Hello Kitty Musical

When you live in Hello Kitty Hell, a “fun night on the town” is not what any normal person would consider “fun.” Unfortunately, there are a lot of Hello Kitty themed events that I end up getting dragged along to. By far the worst of these are the Hello Kitty musicals:

Hello Kitty Musical

I don’t know if there is an adequate way to describe the excruciating pain that comes with having to attend one of these. Let’s just say that I would rather have a root canal at the dentist with no anesthesia than attend a Hello Kitty musical. In fact, give me a random person on the street with a pair of pliers…it would still be less painful. Think of your worst nightmare and add Hello Kitty singing and dancing to it and you have only scratched the surface of how bad a Hello Kitty musical is. It’s Hello Kitty Hell on steroids…

In fact, here is my advice to you. If you have any enemies in the world, buy them Hello Kitty musical tickets. They will think you have done something nice for them, but they will never be the same when they get out…

For those that doubt me, enjoy the torture (I warned you and I do advise to keep all sharp objects out of reach) of these short audio clips from it:

Feeling As I Do
Guard You With My Life

Thanks to Adora for reminding me I will likely have to attend another one of these in the near future by emailing this Hello Kitty musical info in Hong Kong — she should have to suffer through one of these on a daily basis for the rest of her life…

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  1. For those who find these things amusing, check out the synopsis for the Hello Kitty musical:-

    Hello Kitty’s Fantastical Adventure

    Happiness Land is a joyful, loving and peaceful neighborhood. People there are friendly and living in harmony. One day, the Princess of the Happiness Land – Princess Kitty, gets caught by Bad Badtz Maru – the Lord of Badtz Kingdom. The angry Prince of the Happiness Land – Prince Daniel immediately leads his trusted noble knights, Konitchua and Pom Pom Purin to save his beloved Princess. With their bravery and the power of Magical Bracelet, the heroes have successfully got Princess Kitty out of the Bad Badtz Maru’s hands.

    It is such a long way home. They pass by the musical jungle where they meet the Chief Tabo-Yo-Yo and become good friends. There they sing and dance with lots of fun. But before they start celebrating their journey back home, here comes another unexpected challenge — they are trapped in this Fire Gorge where fuels the evil power to Bad Badtz Kingdom.



  2. Hello Kitty is like that gorgeous person you know who disappoints you as soon as he/she starts talking. I LOVE to look at her, but I have to admit that any songs or movies associated with her suck more than a black hole.

  3. I enjoy Hello Kitty. I enjoy musicals. But this is too much…WAY too much! I’d sit through another student production of Chekov before i’d sit through that crap. God help you!

  4. I need a copy of the soundtrack! Where can I purchase a copy? I love your site. Where do you live? Are you Japanese?

  5. The X-Man pities your entire sad life if you actually had to go and sit through this drivel without the aid of recreational pharmeceuticals in very large quantities.

    Please tell me you had to be heavily sedated before they could make you go.

    Otherwise, you are no man, you ARE Hello Kitty!

  6. What a cute idea, my sister would LOVE it. I might be bored or at least blinded by it but my sister would be in all her glory for sure.

  7. How the hell can you make a musical about somebody who can’t even talk! Or sing! And doesnt have a mouth! I’m sure its kittytastic though 🙂

  8. Now this would be a great date night for me & hubby. Of course I would have to trick him into going but he will go with me DARN IT! Muahahahahha! It’s such a shame there is no hello kitty musical on broadway 🙁 or somewhere in the US.


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