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Thus far I have been spared my wife dressing up in Hello Kitty costumes and, as you might well imagine, don’t have any urge to encourage such a hideous idea. It was therefore with extreme disgust I found this in my email this morning:

Hello Kitty cosplay
Alexandra Roberts [flickr]

Now I realize that you look at this photo and simply say “wtf????” because that is the reaction of any normal person. So when a Hello Kitty fanatic begins to tell you how cute the outfit is, basically nothing registers because, quite frankly, your mind can’t fathom that the words reaching your ears could ever be true. At this point you hope that what you are hearing is a dream rather than reality, but soon realize that in Hello Kitty Hell you don’t wake up from nightmares like this…

Since my wife has already expressed fondness for the Hello Kitty Darth Vader, Hello Kitty cosplay is a real danger. Hello Kitty bras, Hello Kitty shoes and Hello Kitty clothes in general are Hello Kitty Hell enough, but if Hello Kitty cosplay comes into being, Hello Kitty Hell is going to be worse than I ever imagined (and believe me, I’ve imagined some pretty horrendous things….)

From reader HKsweet who should have to put on a Hello Kitty cosplay outfit everyday from now on…

Update: More examples to put far more fear into your life than should be permissible:

Hello Kitty outfit

Sent in by Rebecca

24 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Cosplay”

  1. There are limits a Man, or a Woman, cannot cross… We touched the bottom of the hole here, things cannot get worse I think!

  2. cute anyway^^
    I encourage and envy your wife’s collection! It’s uneplainable but nontheless just nothing but plain truth: Hello Kitty is cuuuuute!!
    sorry dude>

  3. Well, I DO have something that may cheer you up. Cosplazy is going to be doing a not-so-traditional Hello Kitty cosplay.

    This will be a genuinely GOOD representation of Hello Kitty (a giant hollow head and all) except for the fact that she’ll be carrying around a *fake* bottle of vodka and stumbling.

    Drunk Hello Kitty cosplay! I’ll send you pictures once we do it in June.

  4. People are so narrow minded when it comes to fashion -___-

    Why does everyone want to look the same anyway? Conforming is lame. *Grumbles*

    Her fashion is called DECORA. Look it up, it’s very popular in Japan. I think it sure beats Abercrombie and Sh*t.

  5. That’s NOT cosplay. As Elaine plainly stated many people who hail from Japan (and, yes, other parts of the world) dress this way daily. It’s what FRUiTS magazine was based on…

    At any rate, she’s beautiful.

  6. not everyone is plain & boring. i don’t know where you are from, but it looks like this girl is from asian descent. many teenagers from japan (tokyo and such) like this style. It’s a way of expressing themselves. Since hello kitty was originally from Japan, it makes sense. I don’t think its cool to make fun of anyone’s lifestyle or what they decide to wear. Why exactly do you care so much?

  7. Its very cut, i would love a dress like that for Halloween (and her body) and i dont think she is supposed to look like hello kitty, i just think she loves kitty ears and so do i.

  8. I think the only thing that makes it Hello Kitty is the coin purse necklace thingie. Other than that it’s a girl wearing lots of pink and some kitty ears. Not a fan, personally.

  9. Yea, well your opinion really doesnt matter to anyone but yourself. Sorry dude, get a life and stop picking on people who have different interests than you. Fashion is a means of expression. If she wants to wear Hello Kitty-esque clothes, than who are we to stand in her way?? It beats Abercrombie-zombies and the such any day.
    Oh, and cosplay is different than lolita/decora fashion, which is what is shown here. Cosplay is the act of getting into a costume/outfit of an anime/manga/game character, acting out their personalities, and having a kickass time!! ^_^

  10. Ok, do we see the assloads of hair clippys on her head? Yes? She’s Japanese, they wear much worse stuff than this, that’s not Hello Kitty.

  11. WOAH I just got a Halloween costume idea. >:3

    Muahahaha thanks for posting this, in my personal opinion it’s adorable and I can’t wait to make my own costume (though this is not really cosplay)

  12. Jeez get a LIFE people she is dressing in DECORA! SHE IS AWESOME! If you don’t like her clothes then you’ll hate me! I dress like this and i love it! I don’t care what other people think because i LOVE the colour pink and i am a Decora Chan! <3

  13. First of all, this is NOT cosplay. Cosplay is when you take a character from an anime or manga, dress up like them, act like them, and say things that the characters say. The girl in the picture is dressing in a style called decora. It is all about looking cute, which she does. For people who dress decora, Hello Kitty is a big deal. So are any other cute/ childlike things. Just because you are so closed minded that you cannot accept a different style, doesn’t mean you have the right to go on and on (like an clueless idiot) about it. There are many people in the world who dress like this, so I doubt you are going to get all “wtf” reactions as you put it. The next time you are going to try and diss something different, at least get your facts straight.

  14. absolutly adorable!!!
    its good to be different..and to stand out of the crowd!!
    this is so unique and is so hello kitty..

    be who you want to be .. it doesnt matter what anyone else thinks!!

    im irish and i have fully adopted the lolita cosplay japanise fashion!! i love it..keep up the good fashion!!!

  15. Its not cosplay! And well I was princess peach thanks to cosplay! And well the costumes are cute japan roxx! Wish I could visit!


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