Hello Kitty Bowling Ball

I’ve mentioned numerous times before that even though my wife doesn’t play the instrument or the sport, that doesn’t stop her from wanting the Hello Kitty item involved. Her latest lust is for the Hello Kitty bowling ball:

Hello Kitty bowling ball

Of course, with Hello Kitty it isn’t as simple as that. You might assume that one Hello Kitty bowling ball pattern would be enough, but alas that would be underestimating Hello Kitty’s world domination plan. Thus my wife is in her usual choice mode of not which of the bowling balls to get, but how many:

Hello Kitty bowling balls

This is the type of Hello Kitty item that I hate my wife getting. It’s one of those Hello Kitty Hell items that ends up silently mocking me every time I pass it. When they arrive and are displayed, each time I walk past them I will imagine how wonderful it would be to line up all my wife’s breakable Hello Kitty collectibles and heave the ball down the hall at them. And while this pleasant image will last a few seconds, it will ultimately be vanquished with the knowledge I would be spending the rest of my life on the couch in the Hello Kitty sleeping bag meaning no matter how strong the urge, I will never be able to fulfill my fantasy. Hello Kitty Hell has a way of doing that…

Thanks to Karen and hkfan, both of whom should have a Hello Kitty bowling ball fall on their toes for emailing these photos…

24 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Bowling Ball”

  1. they have other ones? I’ve only seen the first one at my local sanrio, but not the other ones.

    and hey, i actually like to bowl, but i don’t have my own ball. it’s either this one or attempt to find a clear bowling ball with a fake skull in it.

  2. The one that’s printed to look like a giant Hello Kitty head is kinda eerie. You’ve heard the phrase “heads will roll”? They will when you’re bowling with this thing. A lot of HK merch just has the kittyface applied at random, seemingly without thinking just what effect the finished product will have.

  3. I’d love to have the pink one with the roses, and then I could wear my hello kitty bowliong shoes also…as if you’d ever tell me where to purchase these items.

  4. I’m imagining how does your hse looked like…
    Full of hellokitty stuffs…doesn’t it make your hse look kinda boring…
    I’m sorry if i offended you…but maybe you wanna try talking to your wife to buy lesser hellokitty stuffs?

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  6. I am looking to buy a H.K. Ball but I’ve been looking for different designs and then came across this page and would love to but one of these. Where can I get one?

  7. I don’t see what the harm is in telling. It’s not like I’m asking you to order it for me. All we want is the site name or whatever the info is.

  8. I find this funny and cute. The ball is cute (the one i’m talking about is first ball pictured at the top).
    At first I wanted one of these and I still do as a trophy but whatever. It’ll collect dust and I don’t think I want to spend effn 100 something (that doesnt’ include DRILLING it) on a damn ball!!…

    I opted for a more conventional ball because SERIOUSLY…. What HK fanatic seriously BOWLS?!
    And if there’s some SERIOUS bowling involved, I seriously would DOUBT that you would use a viz-a-ball as a choice of ball to bowl with. (No offence to viz-a-ball bowlers. but i dont’ seem to lik ethe way it handles the lanes!)

    So seriously, this… would… just… be… a damn… TROPHY of how NUTS you guys are.

    Nonetheless… I’m still glad there isn’t just one stinky design and there’s other fruity looking ones. Still cute nonetheless but not worth that kind of money.

    I laugh out loud at the matching towel and the bag.

    That’s too much for me!!!!

  9. HI! I love the Hello Kitty balls- do you know what brand they are, or were I can get them at?? I can only find the Brunswick one onlne, and I want the one of just her face. Thanks!!

  10. Where can I buy the pink hello kitty ball in the picture on the right side the one that is pink with roses and has green leaves the one next to the ball that looks like a big hello kitty face pls let me know I am dying to get this ball


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