Hello Kitty Mannequin

OK, it’s stuff like this that freaks me out in Hello Kitty Hell. Hello Kitty on every conceivable product I have come to accept. Turning something not Hello Kitty into Hello Kitty to sell other products? That is exactly what they have done with this Hello Kitty mannequin:

Hello Kitty mannequin

It seems like there are some that would like to see Hello Kitty turn into a real live being (my wife already insists that she is – another clue as to whether or not you have a Hello Kitty fanatic on your hands), but even coming from Hello Kitty Hell, this is simply downright creepy – something straight out of a Hello Kitty horror movie. Of course, my wife thinks this would be a perfect thing to have to display her Hello Kitty clothes when she is not wearing them which presents one of those Hello Kitty Hell dilemmas – would Hello Kitty clothes on a mannequin or on my wife be worse? I hope I never have the chance to find out…

14 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Mannequin”

  1. It would be really scary if you wake up in a dark room with dim light and find out that Hello Kitty mannequin is standing next to you and looking at you.
    You could use it as a (scary) practical joke.

  2. im not sure what is scary about this photo. is it the fact that this mannequin has a hello kitty head and wearing some ugly clothing or is it that some what a very sick idea of putting a hello kitty head on a mannequin and think it look good. also where did the get the hello kitty head it not like they are just laying around.

  3. Whoa. That is strangely disturbing. It’s like Hello Kitty meets Twiggy. I’m with “anonymous”, that would scare the crap out of me if that was standing in my bedroom.

    On the plus side, this could scare some HK obsessed little girls firmly away from their HK obsession. Maybe it could even scare your wife? Might be worth a try…

    Where do folks come UP with this stuff?

  4. omg omg thank god im not the only hello kitty hater in the world. there are others out there that aren’t also…..one of them. ugh i dont see how anyone can like such a disgusting icon. i swear theres like a hello kitty pandemic thats attacking the world.

  5. I love hello kitty!
    But this is beyond freaky…
    “it” has terrible clothing but i like the stockings xD
    and the hello kitty head look like those cheap ass plushies you win at fairs.

  6. the first thing this made me think of was those nurses from Silent Hill. except possibly freakier, as this has soulless eyes to stare at you as it stalks you


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