Hello Kitty Car Window Sprayer

It’s when your wife starts coming home with things like this that you know that Hello Kitty has infiltrated absolutely every product that exists (except beer and pizza which I’m sure is just a matter of time): This is a Hello Kitty car window spray cover device:

Hello Kitty car window sprayer

Now not only do I have to look out the car window at Hello Kitty, I get to watch her spit a flowing stream of water at my face. Somehow that definitely seems appropriate for a Hello Kitty Hell product…

24 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Car Window Sprayer”

  1. i try to find the odd hello kitty item on sale on the rare occasions that i go shopping. so far i’ve managed to find a hello kitty corset and tea cozy.

    i’ve yet to find a hello kitty wheelchair, hearing aid, or dissection kit. have you seen these?

  2. you know, i understand this is hello kitty hell and oyu hate all this stuff, but why not put your foot down and tell her that some of these things are needed? she must spend a $h*tload on stuff like this.

    sidebar: if you know there are so many HK fanantics everywhere, why not buy some of this stuff and sell it to them on ebay or just you? you’d make $$$. i was the girl who was looking for HK golf balls. i’d pay whatever price for them. so why not profit from HK?

  3. Hahahahahahaha! Thank you for continuing to surprise me in terms of finding out what kind of Hello Kitty items exist out there plus amuse me with your comments about those that you choose to feature over on this blog. 🙂

  4. I like how most of the people that view this site are Hello Kitty Fans.

    You and my boyfriend would get along.

    He gets annoyed that I save every freaking Hello Kitty candy wrapper, cereal box, you name it 😛

  5. at least you know this there is no way anyone is going to steal you car. if they actually do they will not keeps those thing on the car. if they do when you file the report i would recommended that you wife does it and make sure you tell them about it.

  6. Can someone please e-mail me a website where I can find these HK things? Particularly the car window sprayer!! I cant even find them on ebay! Does anyone know where I can find these? Its so hard to locate such items in the south. I am also looking for some cute HK antenna toppers if anyone knows where I can get them. Any ideas?? And I keep seeing the HK exhaust pipe but where can u buy that?

  7. wooooooooooow. u think that hk is so popular especially among little kids that they wouldnt make all this stuff for adults i think one day they r gonna make like a million sex toys for hk in stores everywhere

  8. OK that’s It!!! I went back to read more of your blogs laughing hysterically!! But what is even more hysterical 🙂 is the comments left by readers who are begging you for stuff to sell or asking where they can get stuff, totally missing the whole point of this!!! HAAAAAAAAA! Hilarious! I think whenever i need a laugh – i will come here!

  9. She HAS gotten to pizza!
    For my birthday I made a hello kitty pizza, with HK-shaped pepperoni and pink&white coloured cheese!
    I’ll send you the pictures as soon as I can upload them.


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