I don’t get it (what a big surprise there) – why do women think it’s cute to have Hello Kitty on the ends of their fingers? Some more nails that my wife “just has to have”

Hello Kitty Finger Nails

I have nightmares about things like this…you know those ghost stories where a single hand comes after you? It becomes exponentially more scary when there are Hello Kitty press on finger nails on the end of the hand coming after you (bet you don’t want to even imagine something that horrifying, but that is my everyday Hello Kitty Hell…)

Sent in by Dominique from a BBC news website about a Tokyo beauty show – who should definitely be forced to wear those hideous things for the rest of the year…

Update: Doesn’t matter the pattern, Hello Kitty nails don’t ever get any better (via Cookiee46)

Hello Kitty nails

Hello Kitty nails thumbs

and more…

Hello Kitty finger nails

left by Jalie via facebook

Hello Kitty nails

Sent in by effie

Hello Kitty finger nails

Left by Ana via facebook

Hello Kitty bubblegum nails

Sent in by far, far to many people including Anchalee on facebook

hello kitty fingernails

Left by @chinchowdoll on Twitter

hello kitty pirate nail

Left by @PinkVelvetDream on Twitter

hello kitty fake nails

Left by Tracy via facebook

hello kitty face nails

Left by Lydia via facebook

hello kitty sparkly nails

Sent in by Cat

hello kitty nail art

Sent in by margot

hello kitty nail painting

Left on facebook by Mona

hello kitty finger nails

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hello kitty false finger nails

Sent in by Jennifer

hello kitty black nails

Sent in by Jennifer

hello kitty fake fingernails

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hello kitty pink nail art

Sent in by mary (via theinvisiblewombat)

Hello Kitty nail art

Sent in by Martha

Hello Kitty wtf nails

Sent in by Sanlv

129 thoughts on “Nails”

  1. okay HK is great, but I think this is ugly
    If they would’ve been just nails with a little HK picture onit then it would’ve been cute, but this is just….no>

  2. Although I think that’s very cute, I don’t think I could do my job as a researcher with those things on my fingers. Plus I don’t think it’s particularly attractive.

    But cute…WAY YES! For me…WAY NO!

  3. OMG! I would kill for those nails xD I love Hello Kitty but if I had a husband I wouldn’t make him suffer in it…

  4. Hi There… you should be more like my 4 year old son and my boyfriend, they never complain about my Hello Kitty love affair, My boyfriend knows how to surprise with a new addition to my Hello Kitty Collection 🙂 and my son, well … he is so use to it he doesn’t even mind the stickers on my walls, my boxes wrapped with hello kitty gift paper wrap, my chestnut (also hello kitty) my telephone, my hello kitty cellphone, my watch, my IPOD…..

  5. Is it me or is there something weird about her fingers? (they look like they bend the wrong way???)…maybe it’s just me.

  6. I’m a die hard Hello Kitty fan, and I actually found your site while looking for Hello Kitty related desktop themes.
    I loves me a good Kitty….
    but damn man, I thought MY boyfriend lived in Hello Kitty hell.

    This is really hilarious. lol.
    I bet it feels like you married Hello Kitty, and moved away to her Sanrio store.


  7. that’s just plain awful. i already hate extra-long nails per se, but these are the worst. as someone already said up there, it would be fine if she had just painted a small HK head on one nail, but with all that fuss and reliefs? no way.

    technical q: how can anyone with such long nails wipe their own bottom? I’ve always been curious about that. personal hygiene issues, really. thank you. 😐

  8. I actually think they’re very cute. I have been looking for someone to be able to do Hello Kitty on my toenails, not quite to that extent, but still cute!

  9. AAGH!

    Ok, that’s just not right. And HelloKitty may be timeless, but the finger model looks like she’s not really in the target age market for HK. Seems many of us are wondering, how does she wipe her nether regions without losing a Hello Kitty?

    Lady, go get a french manicure and call it a day.

  10. Hmmm…this isn’t the slightest bit economical for ANYONE that has ever used their hands for ANYTHING. I’d rather have a simple design on my nails with a little HK on my thumb nails. Better yet, I’d probably keep that idea on my toes. There’s a fine line between cute and tacky when it comes to wearing HK.

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  12. I like Hello Kitty. I come by here to make fun of how many insane Japanese companies make odd HK stuff. But these are too much.

  13. mamma miaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa diooooooooo sono stra stra bellissimeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    le vogliooooooooooooooooooooo k belle !!! COMPLIMENTI COMPLIMENTIII K FIGHE !!!!!! YEAHHH TOOP

  14. yoo u are so funny but i have to say hello kitty is like the most cutes thing they ever invented so if u dont like ur wife loving hello kitty then kill yourself and be done with it and dont take it on others hello kitty fans like me

  15. Hello the hello kitty nails are extremely nice, if you can email me back possibly and tell me how you did that to the nails and where you found the hello kitty character to put on the nails then i would greatly appreciate , and thanks again!!

    Sincerely, Bianca

  16. Is it possible to burn them? I’d love to see a huge pile of HK junk and set alight to it. I can just imagine it’s eyes being replaced by burn holes. It would make my day.

    – Mi

    PS: Wow, it’s rather stupid that random fanatics come along to this site only to say “i h8 u, hello kitty iz da gr8est” What a waste of time.

  17. WTF!?!?!?!
    I love HK and would NEVER in a MILLION YEARS do that crap to myself! I agree…tacky to the ‘t’…..
    She’s lucky if her fingers don’t fall off!
    How the heck do you do anything with that????
    And I thought the HK Vibrator was bad…..

