Hello Kitty Golf Balls 2

It seems that one Hello Kitty fanatic didn’t appreciate my idea of having the Hello Kitty golf balls “accidentally find their way into (water) hazards one after another after I smack them as hard as I can” and decided to email my wife before I took off on my golf outing. Basically, the anonymous emailer said I was going to “abuse” Hello Kitty (I could make a pretty good argument that it’s not possible to abuse a golf ball when using it properly for a game it was designed for, but it wouldn’t matter because Hello Kitty fanatics don’t use logic when it comes to Hello Kitty) and my wife agreed.

To make a long story short, the previous golf balls were confiscated (to be displayed as part of your collection, of course) and I was given a set of three used Hello Kitty golf balls from her golf bag to use with the stern warning that they “all better return safely and don’t swing too hard.”

Hello Kitty Golf Ball

That sounds much more like the Hello Kitty Hell I’ve grown used to…

8 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Golf Balls 2”

  1. where did your wofe find HK golf balls? i have been looking for years and want a set. please let me know if you have any information or wouldl ike to see any of yours 🙂

  2. I don’t know how you keep from exploding in rage. I full expect to be watching the world news report and one day see a story about the man who dawned some outrageous hello kitty garment combination and went on a homicidal rampage.
    Ironically enough I foresee your previous psychological conditioning at the hands of your wife preventing you from lashing out at the myriad of Hello Kitty imagery presented you as you wander the streets and see the Saccharin Sanrio Saint in every store front. But before you do so, can you sign your autograph on so Hello Kitty stationary I know your wife must keep about and mail it to me?

    Seriously. Good luck with the whole trying to maintain sanity thing

  3. Dude! I can’t believe someone snitched on you! I mean seriously, this is where you come to get away from the HK stuff and someone is low enough to go running to your wife?!

    For shame people. For shame.


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