One Hello Kitty Fanatic Down

A rare glimpse of sunshine to drown out the Hello Kitty Hell pinkness arrived in my email:

I’m going to be honest with you – I found your website by trying to find Hello Kitty items. And I’ll admit that I am (or was?) a Hello Kitty fan. Not really a fanatic, but I did shriek with delight sometimes over anything with that cat on it. Actually, my boyfriend is in Japan right now, so he sent me Hello Kitty items – an alarm clock (it speaks in Japanese, though, and doesn’t sing the Hello Kitty song), some Hello Kitty candy, and Hello Kitty noodles or something weird like that. Now, at the time, I thought this was awesome.

But then I started researching Hello Kitty items, and I’ve come to the conclusion that Hello Kitty is no ordinary cat. Call me crazy, but it has some freakish power of sucking in people with it’s cuteness. For some reason, women are more likely to be sucked in by this. Men seem to be able to resist. Fortunately, I’ve never been one to like pink, so I’ve busied myself with non-pink Hello Kitty items (tough to find, I know). But your website, the one that opened my eyes to Hello Kitty bras and Hello Kitty pads (honestly, wtf?), and that eerie Hello Kitty Darth Vadar, has almost made me disgusted with Hello Kitty.

I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but I do think that Hello Kitty is slowly taking over the world. My boyfriend has claimed that every store in Japan has something Hello Kitty in it, so it’s already claimed them. When will it claim other places? I see it’s already claimed your home.

And to think…I wanted a Hello Kitty toaster. But now, instead of cute, it seems cultish.

And on that note I must thank you. The truth of Hello Kitty is very exposed in your blog. I only hope more people can see it. — Savvy

Of course, the true question is, how many million more to go ???

5 thoughts on “One Hello Kitty Fanatic Down”

  1. hahhaah. well, I have a Hello Kitty toaster, though it was a gift. I think that the phenomenon CAN go overboard, but like any temptation, you just have to do it in moderation, right?

    btw, good thing you guys don’t live in Asia.. they have promo HK stuff all the time.. right now 7-11 give you a sticker if you buy NT77 worth of stuff, and when you have 10 stickers, you get this tiny collectible plastic HK. and there are different ones- so I’ve been trying to collect them all summer.

  2. i’ve never been one to like pink too, and i read your site to laugh at how.. silly people can get and pay to buy those.. pink thingies.. ewww

    i feel sorry for you. i really do.


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