Hello Kitty Bathtub

I hate when I receive emails like this. My wife took one look at this Hello Kitty bathtub and wants one for our place:

Hello Kitty bath

It’s bad enough with all the Hello Kitty crap that is already in the bathing area, but the thought of actually having to take a bath inside a Hello Kitty face sends chills up my spine. I’m praying that she can’t locate one so I can avoid this new addition to Hello Kitty Hell…

Photo sent by laschult (who deserves to take all her baths in one of these) via Japan Steven

34 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Bathtub”

  1. if your wife was as big an HK addict as you say she is, she would have recognized that this is from Puroland. it’s okay, it’s not for resale.

  2. Ok dude seriously, why do you let her do all that stuff?

    I’m a pretty hardcore feminist, but put your foot down on stuff like that?

    It seems like at this point you could argue that you don’t have the money for it anymore!

  3. OK, leaving aside the intestinal-pink colour and the fact that it’s a giant Hello Kitty face, the ear thingy actually looks like a comfy seat and a good idea. But I’m sure there are ways to incorporate a seat into a bathing experience without involving sitting on a cartoon character’s face.

    Also, there’s nothing anti-feminist about a man expressing his needs in a relationship. Men get to have needs, too. (And, there’s nothing particularly feminist about a grown woman collecting hundreds of children’s toys and feeding a megacorporate monster). If I were this dude, I would definitely express the need to have at least the bedroom and bathroom free of HK, because those are places where one does personal private man things that don’t need a creepy cartoon cat audience. This man is a marvel of forbearance.

  4. ok, the tub is cute, but a lil too much, well alot too much actually. i love hellokitty, but that would most likely never b n my house ever!

  5. oh my gosh
    this isnt like the baby pink, makes-you-wanna-puke color you would expect.
    which, that color is okay [in small doses].
    this is just so cute.
    its like bright pink.
    with colorful flowers
    i want itttt.

  6. @Rei: The little girl’s not ugly, that’s just mean!
    Haha, would’ve wanted one, but I’m just too big and too tall for it! I was on the site when my younger brother walked in on me and was all, “Oh, Hello Kitty! Cutee!” I asked him he he thought she was evil, to which he replied “Evil? Why would she be evil? She’s adorable.” When I raised the topic of her dominating the world and everything in it, he said “So kill her.”
    And there you have it folks!

  7. dudddee. Sure it might be annoying for your wife to want this. But can’t you be a good husband and talk it out with her instead of posting this on the internet talking bad about her? Are you just praying she’ll devorce u?? JEEZ!


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