Hello Kitty Car Exhaust Pipe

It had to happen (I was just praying that it happened after I had already died). My wife finally found and purchased a Hello Kitty exhaust pipe for our car in her attempt to Hello Kittify all our transportation:

Hello Kitty car exhaust pipe

Hello Kitty exhaust pipe

Way too many people have sent me in this photo

Hello Kitty exhaust pipe

(don’t you all have better things to do than to try and make my life more Hello Kitty Hellish?) and for awhile I managed to convince my wife that it was another photoshop job, but as usual, she finally managed to track the real thing down. A typical day in Hello Kitty Hell…

Update: Unfortunately, it seems the evil feline has decided to expand this line:

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77 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Car Exhaust Pipe”

  1. I’ve been seeing this picture pop up a lot on recent HK image searches. You know what this means right? A new pepto bismal pink HK car is not far behind.

  2. Try to think of it this way…nothing but exhaust and toxic fumes come out of her mouth.

    I wish I could get one for my car!

  3. Ohhhhh Jordan, Do you really think so? How about a red beetle with white handles and trim. That would be so awesome!!! HAHA…

  4. I know you don’t take requests on where to find things. I have searched and searched for this. I would be willing to send you money thru Pay-Pal for the info on where to buy it. Pllllleeeeeeeeeease? I promise not to send you pictures of it when it’s on my car.

  5. They actually did make a Hello Kitty car. I am not sure if it is still part of the current line up. But a couple of years ago, Nissan, March series, did a Hello Kitty car, in white and pink.

  6. I know you don’t take requests on where to find things. I have searched and searched for this. I would be willing to send you money thru Pay-Pal for the info on where to buy it. Pllllleeeeeeeeeease? I promise not to send you pictures of it when it’s on my car.

    If you know I don’t, then why are you asking? Bribes don’t work 🙂 Welcome to my Hello Kitty Hell

  7. It’s not a bribe. It is a finders fee. I already have a Hello Kitty License plate for my car. It’s HELOKTY ha ha ha Your wife needs that. 🙂

  8. and here i thought i was being a nice guy giving you advance warning … well, just for that , i won’t send you the link to the complete HK toilet cleaning set with the brush shaped like HK’s head …

  9. I’m just dissapointed that I have scoured the web trying to find this damn thing for sale, and you know where to find it, and yet, refuse to tell. Then again, living in your hell, I can somewhat see your reluctance.

  10. Considering the new noise restrictions they are putting on motercycles in Colorado – I wonder if it’ll pass on cars – what kind of sound would somethng this overly cute make? “Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”

  11. tell your wife it’s not authentic and to scrap it. If you look at the one she purchased against the photo everyone sent – it’s not the same. Forgery! The whiskers don’t turn up – the bow isn’t right. Scrap Metal time!

  12. omg!! this is just the thing i need for my car!!
    i already have the hello kitty liecence plate, the seat belt covers, the rearview mirror cover and the foot mats oh yes and the steering wheel cover!!
    this is the ultimate hello kitty item that will pimp my hello kitty ride!!! hahaha the site is soooo funny…
    i do sympethise with my boyfriend, as he has to drive around in my car hahahahahahaha
    aww bless you poor men out there!!!

  13. Why did ‘nt they make the rims with just the big hello kitty head like the Ronell Teddy bears? I would so put them on my Red Miata and paint the bows rednwith model paint like I did on my exhaust!!

  14. Hello Kitty Hell
    dude you are awesome for not telling these people where to find these things
    it took me not even a minute to find the muffler tip which i’m placing on my WRX
    i’m weird like that
    i’ll give these poor souls a clue
    a common auction site =P

  15. Your a real ASS. you have nothing better to do then have people beg you where to find this exhaust. If you don’t want people asking you where to find it, don’t display pictures of it online and blog about it……..

  16. I went through a phase where I loved Hello Kitty, started in the Sanrio store in Vegas, continued in the Bluewater complex in South England…. exploded like mad when I was Hong Kong and was of course EVERYWHERE….. (do not, repeat NOT take your wife to HK. EVER.) but has gone a lot since it became more widely available here in England….

    Even I though have to say that something for the exhaust pipe is pretty sad…. :-/

    Cute. Slightly cool on the whole “hey it’s different” scale. But sad. (not in the boohoo sense but in the english slang sense!!)

    Some of the comments on here though really made me smile…. especially the “where can i get this” repeated a bajillion times after you had already said no.

    A hint for some who are still confused though…..



  17. Hello .. I belong of Londrina, PR-Brasil.
    and would he like knowing how I do to buy?!?!
    how much costs?!?!
    I cannot read nor to write in English.
    can anybody say to me?!?!
    I do not know if I wrote right!

  18. I’ve seen a couple different vversions on ebay! LOL! I really want one, even though I don’t have a car because I’m a ‘kid’ (Just need my permit!) But I still collect sanrio car stuff. Anyway just look on EBAY all you guys who want one, but they never look like that picure that’s all over the net, and every time they sell one, it looks a little diffrent then the last, but they are all kawaii if you ask me! EBAY!!!!

  19. exhaust pipes are one ebay. $79 with shipping. If you hello kitty freaks would spend 10 minutes googeling the pipes instead of complaining about this blog you could have got them while they were cheaper.

  20. Dear hubby of Hello Kitty Fanatic…..

    I think you are really missing out on making a lot of money by not selling all the crazy crap your wife finds sources for. I have been fallowing you now for almost a year and people are always trying to get you to sell this crap to them. You can still hate the evil feline- have your wife start a hello kitty selling business and rake in the feline moola$$$…
    It would at least take the bite out of all this sugary sweetness – dont ya think…..
    Just lookin out for ya!

  21. I have to ask i reaalllly want this produckt. where can i buy it? I’m from Holland the Netherlands. Is it posible to bey this item?


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