Hello Kitty Perfume – Momoberry

Great. Just the news I needed to hear. It appears that Sanrio has decided that Hello Kitty needed a perfume and they just released one called Momoberry:

Hello Kitty perfume - momoberry

Now not only will I have to see Hello Kitty all over the place, I will now have to smell (there is something very wrong with that) Hello Kitty everywhere from now on. Even though I tell myself time and again that Hello Kitty Hell can’t get any worse, it continues to do so…

Update: You thought there would only be one type of Hello Kitty perfume?

Hello Kitty Baby Perfume

Hello Kitty baby perfume

Hello Kitty Diamond Perfume

Hello Kitty diamond perfume

Hello Kitty Koto Perfume

Hello Kitty Koto parfum

Hello Kitty parfum

Hello Kitty parfum package

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19 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Perfume – Momoberry”

  1. I’ll admit, I have a bit of a perfume obsession. I’d LOVE to have this Momoberry perfume but I don’t yet! There’s some other ones out there that she doesn’t have yet though. There’s this one from Bath & Body Works


    And then there’s the one you can get from Hot Topic or Claire’s



    And don’t forget the matching body lotion


    And to travel, an atomizer


    I have all these items and they smell great and I love them… at least they smell good… pretend its not Hello Kitty and appreciate its scent.

  2. momoberry is actually a hello kitty heaven for grown ups..
    there’s only one store in the world, in beverly center, los angeles, and it has exclusive hello kitty items.. ^^
    anywayz.. hope your wife likes her new perfume…

  3. i would ask how it smell but i know that you dont want to describe it, but look at it like this after a while you wouldnt be about to smell it because you become so use to it. is that a good think or a bad this thou.

  4. I’m surprised that perfume bottle isn’t completely HK-shaped and pink… they’re failing there. 😀

    Btw, pink’ish HK’s suck. I’m all for the red stuff I used to see in the 80’s, when I was actually old (or young) enough to be genuinely mad about HK (I was about 5 yrs-old).

  5. i would like to tell whomever made this site that they suck. What has hello kitty ever done to you? Oh boo-who you don’t like it. But does that give you an invite to make an anti-hello kitty site? Uh i vote no on that! you say how much you see hello kitty, then why make a website devoted about her? your just going to see here more. What, do you constituently research her everyday? you the one that makes yourself see her!! I think you should just stop now, and shut this site down!! Thank you berry much:]

  6. @ Debkabeb
    You might wanna check again–there are several Hello Kitty stores (and official Sanrio stores) that sell exclusive merchandise all over the world. There are two I know of in Florida in Georgia, and I would assume that there are several in Japan.


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