon cat down there just makes the world a better place*end sarcasm*

    i swear
    some people
    should have their humanity taken away
    and be locked in a nice spongy white room with a stylish backwards jacket
    and then
    have the panty liners dangled three feet above them
    making them scream and wince in pain at the fact that they can’t get it.

    mmm sounds good

  6. *ok…I looked through your page, bc I like hello kitty. But! Now im just noticing how much mindless crap her face is on; she is starting to resemble Krusty the Klown. What’s next? roach motels? pregnancy tests? I mean, I love stuff, hobbies, shows(I have a star trek tattoo…)whatevs…but I really wish I were religious so I can pray for you.

    **I really enjoy this blog too, you seem to know how to perfectly word your feelings. I look forward to reading moar.

    ***also, I can see where these would come in handy…I mean, I would love to bleed on one and send it to an ex…how demeaning would that be? ha! ha!


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