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  19. i love creative looking nails…. but these?! no way, and how the heck are you going to do normal things… like typing on a keyboard, or even holding a pen?!
    if those aren’t strong nails then i bet they’d be chipped by the end of the day

  20. I like Hello Kitty but I don’t know if I could do those they look kinda cheap and like they would’nt stay on long.

  21. omg that looks really ugly they could have did better then that my lil puppie dog would rubn from them if i had them ugly things ony my fingers.

  22. That is so HOTT why isn’t that inBaton Rouges nail shops?
    And for all the people who made a rude contact ya’ll are just mad because ya’ll dont have the talent to create such thing,and you probably couldn’t afford it anyways!

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  24. Man…I’m sitting here and found your site while my (30 year old) girlfirend colors in a HK coloring book. I wasn’t actually surprised until I saw a link that said “Hello Kitty Nails” I was expecting 3 pennys with a stupid kitty face on ’em. Thank god for Lee press ons, I suppose.

  25. ok,one thing for sure thats not cute…for about the second time in my life thats something im saying will never be cute by hello kitty

    THEY ARE UGLY MANZZ…sorry about spellings 😐

    your wife could just get her nails pained pink or red maybe with small hello kitty faces on the ends THATS IT no more

    i nfeel so sorry for you dude…

  26. Ok, men… i think this is exagerate…
    How can a normal person move around the world or go out to the street with THAT on her nails?!
    i find it impossible…
    I love excentric nail polish, i have them in all imaginable colours: green, turqoise, ink blue, gold, silver, glittery black, glittery pink, purple, orange, white…
    I even have some hello kitty for H&M nail polishes, but this… this goes beyond all my colours!
    And i dont actually hate hello kitty… i agree sometimes its so “cute” it makes me sick, but… i learned to live with it…
    but this makes me sicker than ever!

    Long life to Hello Kitty Hell!! 🙂

  27. So when I read “Hello Kitty Nails” I thought I was going to be seeing nails as in metal ones, which you hammer. Luckily not…
    Oops, I guess we will be seeing those in hardware stores soon :S

  28. i have to say im a hello kitty fan and when i read hello kitty nails i thought oh lovely, but come on now those things are not nails,

  29. i love em!i been looking for them where did she get it?please let me know please!haha oh and by the way don’t be too afraid of them they aren’t that bad.haha.

  30. you see, I have been DESPERATELY trying to stop biting my nails for ten years now. I recently managed about a week, with the help of falsies but they came off a few days ago and the stubbs that are my fingers have returned. I have tried everything and falsies seem to be the best trick.

    This could work, everytime I go to bite my nails I will see Hello Kitty and be startled to the point where I’ll forget what I was doing and HOPEFULLY learn to stop…

    Oh the hopes lol.

    might just try to find them…

  31. gurl u need to go sit yo booty head down sum where with them fake nails they so ragily go get a job so u could get some real ones

  32. Ok, I had to have acrylics on for a while when I was a bridal consultant (it’s the only way to button up those long rows of little buttons on the dresses quickly) but how in the WORLD would you get anything done with that crap sticking off your nails?! That’s ridiculous!

  33. TOO MUCH! Maybe if it was only on the thumbnail and one simple matching color on the rest of the fingers, or just a little simple picture of her bow on each nail, then it’d be ok but this is just insane.

  34. I am really sorry for all the women who have these nails: I mean, come on:
    – It’ll hurt you;
    – It’ll hurt anyone around you;
    – I think that it’s probably not even hygienic:S

    I mean: if I were a kid and I saw a lady with nails like that coming at me. I would be traumatized for live…

  35. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOOOOOOOOOOO COOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I TOTALY LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Love them! Most of them are acrylic nails with acrylic mold of the HK and Bows. Someone actually molded and painted these 3D nails by hand. Very impressive!! I’m a nail tech. 😉

  37. It is funny to me… women put up with their men and beer bellies, smelly feet, football and other sports, leaving the toilet seats up, and etc…, why can’t they deal with a little fingernail fun for their ladies?

    I do not think that women with babies and small children should have wild nails, but it is okay to have a little fun with them when possible. I am African-American and we originated “Funky Fun” nails. We as a race were highly ridiculed for our ‘tacky’ nail designs, as well as our huge gold earrings, nose piercing, braids and slang language! As soon as ‘white’ stars from Bo Derick to Gwen Steffani started STEALING our fashion trends, they suddenly became high-end fashion statements!

    I am one of a few African-American Nail Tech that is still around, and successful
    in Southern California. Out here, there are many women of different cultural backgrounds wearing ornate nail art , and I make good money doing them, and I am wearing them, and will wear them until I am too old to do so! People should be able to ‘express’ themselves, as long as they are not hurting anyone. Judging make others feel more superior, but deep down they know they are not.

    Life is really a short journey… have fun when, and while you can. If the shoe does not fit, don’t wear it… but who are you to decide what kind of shoes someone else should wear?

  38. If nail art is about personal expression, wouldn’t you want it to be an original design of your own not some character created by another person. Putting Hello Kitty, or any other character on your nails isn’t expressing yourself; it’s expressing the creator. Now if you say you are doing to pay homage to them, then at least it would be truthful. In any case, those are some of the creepiest claws I have ever seen…and I was around in the early 90’s!

  39. okaii im like in LOVE WIT HELLO KITTY nd i love dat cn sum1 plzzzzz tell me where i cn get dem done like dat……??

  40. Where can i find these 3D hello kittys for the nail im from luxemburg and i am searching that for a long time
    Pls tell me a internet site where i can have them:) thnx


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